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9 Best Bridal Indian Jewellery. More Than Just A Blingy Affair


Indian women love jewelry. The beautiful trinkets are a part of our traditions and customs. There is a mention of the importance of various ornaments in ancient texts. Various types of Indian jewelry has found its mention in “Solah Sringar” or 16 bridal adornments that a married woman must essentially wear. In India, ornaments are not just items to enhance beauty, but they also have scientific importance and reasons. Each and every piece of ethnic jewel adorned by women in India has a traditional value attached to it and are considered good for health. Ornaments are said to have powers that attract positivity, good vibes and enhances wisdom.

Top 9 Bridal Indian Jewelry You Need to Know

If this interests you, then read on to learn more about the bling you love to wear.

#1. Maang Tikkas

This is one of the most important components of an Indian bride’s trousseau. It is a hair accessory that is placed at the center of the head or hairline with a chain and a hanging ornament that falls on the forehead where the Ajna Chakra, which in Sanskrit means “to know or perceive,” lies. The chakra signifies the holy union of male and female at physical, mental and spiritual level.

#2. Nose Ring

Bridal Indian Jewelry

In modern India, nose rings are considered a trendy and sensual Indian jewelry. It has a mystical charm that enhances the feminine allure and gives the wearer a bold look. However, it has a great traditional as well as scientific value. It is an integral part of bride’s adornments because it helps maintain the health of the reproductive system of the women. A nose ring is recommended to be worn on the left nostril, where the nerves are connected to the female reproductive organs. This ornament reduced the menstrual pain and easing the birthing process. Also, it is said to control the brain wavelength.

#3. Ear Rings

Ear rings are beloved Indian jewelry that is fondly adorned by women of all ages. However, it is not only enjoyed by women but also men. Ear rings as an Indian jewelry have different forms—Jhumkas, studs, balis, latkans, and more. This ornament is said to have acupuncture benefits. In ancient China, native country of the said medicine technique, ear rings were used to treat men and women both. For women, ear rings worn on the left year had beneficial effects and treated problems related to menstruation. As for men, ear rings worn on right ear helps in treating diseases related to their reproductive organs. Also, ear rings are usually positioned at a place where the nerve connects to kidney, brain and cervical.

#4. Mangalsutra or Necklace

The style, size and make of the necklace is expected to tell a lot about the wearer’s taste and status. However, this piece of ornament has many health benefits. Mangalsutra is a symbol of woman’s marital status and the bond between the couple. Also, it helps in regulating the blood circulation and pressure levels in the body. The black beads of the Mangalsutra protects the bride from negative energies in the Universe.

#5. Bangles

No ethnic look is not complete without bangles. The different colors, designs, and patterns can accentuate the beauty of any ensemble. However, this Indian jewelry is worn to preserve one’s own energy. The round shape of the bangles prevents passing the energy out of the body and helps it preserve it. At the same time, friction between the bangles is supposed to improve the body’s blood circulation. It is important to note that glass bangles are recommended over plastic bangles. This is because glass bangles posses Sattvikta, Devi, and Chaitanya in them which is home to positivity. These qualities keep negative energy away. If you are convinced enough, you can buy Indian jewelry online at, the shopping website for everything ethnic.

#6. Finger Rings

You may not be familiar, but finger rings have a deep science behind it. Each finger has its own connection to the body and brain and each finger ring has a distinct function.

  • Thumb: Religiously and scientifically, one should avoid wearing thumb ring as it creates friction in brain neurons.
  • Index finger: The nerves in this finger is associated with learning capacitor neurons in the brain. Hence, a gold ring finger is said to enhance these abilities.
  • Middle finger: Yet again, this finger should not be ornamented as it connected to the brain divider line. Any metal adorning this finger caused friction between left and right brain leading to difficulties in decision making.
  • Ring finger: Nerves passing through this finger are spread across the entire brain neuron cells and any friction is good for overall health. In other cultures, it is believed to have a connection to the heart, which is why the wedding ring is worn on this finger.
  • Little finger: Rings in this finger are not recommended because it caused distress and disturbance in thoughts.

#7. Waist Belts

Waist belts, also known as kamarband, is an Indian jewelry worn on special occasions likes festivals, weddings, etc. This ornament is said keep the fat saturation under control and helps maintain women their curvaceous figure.

#8. Anklets

Anklets are more than just a pretty trinket. Just like bangles, it preserves the energy of the body. Silver anklets are recommended over gold ones because it provides energy to a woman and removes the negative energy to earth.

#9. Toe-Rings

Toe rings are not only symbols of a woman’s married life, but it also renders several sexual benefits and keeps reproductive organs healthy.


With so many benefits to Indian jewelry, there is no doubt that they are such an important part of women’s dressing up. It is certain that the “Solah Sringar” has a deeper meaning and enhance the beauty and health.

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