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6 Simple Ways to Make Your Weak Hair Strong


Everyone wants beautiful and strong hair. The hair gives the first impression and could easily sell you out: tell if you are healthy yourself or not. You should, therefore, devote some effort to making your hair have everything excellent to say about you. While the hair can get stubborn at times, there still are lots of remedies for different hair issues. For instance, if your hair is suffering loss, there is hair loss shampoo that you could use to mitigate that.

There is the other problem that most women face: having weak hair. Weak hair could lead to hair loss and also a decrease in your hair volume. No one wants that, strong hair is healthy hair. Below are ways in which you can ensure that your hair remains strong at all times.

6 Ways to Make Your Hair Strong

1. Revise Your Diet

If you notice that your hair is starting to get a little weak, then that could be a signal that something needs to be done about your food. How many vitamins do you take in a day? The chance is high that you have been paying more attention to starch and animal protein. While those foods are still beneficial to your body, you need something more. Vitamins work best for your hair.

You should include more vitamins in your diet, especially vitamin B. also, you have the option of taking vitamin supplements to help strengthen your hair and nails too.

2. Get Used to Massaging Your Hair

How often do you massage your hair? Some women only have their hair massaged only when they visit their hair specialists. Or worse still, do not massage it at all. Did you know that oxygen and nutrients are good for your hair follicles? Now you know. Therefore, you are required to boost the blood flow to your hair roots to increase the supply of oxygen and nutrients.

The best way to go about this is through massaging your hair or scalp.

3. Protect Your Hair from Heat

Heat is not friendly to your hair. It only makes your shafts weak, which eventually lead to hair breakage. You should, therefore, ditch hair styling tools that depend on heat. As you wash our hair also, you should use warm water. The belief that using extremely hot water while washing your hair is the only way to make it clean will mess your hair. Also, you could use heat repellent hair sprays on your hair.

If you want to dry your hair, it is advisable that you dry it the natural way or you use cold air to dry it.

4. Coconut Oil

The other remedy for weak hair is using coconut oil. Note that coconut oil is rich in iron, potassium, proteins and other nutrients that are good for your hair. More so, coconut oil repairs damaged hair prevents hair loss and also promotes the growth of your hair.

For best results, you should massage it into your hair after washing it and let it stay overnight. In the morning, shampoo your hair and enjoy the luster the entire day!

5. Use Apple Cider Vinegar to Condition Your Hair

A build-up of dirt and the absence of natural oils in your hair could make your hair weak. It is for this reason that you are encouraged to use apple cider vinegar for hair conditioning. Why? Well, it is because the conditioner does a great job of removing the build-up and at the same time preserving your hair’s natural oils.

To make your hair strong, you should replace your regular conditioner with this fantastic product. Always use it after shampooing your hair by massaging it into your scalp and rinsing it off after a couple of minutes.

6. Ensure That Your Hair is Always Moisturized

The other trick towards strong hair is keeping it moisturized. Use hair products that look to moisturize your hair. If you check the stickers, you will notice that different products are available for different hair types. Ensure that you pick the right ones: for either thick or normal hair.


Other practices also contribute to strong hair. For instance, you should avoid combing your hair while still wet. Also, avoid using elastic bands to secure your hair, especially if they are too thin or too tight, they will stress your hair.

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