Smoking and Human Body: Effects You Need to Know


How does a modern, stylish person look like in the perception of modern youth? Trendy clothes, a cup of hot coffee (or better mocha chino) and smoke-like haze from his/her mouth on an Instagram picture. This list can be much longer, but the problem is that smoking is becoming more and more popular nowadays.

Psychological Cause And Effect Of Smoking


Due to different questionnaires and surveys, there are several reasons for people to smoke. The most common grounds for doing this are receiving pleasure, ability to get rid of the stress relief, or participating in various social situations.

Cigarettes, vapes (e-cigs) and hookah give you a relaxing feeling and comfort. For many people, smoking is one of the ways to pamper themselves. Smokers admit that tobacco usage helps them to cope with stress, anger, depression, and boredom. Scientists claim that in half an hour after smoking you feel edgy because of nicotine withdrawal. The level of nicotine in your bloodstream drops and you are uneasy. Dubious pleasure, isn’t it?

Living in a 24-hour society, people use smoking to prevent or cure post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms. However, they do not seem to know that smoking not only cannot decrease your stress but also nicotine addiction may cause tension, anxiety and more pressure. The only way smoking can help to cope with stress is the process of buying some nice things and receive pleasure from shopping. For instance, buying a new vaping flavor for e-cigarette for tobacco smokers may make them a bit happier.

Nowadays people try to seem more beautiful, trendy and happy than they are. Ones of the fancy things are cigarette smoking, vaporizing and hookah smoking. Smoking a regular cigarette without flavored filter or something may seem unfashionable in some social circles. Even with these filters, cigarettes seem to lose former prestige. Youth are more likely to use some e-cig (dry herb vaporizer, dab pen, or wax vape pen) while at university or work. During the weekends, they prefer hookah to cigarette smoking. To keep up with the fashion, they use various vape flavors, e-cig juice, or shisha tobacco. They peg smoking as a tool of becoming super popular in the public perception. However, they are far away from the truth.

Hence, smoking causes a chain of changes in the way we think. We have plenty of illusions and misbeliefs about smoking because of ads and PR campaigns.

Physical Aftermath Of Smoking

The essential features to recognize smoking people are specific odor and differences in outward appearance. The most damaging elements of tobacco are tar (different particles which tobacco smoke contain; they are not found e-cigs with different flavors or juices), carbon monoxide (replaces oxygen in your blood), hydrogen cyanide (stops lung’s system of clearance) and radioactive compounds (which are carcinogenic). The sources of these differences may be different illnesses and harms to the human body.

  • Musculoskeletal system

There are not many effects of tobacco smoke on this system, but they are rather protuberant and dangerous. Among them, doctors highlight the tightening of certain muscles and reduced bone density.

  • Circulatory system

Among harmful effects on human body, doctors indicate: raised blood pressure and heart rate; less oxygen carried by the blood during activities; tightening of blood vessels in the skin; liability to clotting; less blood reach extremities; high risk of stroke and heart attack.

  • Respiratory system

Nowadays scientists and doctors know the following possible effects of tobacco smoke on the human respiratory system: reduced lung function and breathlessness; some symptoms such as coughing and wheezing; irritation of the trachea (windpipe) and larynx (voice box); high risk of lung infection; damage to the air sacs of the lungs during the process of smoking.

  • Immune system

If we speak about being prone to different diseases while you are a smoker, you can face some risks too. They are a longer duration of illnesses, and the symptoms are more discernible; the comparatively low level of protective antioxidants in your body; predisposition to pneumonia and influenza.

  • Reproductive system and fertility

For already decades, doctors try to warn people that smoking may be a reason for sterility. The other adverse effects are lower sperm count and genetic damage to sperm for men; sperm may also be deformed; the deadliest consequence of bloodstream retardation may be impotence. Female body also faces with adverse effects of smoking include reduced fertility menstrual cycle irregularities or absence of menstruation; decreased lubrication which is followed by sexual dissatisfaction; menopause reached one or two years earlier; increased risk of cancer of the cervix.

  • Digestive system

People who smoke are prone to get stomach cancer or ulcers. Doctors also warn that taking tobacco to weaken some kinds of muscles that control the lower end of your gullet and this allows acid from the stomach to travel in the wrong direction back up your gullet (reflux). The same negative consequences of smoking effect kidneys, e.g. develop kidney cancer. When you smoke, you are more likely to develop insulin resistance, which, in its turn, brings you at increased risk of type 2 diabetes and all its complications.

  • Other effects

The different effects of tobacco smoke on the body depend on the way of tobacco usage (cigars, e-cigs, hookahs). When you smoke, for example, regular cigarettes you may face with yellowish nails, teeth, and skin, but when you smoke electronic cigarettes, your fingers are safe from being yellowish. Usually, the typical effects of any way of smoking are a higher risk of becoming blind; gum disease; reduced smell and taste perception; wrinkling of the skin. A recent study confirms the fact that smoking dramatically increases the risk of skin cancer (squamous cell carcinoma).


Hence, it does not matter what kinds of the mediator of taking tobacco and nicotine you use, the negative consequences of smoking are almost the same for hookahs, electronic cigarettes or rollie. Be aware of the fact that smoking can destroy the human body from within and you will never know when this is happening.

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