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We are working hard to provide quality content for our customers. To create a massive resource we also need help from the community that will contribute high-quality content. If you want to become a contributor at and you have an interest in writing –  join our fresh contributor community and feel free to share your knowledge with our readers.

Become a Contributor at

Article (Blog) Definition

  • Articles should be not less than 2000 words in length, written in English (American spelling).
  • The article must cover a topic that is appropriate for the site.
  • The article content must be unique and also contain unique images.
  • Once the article is published at Ladylife – you can’t republish it anywhere else. Nighter on your own blog or any other blog.
  • Articles may include links to websites and/or social media that are relevant to the subject matter.
  • Ladylife editors reserve the right to make minor adjustments to articles (spelling/grammar mistakes if present), but where possible will leave articles in the author’s unique writing style.
  • Articles are not to be a blatant promotion or written for businesses unless they are a paying advertiser or have authorization from Ladylife editors.
  • We don’t accept gambling, casino, adult, and health-related articles.


Be sure to send us your articles that are related to the following categories:

  • Beauty
  • Fashion
  • Tattoos
  • Wedding
  • Health
  • Lifestyle
  • Decor


Ladylife makes no guarantee that the articles submitted will be published.

  • Guest Bloggers have the option to write anonymously at the discretion of the Ladylife editors.
  • Ladylife reserves the right to remove articles from the website at any time for any reason. Guest Bloggers can request to have their articles removed from the Ladylife website by written request.
  • By submitting an article, the Guest Bloggers give Ladylife full permission to publish the article on the website, in RSS feeds, and email newsletters, and share it on all social media pages.
  • Any copyright violations against Guest Bloggers, once an article is published on the website, are not the responsibility of Ladylife. If articles are reproduced against your copyright, it is up to the individual to pursue their own legal action.
  • Articles will not be published if they contain pornography, a defamatory or obscene tone, excess profanity, or racial intolerance.
  • Articles must not incite hate or violence, nor advocate against a particular individual/group.

Cost per Article Published

$150 – Submit an article about a topic that relates to your business/industry. Paid articles must also be informative but can include photos, prices, and how-to-buy information. These articles will also include website links (do-follow), Social Media posts.

$75 – Inserting one do-follow link in the existing article on our website.

How to Contribute?

Write us at, with the title “Guest Article” and include the full article with a short author bio and photo.

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