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How to Get Beach Waves with Straight Hair [Best Tips + Tutorial]


If you are one of the people who have natural beach waves in their hair, you don’t even realize how lucky you are. The majority of people with straight hair envy you and daydreams about having just that kind of look. If you belong to that group, perhaps you might be interested in how to get beach waves with straight hair. Of course, you will need one of the good wave brushes, but that is just a start.

Tricks to Apply When Drying Your Hair

Do you know that the way your hair looks has a lot to do with how you dry your hair? Believe it or not, changing the technique of drying might get you the waves you desire. First of all, don’t change your washing habits.

beach waves with straight hair

Use the same shampoo and conditioner and do everything like any other time. However, once you leave the shower, don’t resort to drying your hair immediately. Instead, use a towel to dry your hair.

Your goal shouldn’t be to dry it completely and you can keep it around semi-wet. Now, put your hair into braids and leave it for 5-10 minutes. Small braids should be used for tight waves and thick braids for loose waves. The next step is to dry your hair while it is in braids. Once you dry it out as much as you can, remove the braids. Use less heat and finish the drying process. You can even use cool mode on your dryer if you can stand it. The rule is the colder the temperature the bigger the volume.

You can help the waves last longer by adding mousse or cream to enhance curls, but make sure you don’t overuse it. Otherwise, you will put too much weight on your waves and they won’t look the way you want.

Use Curling Iron to Your Advantage

We suggest using a medium iron to make waves in straight hair. Don’t curl it like you normally would, but go for wrapping your hair strands loosely around the barrel with the iron.

Beach waves for straight hair are a bit messy, so there is no need to worry about making them even. If some waves do not look in accordance with your expectations, just repeat the process until you get them to look perfect. Finally, a bit of hairspray should wrap things up and make your waves stick for a while.

You Can Even Use a Flat Iron

You want to ensure that your hair is entirely dry before using a flat iron. Use the appliance to clamp and fold your hair away from your eyes. Make sure to keep the iron in that position for 3-4 seconds and then let go. Continue working the same hair strand but in the next step place the appliance somewhat lower.

Once you clamp your hair, fold it towards your face (opposite than last time). Release after keeping the iron in that position for about 3-4 seconds. You can continue repeating the process until you are satisfied with how the hair strand looks. Proceed to the next strand until you get your perfect haircut. Wrap everything up by adding a bit hairspray for extra volume.

There is no need to go to a hairdresser each time you want to change your haircut. As you can see, there are three different methods on how to get beach waves for straight hair. You can try these techniques and see which one works best for you. Everything might not look ideal the first time, but as you master the process, you will notice how your beach waves look dazzling!

Easy Beach Waves with Straight Hair: Video Tutorial

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