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Creating a Home Within The Garden [Best Practices]


When you’re mentally and physically exhausted after your day’s activity, the garden is often overlooked in favor of the alluring couch awaiting you through the door – especially when the living area has been meticulously put together. However, influential researchers from Harvard University has suggested that the average American could benefit from more outdoors time. Going outside, even just to the garden, has been found to boost happiness and self esteem as well as providing energy.

This isn’t always possible, of course, whether through the night, rain, cold, or even excess heat. Plus, the ground isn’t necessarily comfortable. Providing the bridge from the garden to home is the outdoor housing feature; whether a shed, summer house or something else. Having a good one could give you the perfect escape.

The Versatility of Your Space

The first thing to note about an outdoor space is that it’s versatile. It can be used throughout the seasons and can double for other household functions such as providing storage. Lumber is the main material, and while prices are on the higher side currently (according to the Financial Times) wood remains incredibly affordable in the United States. Aside from the functionality of the building, the real versatility comes in the range and breadth of designs you can apply to an outbuilding.

Flexible and Beautiful Sheds

Sheds are associated with workmen or tools; a storage space and repository for the equipment used to keep the garden in a good state. Today, the opposite is often true, and the shed is a valuable area for socialization and escape. The “she-shed”, as Stylist UK dubbed it, has seen a huge range of designs. Consider an open-fronted design for rain or shine, or craft a veranda and front door for your creation to give it a very homely feel. You can even imitate your own front door for a matching effect.

Looking to Interior Design

The joy of an outside structure is the variety of interior and exterior design you can employ. In Alabama, a popular and commonly used design uses interweaving flowers above a pergola to create a rain-proof and ultra-relaxing design. This has the hallmarks of ultra-decadent design in ancient Iran, summoning the grand designs of the middle east at that time.

Consider also the summer houses of Europe. Many countries have these structures in the wider land, and so they suit more for states and building plots with wiggle room for design. With the larger space afforded to construction, more can be done. They often have the intricate interior design, usually with some link to the ancestors of the owning family and their traditions. This gives them a clubhouse feel. For those with a design-minded outlook, that’s a great opportunity.

The outside design is something often overlooked, but it really shouldn’t be. Spending time among nature is a great way to feel happier and healthier. Taking it to the next level with a set outside structure is logical, and with so much inspiration on hand, a fun challenge.

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