Napping During the Day – The Benefits


A while back, napping during the day was perceived as a sign of laziness and being unproductive. It had a lot of negative connotations and no one ever wanted to be seen to be napping when they were supposed to be at work. However, with a lot of research being directed at the habit, new insights are now available to prove that those who nap during the day are not necessarily lazy nor are they being unproductive. There is a lot of evidence to suggest that napping may be a good thing after all, and due to the benefits, there are now a good number of respectable bodies encouraging people to take naps of between 20 and 30 minutes every day.

Here is a brief look at some of the powerful benefits you may tap into when you nap.

Increases Productivity and Alertness During the Day

By taking a power nap of around thirty minutes, it has been demonstrated that the level of alertness, productivity and reaction times goes a notch higher. So good are naps to the brain that even big bodies like NASA has taken note, and at one time, they encouraged their pilots to take 25-minute naps every day. It was, later on, realized that the pilots’ alertness and performance increased.

In another study about how taking a nap can increase alertness and performance, nurses and emergency physicians were allowed to take a nap of about 40 minutes every day at 3 am. The research concluded that those who napped experienced fewer fatigues, less sleepiness, and fewer performance lapses.

Napping Improves Memory and Learning

A lot of studies have been done on power naps to investigate their effects on memory and learning. TEH results obtained so far are nothing but stellar and this is why napping is being encouraged amongst stressed college students as well as during the formative years of children at school. The studies conducted, however, discovered that irrespective of your age, by sleeping for between six and ten minutes will increase your level of alertness, improve your learning ability, and help you to stay more awake. From the same studies, if you desire to become more creative, then you should consider napping seriously as it will be very beneficial to your brain.

Improve the Heart Health

So sensitive is the heart health that almost everyone is interested in knowing how they can make their hearts work well and stay healthy. With so many recommendations out there, don’t be surprised to learn that napping is one of them. Research conducted by various cardiologists have come to the conclusion that those who sleep during midday have lowered risks to heart conditions such as blood pressure and they are also less prone to damages on their heart and arteries. Other studies on heart and napping have also concluded that regular napping helps in lowering the blood pressure levels. Therefore, if you are worried about your heart health, take some time during the day for a power nap.

Napping Prevents Cell Damage

Most people never know the kinds of damages they cause to the body when they don’t get enough sleep. It is not always about just feeling sleepy and losing focus during the day, but a lot of damage occurs at the cellular level. It has been discovered that lack of sleep or sleep deprivation can lead to cell damages, especially the cells in the small intestines, liver and the lungs. These types of cell damages put you at a higher risk of developing a myriad of diseases, but if you can always sleep after such deprivation, then you can always reverse the effects of such damages. This may be as simple as taking a nap when you feel overwhelmed with sleepiness.

Enhances the Levels of Testosterone

Studies show that lack of sleep reduces the production of testosterone and hormonal growth in the body. On the other hand, there is a direct relationship between the amount of sleep you get and the levels of testosterone in the body. It implies that if you sleep a lot, then you will have higher levels of this hormone and if you don’t get enough sleep, then the levels of this hormone will also be lower in your body. This relationship between testosterone with the amount of sleep you get should be a great concern to you if you are looking forward to burning fat and building muscles testosterone plays a very major role in both.

Boosts Immunity and Relieves Stress

Other than helping to lower the blood pressure, napping may also help to reduce stress and boost immunity. According to a study whose results were published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, it was suggested that napping has the ability to reverse the effects of sleep deprivation. This included the restoration of biomarkers of neuroendocrine as well as the immune health to normal levels. The study suggested that you only needed a nap of between 30 and 40 minutes to realize such restoration.

The reason why this may be possible is that of the levels of norepinephrine in the body. Norepinephrine is a neurotransmitter and a hormone usually released when a fight or a flight response is required and it is usually very high whenever one is stressed.

Napping Elevates Moods

It is undeniable that you will always wake up with enhanced moods after taking a short nap. If you can nap regularly, you will not just improve your mood during the day, but also you will enhance your mental and cognitive health. Amongst the elderly, napping is known to lower down the levels of confusion and frustration because of its ability to increase reaction and coordination in the body.

Therefore, don’t restrict sleeping to your mattress obtained from Tuft and Needle mattress and deny yourself the immaculate benefits of taking a nap during the day. What you should avoid, however, is getting sleep deprived at night, such that instead of napping, you will actually be sleeping. This may be counterproductive.

Napping During the Day – The Benefits
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