6 Best Handy Tips for Healthy Summer Hands


People use their hands more than any other part of their body, except perhaps their eyelids. So many everyday tasks require the use of our hands. We use our hands for preparing food, petting the dog, brushing our hair, putting on makeup, and a million other things all day every day. All this use makes it dreadfully important that we take care of these two appendages at the end of our arms. With summer fully underway now, it becomes harder to keep them protected from the sun and heat of the day. Here are a few handy tips to keep up healthy summer hands.

6 Handy Tips for Healthy Summer Hands

Healthy Summer Hands


Keep your hands soft and protected with your favorite moisturizer. It’s important that you don’t let your hands dry out in the summer heat. You wouldn’t want those delicate paws to get rough and cracked, would you? Try finding a gentle moisturizing sunscreen to protect them from UV rays. Taking good care of your hands now will prevent your from needing treatments later to undo the damage your hands have suffered.

Keep Clean

It may not be a surprise that cleanliness plays a major role in the health of every part of your body, especially your hands. Hands come into contact with a plethora of surfaces that expose them to dirt, grime, and bacteria. In the summertime, it’s easy to get them sticky from slicing watermelon or dirty from tending to the garden. Giving them a few gentle washes throughout the day, or even just a rinse with water can help the health of your hands immensely. Try to steer clear of hand sanitizers, as the alcohol in them can really dry out your hands. Your best bet is to stick with lukewarm water and a gentle, moisturizing soap.

Take Care of Your Cuticles

A lot of people like to cut or push back their cuticles. STOP. Those things are very important for the health of your nails. They keep in moisture and protect against nasty bacteria. They’re also responsible for protecting new nail growth as well. Just like the rest of your skin, your cuticles can dry out in the hot sun. Take care of those puppies with some cuticle oil (or just some coconut oil if you’d rather not spend $5 on an ounce of liquid) every couple weeks and stop being ashamed of them.

Clip and File

Long nails are pretty but to keep them clean and strong, you’ll have to sacrifice length every so often, especially if you’ve got typically flimsy nails. Take some time to cut and shape them every few weeks to promote proper growth. Compare it to how trimming the dead ends off your hair helps it stay healthy and strong.


This little dietary supplement can be found in pretty much any drugstore. I’ve seen it sold as a gummy, a pill, and in liquid form, so you’ve got a lot of options to choose from. The supplement has several different uses but the one we care about is its support of skin, hair, and nail health. Along with making them stronger, they help keep your hands and nails from drying out too badly, which is the main problem we face in the summer. After a couple weeks of regular use, not only will your nails be stronger, but your hair will be too. Who would pass up a chance for beautiful hair and nails?

Avoid Chemicals

Harsh chemicals are no bueno. Always read the labels on your products and stick to natural ingredients. Things heavy in unpronounceable substances aren’t doing any more for you than the natural stuff. Most of the time, it’s more expensive to buy the chemical laden products as well. From your polish to your lotion, keep your hand health in mind.

Make use of these tips so your hands and nails will be healthy and glowing throughout the summer months for all to see! Remember to be proud and love yourself.

6 Best Handy Tips for Healthy Summer Hands
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