Why Gout Should Never Put You Down?


Gout can affect your life tremendously due to the physical pain and psychological harm. The cause of this condition may be due to poor lifestyle or hereditary. Regardless of the reason, knowing how to live with it is what matters most. Doctors say that more men are affected by gout than women. The pain on your foot can make you sensitive to touch and change how you sleep and carry on with daily activities.

Doctors report that there is no specific cure to treat gout but some medicines and a change in lifestyle can minimize the pain. We will help a victim by talking about what you can do to cope with this condition. Read on!

Make Use of Pain Relievers

Anti-inflammatory drugs come in handy during gout attacks. You can either get ibuprofen or naproxen from a local chemist to relieve the pain. They can also minimize the swelling on your foot. Though the pain may go up to ten days, these relievers can shorten this duration. You should, however, consult a doctor beforehand to prevent yourself from the side effects of the pain relievers.

Use Ice

Swollen joints require ice to reduce the pain and swelling. Use a towel to wrap your ice cubes in it instead of using it directly on your skin. 20 minutes are sufficient for the ice to take effect as you take breaks before repeating the process.

Use Pillows to Elevate Your Foot

Your swollen foot should not remain on the ground. You can use a pillow to raise it as you lie down. Your foot should be above your heart if you are sitting down. It will prevent swelling and reduce the pain.


Gout may limit you on lots of movements due to the pain. Resting and avoiding moving a lot will make the pain subside. Let your family help with errands during this period such as picking your medicines or preparing your ice packs.

Consume Fluids

Gout comes as a result of excess uric acid in the body. Lots of water intake flushes the acid from your body. It also lessens the pain during attacks. Lots of water should be part of your diet. Stay away from sugar fluids such as processed juices and alcohol. They tamper with the uric acid in your body and make gout worse. If you have alcohol problems, seek help.

Attend Doctor’s Appointments


A doctor can understand your gout more than your family. They can determine how severe your condition is and prescribe the right medication for it. Sometimes, people get gout which causes joint damage without their knowledge. A doctor can also recommend surgery in this case to treat the damage.

Be open with them regarding what you are experiencing so that they can help you. They can provide a cane or crutches to help you move if the problem is affecting your mobility.

Observe a Healthy Diet

The wrong diet can make you experience gout attacks. Stay away from foods that contain purines which stimulate gout attacks. Purines are found in foods like shellfish or red meat. Take foods that do not make you add weight such as a low carbohydrate diet and fresh fruits. Whole grains and non-fat dairy products are used for gout. Foods rich in vitamin C minimizes uric acid. Get help from a nutritionist who knows about gout to direct you further on essential foods

Being overweight makes gout more painful as it adds pressure to your foot. You can start by losing a couple of days through simple things such as walking for some distance at least once a day to prevent you from gout complications such as tophi. You can also get a trainer who knows about metabolic syndrome to teach you light exercises to keep weight at bay.

Take Coffee


According to research, coffee is essential for gout. People who take lots of coffee are said to be less prone to gout. Reduce the amount of sugar in your coffee and stay healthy.

Consume Cherry Juice

You can cut down gut flares by taking cherry juice. Though cherry juice has sugar, you can still find one that is unsweetened to help you lessen the pain of gout. It is a natural and safe method to help you deal with gout.

Use Relaxation Techniques

Use this time when you are limited in movements to catch up on the latest novel or listen to soothing music. It will keep you away from stress which is unhealthy for your gout pain.

Adjust Your Socks

Most cases of gout affect the big toe. Wearing socks can be problematic, but you can always adjust it. Cut a hole that can fit your swollen toe to prevent it from pressure as you still keep the other parts warm enough.

Make Changes on Your Bed

Sleeping with so much pain may also be problematic since a bed sheet can trigger the pain. Therefore, make adjustments in such a way that your bed sticks out from the rear end of your bed sheets. You don’t want the weight of your bed sheets to cause agony during gout attacks.

Don’t Drive


In this state, driving can hurt your foot as you try to balance the brakes. Allow your friend to drive if you have to go somewhere or use public means to get there. Doctors recommend you limit your movements and take some time off work if the condition is severe. Gout gets worse by the day if you engage your foot so much.

Remain Optimistic

There may not be a cure for your condition, but your mindset can help you cope well with it. Stay positive and believe that gout attacks are not permanent. Use positive affirmations whenever you feel sad to raise your spirit. Talk to a counselor if you need help or seek therapy to control your stress levels.

Final Thoughts

Gout is painful, and in most cases, it continues to worsen. This, however, should not make you lose hope. Use our strategies above to help you deal with the days as you take each day as it comes. Remain happy and seek help if you need it. Good luck!

Why Gout Should Never Put You Down?
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