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How To Wear Statement Jewelry Without Going Overboard?


So you’re ready to make jewelry your next eye-catching fashion statement. But pulling off fashionable jewelry is not as simple as just putting on the shiniest and flashiest necklace from your collection.

Statement jewelry is for precisely the moment that you want to feel bold, beautiful, and larger than life, but there are a couple of things that you should consider before wearing that particular piece of jewelry hiding in the dresser.

X Tips to Wear Statement Jewelry Without Going Overboard

1. Your Body is a Canvas

The clothes that you wear are just as important as your jewelry. Make sure that what you wear does not overpower your statement jewelry. Too much glitz and glamour in your chosen outfit can drown your statement jewelry’s beauty.

Wearing a neutral outfit such as a top without any frills or sequins gives your jewelry the moment to provide you with all the glitz you need. And as a starting point, knowing how to color coordinate your outfit and your accessories can help you find the perfect canvas for your statement jewelry.

Some ways to use your outfit to highlight statement jewelry include using an outfit’s neckline to emphasize or accentuate your statement necklace or earrings. Off-the-shoulder or strapless tops help give attention to any statement necklace or earrings while not adding too much fluff to your overall look.

Also, your hairstyle can help frame your statement necklaces and earrings as well. Subdued haircuts such as a shoulder-length cut can help make tassel earrings more visible but not visually heavy. Short hairstyles such as a pixie cut or a bob cut can emphasize more rounded and bejeweled earrings while giving your necklace more space to be seen.

Grooming is also important. The prettiest ring does no good if nails are dirty and unkempt. You can’t hide lousy grooming with the fanciest jewelry—no matter how hard you try.

2. Choose Your Focus Item

When considering what to wear, choose one piece to stand out from the crowd. Statement jewelry is already supposed to be visually loud and designed to grab attention. Wearing too much may be gaudy, and may make you look like you’re trying too hard to impress.

If you want to wear more than one statement piece, consider that the pair that you wear compliments each other. Avoid wearing pairs of statement jewelry that concentrate on just one point of your body. A statement bracelet, as well as a show Enamel ring, visually makes your hand look heavy. The same could be said when pairing a statement necklace with bold earrings.

Good statement pieces that complement each other have common qualities without overshadowing each other by being on different parts of your body. A good statement bracelet might pair well with an intricate necklace or a colorful pair of earrings.

Remember that the point of fashion is to communicate nonverbally. Wearing too many pieces will overwhelm your audience. Just like when making a speech, clear, concise, but bold words help communicate your statement to other people.

3. Personalize Your Statement

As the name suggests, you wear statement jewelry to make a statement. Make sure your statement is you. Don’t wear jewelry that makes you uncomfortable both physically and emotionally. Statement jewelry should be something you feel comfortable wearing out in public, not just in your bedroom.

A more personal piece of statement jewelry will be more comfortable to wear than something just bought off the shelf. Shopping with your friends can help you find that piece of jewelry and make a great memory you associate with to make it special. If pleasant memories aren’t enough, there are other ways to personalize your statement jewelry.

Some people get statement jewelry such as bangles or necklaces personalized with their names. You can go to and see how you can customize your statement jewelry. Be proud of yourself and be as bold as your statement jewelry.

4. Accentuate using Smaller Jewelry

Other jewelry you wear should make your statement jewelry stand out. Secondary accessories should help draw a person’s eyes to your focus piece without clashing with your statement jewelry’s shine and style.

The best way to highlight your statement piece is to make sure that other jewelry you wear is smaller than your statement pieces. Jewelry with a daintier and less bold look will help emphasize your statement jewelry’s visual uniqueness.

A simple bracelet that matches the color of your statement necklace while being a contrast to your top’s color can help bring some balance to your necklace’s vibrant appearance. Simpler earrings can help add a more feminine look to your upper body and face without overpowering a solid statement necklace.

Considering the different ways that you could mix and match your other jewelry to help support your statement jewelry, having a little bit of everything in your jewelry box can help transform you in many ways every day.


Remember, every piece of your attire builds up to your statement jewelry. Make your statement jewelry the bedrock of what makes your look unique—and think of everything else as a supporting cast.

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