9 Ways to Protect Your Hair and Skin Safe from the Sun


The summer weather is hostile to any type of skin. However, blotchy skin is more vulnerable to developing pimples and a wide variety of skin rashes. It is more often than not likely to be dull with no signs of life. Summer being the times that comes with all sorts of fun, everyone should be able to enjoy the season. This is the time every individual resort to go out and busk in the sun to enjoy the warm rays.

On the contrary, this may not be the case with some people since they have to consider the effects the sun rays are going to have on their skin and weave hair. Ultraviolet rays from the sun are harmful to the skin. The negative effects of those rays can be significant enough to cause skin diseases and hair breakage. Learning ways of protecting your skin and hair from those rays is therefore imperative. Some of the measures you can take to protect yourself from negative effects of the summer on your hair and skin are explained below.

1. Limit Number of Hours You Expose Yourself to the Sun

The warmth of the summer sun can be thrilling. On the other hand, the effects associated with it maybe be damaging. Long time exposure to the sun can lead to a large amount of oil secreted to the surface of the skin. Consequently, your skin will become dry and tense.

Tense skin is vulnerable to breakage. The adverse effects associated with skin breakdown can be detrimental. This because the skin becomes exposed to a wide variety of microorganisms causing disease. Ultraviolet rays from the sun are also harmful to your virgin hair. Keratin in the hair responds negatively to high temperatures leading to hair breakage as well. In order to avoid such side effects, it becomes important to reduce the amount of time spent in the sun.

2. Use Gentle Cleansing Agents

Before using any skin and hair cleansing agent, it is crucial to test it or consult your dermatologist. Some agents, when applied to the skin, can lead to an allergic response. Coupled with exposure to the sun, the adverse reaction may be detrimental. It, therefore, becomes necessary to be careful on the type of agents that you use. Different individuals respond differently to skin and hair agents. Looking for the one that suits your skin is vital.

3. Follow Proper Measures When Washing Your Face

Some people find washing their faces challenging. The situation is worse for those with oily skin. Applying a lot of pressure when washing your face can lead to wear and tear. Besides, various parts of the face need to be given different attention during cleaning. Knowing which part of the face to pay more attention, therefore, is essential. While the frequency of washing your face relies on your occupation, it is important to reduce the intervals. Too much face washing can also expose the skin to breakage. However, it is not recommended that you keep your skin dirty.

4. Apply Quality Sunscreen Lotions

The type of lotion that you apply to your skin depends on the nature of skin. While dry skin will require lotions that preserve moisture, oily skin requires the opposite. Total Effects Foaming Cleanser has been proven to be effective for most skin types. This is because to restore the tone of the skin helping to keep it free from breakdown. Again, seeking advice from your dermatologist on the best lotion for your skin is necessary.

5. Minimize Makeup

During summer, a lot of makeup may have harmful effects. Some products used to kill a lot of cells responsible for protecting your skin from ultraviolet rays from the sun. This, in turn, makes your skin age at a faster rate than in normal circumstances. Choice of the type of makeup to use is therefore vital. However, not all makeup is harmful. For example, if you use makeup with sunscreen effects can be of merit. If your skin is oily in nature, is advisable to use moisturizers so that you can get rid of excess oily. The reverse is true for dry skin.

6. Keep Your Skin Well Hydrated

Dry skin is one of the manifestations of dehydration. Drinking a lot of water, therefore, helps keep your skin moist. Distribute intervals of water consumption evenly throughout the day so that your skin remains hydrated all the day long. Furthermore, use lotions that help preserve moisture on your skin. This helps keep moisture that may escape from your skin on exposure to the sun. Ensure your sunscreens are enriched with oil reducing agents.

7. Check On Your Diet

The choice of diet dictates how healthy your skin will be. Foods rich in vitamin A such as carrots help reduce the rate of oil production. It is important to limit alcohol consumption and detox your body once in a while since its effects on the skin are diverse. Some spices are also harmful to your and should be avoided whenever possible. The high-fat content diet should be limited as well since fats make the skin. Taking a balanced diet at any given time is vital for healthy skin and hair.

8. Provide Your Skin with Little TLC

Fragrant fruity facials are vital in summer skin care. It is important to exfoliate your skin with some natural scrubs at least once in every week. For example, you can use a cooling and oily absorber mask just in case you have an oily skin.

9. Homemade Facial Scrubs May be Necessary

Honey and sugar have been proven to be used to make natural facial scrubs. These scrubs contain components that help restore moisture to your skin making it look natural. Therefore, if you have financial limitations, opting for these natural products is essential. However, they should be used with caution since not all types of skin can respond positively.

The skin is a very vital body system. Taking good care of this system is therefore imperative. The summer sun can be of the factors that can pose negative effects to the skin. Taking good measures to protect your skin from damage is therefore crucial.

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9 Ways to Protect Your Hair and Skin Safe from the Sun
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