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How to Help Your Boyfriend Dress Better?


You have an amazing man in your life: he’s sweet, thoughtful, and loves you unconditionally. He’s pretty much perfect. Well, except for his sense of style. Maybe he’s still living in a high school in shorts and t-shirts that are decades old or he is prone to wearing ill-fitting suits. Whatever his fashion flaws may be, there are steps you can take to help nudge him in the right direction.

5 Tips to Help Your Boyfriend Dress Better

#1. Go Shopping with Him

It’s time to take some initiative, ladies: go shopping. This is a great, hands-on approach to encourage your boyfriend to try out different styles. Remember: gentle persuasion is much more effective than saying, “No, you can’t buy that.” Make sure to lay on the compliments when he picks something stylish out.

Here are some shopping tips so things go a little more smoothly:

  • Hold a fashion show: If your man hates shopping, make it a fun activity. Encourage him to try on new clothes and hold a fashion show in the dressing room.
  • Don’t go at peak hours: Try your best not go shopping with your boyfriend at peak hours. Mid-morning during the week is an ideal time, especially if you’re headed to the mall.
  • Keep the focus narrow: You don’t have to completely overhaul your man’s closet in one fell swoop. Focus on one type of garment at a time such as button-ups. This will make shopping less frustrating and overwhelming. Be mindful of his limits as you look for clothes, as well.

#2. Presents

You can never go wrong with gifts – everyone loves surprises, after all. Gift your boyfriend with clothes you’d like to see him wear.

Below are some ideas:

  • Tailored shirts: Focus on fit! Even if you buy your boyfriend quality garments, it won’t make a difference if they don’t fit him properly. In fact, more often than not, he’s going to look sloppy – which is the opposite effect he should be going for.
  • Well-fitting pants: It’s time to retire those jeans he thinks are “fine”. They’re not fine. Spring for some nice jeans made out of real denim so even his casual outfits will have an element of polish.
  • Beautiful accessories: A accessory can make or break an outfit. The right automatic watch, for example, helps take an outfit from basic to amazing. Or a wool scarf over a double-breasted coat.

#3. Make Jokes

Don’t take this as a free pass to be mean to your significant other – especially if he is on the sensitive side. You still need to consider his feelings if you want to uphold your “Best Girlfriend Ever” title. However, if he can handle a little ribbing, you can gently prod him in the direction of changing up his wardrobe. Maybe before going on a date together, tell him he needs to step it up a notch or he will have to sit at a different table at the restaurant.

#4. Invest in Quality

Fast-fashion is everywhere – and it’s easy to get pulled into stores that offer flash-in-the-pan trends. Not only is fast fashion bad for the environment, but it’s also not sustainable in terms of long-term fashion. Although trends are fun to incorporate here and there, it’s a better idea to go for classic styles.

For example, you can never go wrong with natural materials like leather and wool. Not only do materials like these stand the test of time, but they also look impeccable.

#5. Consider His Personality and Lifestyle

If your man is an athletic guy who spends his free time getting those last reps in at the gym, he’s probably not going to suddenly start wearing suits and ties every day – as much as you may beg. Instead, focus on clothes that are functional and reflect his lifestyle. For example, athletic shoes are so stylish these days that there are tons of pairs that could easily transition from the gym to the office with the right shirt and pants combination.

In Conclusion

Telling your man outright that you don’t like his style isn’t the most tactful strategy to get him to change his sloppy ways – in fact, that could be grounds for a breakup. But, if you approach the subject of style with gentle guidance, he’ll likely be more receptive to your feedback. With these tips, you’ll be on your way to helping your boyfriend become the most stylish man in the office.

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