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How Often Should You Do Lash Extensions?


Women love getting their extensions, and they love the sensation of feeling pampered every once in a while. Lashes, in general, are a great addition to the face, no matter whether they are your own natural and long ones, strip, or extension lashes. However, women who have not been blessed enough with long and fluffy lashes should strive for lash extensions. Here is all you need to know about the process and the regular infills!

How Often Should You Do Lash Extensions?

The Process

Lash extensions are a 2-hour process in which a lash esthetician applies a set of different types of extensions all over your natural eyelashes. The process does not hurt at all and is always done by a certified esthetician. Women who have sparse and short lashes usually tend to do eyelash extensions for their special events, vacations, birthday parties etc.

How Long Will They Last?

This question depends on your eye shape, eyelash quality, your makeup application, and everyday skincare routine. Permanent lash extensions tend to last anywhere from 3-5 weeks, but you have to get infills if you want to make them last a little bit longer.

When Should You Get Infills?

You probably know that your natural lashes tend to shed. This is a normal process that happens to everyone. Once this starts happening you will notice that your extensions are falling out, along with your natural lashes. For every woman this interval is different. Once you notice that the gap is too visible and annoying, you should get lash infills.

How Is The Process Done?

The lash expert will bond extensions to your natural lashes, and they will advise you to come in for infills every 2-3 weeks. They will use sterile and high-quality equipment while adjusting the extensions to your eyelid, shape, and your preference. Once you come back for the infill make sure you don’t wait longer than 3 weeks. If you tend to do this then you might have to get a whole new set done. The longer you wait for the infill – the longer it will take the esthetician to do your lashes, and the more it will cost you.

How Long Does The Process Take?

The initial application of the full set takes around 2 hours since the esthetician has to work with a lot of volume and material. The infill takes only 30-45 minutes, or even less, based on the number of lashes that you’ve lost.

How To Know When To Come Back?

Once you start noticing a weird sparse gap between your lashes you will have to redo the whole process. Your lash line will look off and uneven, and you should repeat the process once 30% of your lashes fall out.

How To Prolong Their Lifespan?

Eyelash extension care is very important and following some of these tips and tricks your extensions can live to see another day! Make sure your everyday makeup and beauty routine is adjusted to your lashes, and you will have them for weeks and weeks to come!

1. Avoid Heat

Stay away from heat or saunas for the first 24 hours after getting them done. Stay away from the pool, beach, showers, and gym since you don’t want to feel any unwanted heat or sweat on your face since this may cause your extensions to fall out. After these 24 hours pass, you can go back to your everyday activities- just be cautious.

2. Makeup & Oils

Don’t use makeup that claims to be waterproof or mattifying. These two types can be the hardest to remove, which means that you will have to apply heavy pressure and you will have to use specific makeup removers in order to remove everything from your lid and lashes. Also, when removing your makeup, only use products that are oil-free and lash extension friendly! Oil-based products tend to loosen the glue and cause your extensions to fall out.

3. No Lash Curlers

Lash curlers will bend your extensions and move them around, causing them to fall out sooner than expected. Also, once correctly done, you won’t even need any mascara or lash curler since the extensions will be voluminous on their own

4. Sleeping Schedule

Your natural lashes, as well as the extensions, can be damaged if you tend to sleep on your stomach, or only on one side of your face. Try sleeping on your back since this helps with your posture while giving you long-lasting lashes.

5. Comb Them Through

Not that many women tend to do this step, but it is an important one. Brush your lashes every night before you go to sleep with a small and clean brush. This will prep them for the next day while separating them and removing any makeup excess.

6. Don’t Play With Them

This is sometimes hard to resist since women love to play around with their extensions. Fight this urge since you might add some dirt and oils on the top of your extensions, which will cause them to fall out sooner than expected.

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