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How to Buy Arnette Sunglasses?


Arnette sunglasses have been in the industry for almost three decades. It started off as a brand that caters to surfers and other sports enthusiasts, which was founded by Greg Arnette. But it evolved into a brand that serves everyone.

With Arnette’s stylish and durable designs, consumers get to choose what exactly suits their styles and personalities. Arnette also offers different designs in several frame colours, lens colours, and material.

To help you with purchasing your very own Arnette sunglasses here is a guide:

For the athletic

To reiterate, the brand Arnette was initially created to cater to people who like the outdoors and do outdoor activities. So if you are this type of person, chances are you have plenty of options for you in the Arnette collections.

Some of the best picks for the sporty people are Hand Up, Lost Boy, Slide, and Bushwick. These glasses have simple designs without many frames, which means you will not get easily distracted by them.

And since these three sunglasses are made of nylon, you are assured that they are lightweight, allowing you to any activity without feeling uneasy. It would feel like you are not wearing any sunglasses at all.

Hand Up is available in frame colours of brown, matte black and blue rubber, while the lenses are available in brown, grey, and blue mirror.

Lost Boy may be simple, but it offers a little bit of a personality compared to Hand Up. It is available in frame colours of black, white, matte black, and transparent. These colours could complement any athletic outfit. Lost Boy’s lenses are available in polarized grey, polarized light grey mirror water, violet mirror, and orange mirror red.

A slide may be the most sporty-looking design in this bunch. The framing is not that large, but the horizontal coverage of this style is impeccable. You could see yourself snowboarding in one of these babies. It is only available in a matte black frame and grey-green lens.

Bushwick offers a larger frame compared with the two, but it does not mean it’s not sporty enough. Larger frames could help protect not just the eyes, but also the sensitive skin around it. Bushwick is available in matte black, matte transparent blue, and matte green frames, while the lenses are available in mirror gold, polarized light grey mirror water, silver mirror, and grey colours.

For the fashionista

There are plenty of choices for the stylish people in the Arnette sunglasses collection. But honestly, any sunglasses will be stylish as long as you are confident enough to wear and carry them.

Some of the best Arnette sunglasses for the fashionable are Reserve, Cut Back, Petrolhead, and 50-50 Grand. These sunglasses mostly have large frames, which are perfect in balancing out the shape of your face. It is also a great accessory when going out for a stroll as large-framed sunglasses provide good coverage.

Reserve looks good for both men and women. The frame is made of nylon and has a semi-square shape. You could use it while driving or even when you’re indoors and just trying to protect your eyes from artificial UV. The frame is available in three different––dark Havana, black, and matte black. The lenses are available in brown, polarized grey, green mirror light blue, and red multilayer.

Cut Back is more suitable for women, but we believe that when it comes to fashion, you are limitless––so no restrictions for buying Cut Back for the guys. The frame style of Cut Back is rounder compared to others, but still offers wide framing. It screams high fashion, whether you have a bomb outfit or just a simple, laidback ensemble. Its frame is available in matte Havana and matte black, but also offers a frame colour that is half matte black and matte crystal. The lenses are available in polarized brown, grey, polarized grey, and silver mirror.

Petrolhead is similar to reserve, but it has a metal detail on top of the nose cap––just to get away with the plain nylon material. This style is both sophisticated and fun. The frames are available in matte black and green Havana rubber, while the lenses are available in grey, silver mirror, and polarized grey.

50-50 Grand may be living up to its name––it looks extravagant. This style would remind you of the classic sunglasses of the 60’s cowboys but turn into modern wear. It 50-50 Grand has larger frames than the others and may be more suitable for men. Its frames are available in black rubber, matte black, rubber Havana, and black, while the lenses are available in grey and brown.


Most Arnette sunglasses are designed to adapt to any environment you’re in, so don’t be afraid to mix and match. Just make sure that whatever style you are going for, consider the size of the sunglasses and if it matches the shape of your head. Don’t be shy to try it on or ask for assistance.

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