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Hand Tattoos For Women: 80+ Best Designs Ideas


Do you want to make a statement about yourself? Then, you can do it through hand tattoos for women. Unlike the arm or back, hand tattoo placement is rarely covered. So, it comes with high exposure, revealing a personal and pleasing tattoo design. Despite the small space for tattoos, your hands have sub-placements you can choose from, including the fingers, palm, and thumb.

If you want, you can also cover your entire hand with a full hand tattoo. Hand tattoos for women are elegant, decorative, and simple. Do you like to express your style through a hand tattoo but don’t have any idea? Worry no more since this post will provide you with a list of the best ideas for hand tattoos for women. You can choose the best hand tattoos that suit your style and standards. Keep reading to explore creative ideas for hand tattoos for women. With this, you can get your hand tattoo soon.

Different Sizes of the Hand Tattoos for Females

Full Hand Tattoos

Before getting full-hand tattoos, make sure that you’ve thought deeply about it. Thus, the full hand tattoo will be in your hands forever. If done correctly, full-hand tattoos may look gorgeous. With this, you should choose the best tattoo artist for the best results. Full hand tattoos add elegance to your appearance. It is transformative and creative, which is appealing to the eyes.

hand tattoos for women
hand tattoos for women

Small Hand Tattoos

Small Hand Tattoos have cute designs. They have charm and creativity that stands out. You can choose from several small hand tattoos for females, from meaningful words to symbols. A small hand tattoo is perfect if you want a design that doesn’t attract attention. Some of the best small hand tattoos for women are roses, butterflies, a moon, a cross, words, a turtle, and a heart.

hand tattoos for women
hand tattoos for women
hand tattoos for women

Different Placements of Cute Hand Tattoos For Females

Side Hand Tattoos

The delicate skin on your hands makes the side hand prone to healing poorly and fading. It can result in blurry or low-quality tattoos. In addition, the side hand is exposed to the sun and water, so side hand tattoos can fade quickly. If you want to try a hand tattoo that can’t last long, side hand tattoos may be for you. Butterfly side hand tattoo is popular for those who want pretty and feminine designs.

hand tattoos for women
hand tattoos for women

Hand and Finger Tattoos

Hand and Finger Tattoos are getting more popular today. Even though the designs are minimal, Hand and Finger tattoos have a lot of meaning. There are many options for finger tattoos for all, from statement-making to strong, delicate, and small. With finger tattoos, you can be reminded about your goals if your tattoo is meaningful words. It can make you feel inspired.

hand tattoos for women
hand tattoos for women
hand tattoos for women
hand tattoos for women

Hand and Wrist Tattoos

Hand and Wrist Tattoos can help you show off your character. It is a fascinating body art piece. According to history, wrist tattoos protect against illness and witches’ curses. The wrist tattoo is a message of empowerment and inspiration. Among the top hand and wrist ideas include the following:

  • Tiny wrist tattoos.
  • Tribal wrist tattoos.
  • Meaningful wrist tattoo.
  • Bracelet wrist tattoos.
  • Morning glory flower tattoos.

A hand and wrist tattoo is an excellent way to create a unique impression.

Animal Hand Tattoos For Women

Wolf Hand Tattoos

Wolf Hand Tattoo is among the badass women’s hand tattoo designs. It signifies loyalty, integrity, strength, ferocity, determination, and love. It is considered that every individual has unique energy within, and the wolf hand tattoo emanates energy to the universe. The Wolf symbol is also a guide for various cultures and signifies the human race in different ways. A wolf hand tattoo is for you if you’re a lone wolf.

Elephant Hand Tattoos

Elephant Hand Tattoo is a powerful symbol. The tattoo art style is related to prosperity, wisdom, and luck. If you want to honor your family, the elephant hand tattoo is a good option. It also symbolizes patience, loyalty, and unity. The matriarch leads the elephant herd, so the tattoo can symbolize female strength and power. Elephant tattoo also has spiritual significance in some cultures. The design also represents wisdom, success, new beginnings, and removing obstacles.

Snake Hand Tattoos

Snake Hand Tattoos are another popular choice for animal hand tattoos for women. Some choose this tattoo design for a reason. It has a curvy, elongated body shape, making it ideal for fingers, arms, legs, and even hands. It is also known that snakes are mysterious and dangerous creatures, adding a badass vibe to the wearer of the tattoo.

Butterfly Hand Tattoos

A butterfly depicts beauty, transformation, and a pursuit of freedom. It is one of the popular tattoo choices for females. With your butterfly hand tattoo, you can express your hope and freedom. If you want to showcase your feminine side, the butterfly hand tattoo is an excellent way. It also represents growth and change, like the caterpillar’s transformation into a butterfly. You can also choose the color of a butterfly for your tattoo.

Unique Nature Hand Tattoos for Ladies

Flower Hand Tattoos

Flowers are trendy tattoo designs for women’s hands. It is a meaningful tattoo that shows femininity, love, and beauty. The tattoo design also means giving tribute to your loved ones. You should also choose the type of flower for your hand tattoo. Some of these flowers include lotus, which is perfect for yoga lovers. The Lotus flower means enlightenment, purity, regeneration, and rebirth. Other choices include lily, jasmine, hibiscus, rose, and more.

Rose Hand Tattoos

Rose Hand Tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos on hands for women. The design is a representation of love, beauty, and purity. Additionally, it also has an aesthetic appeal. Rose hand, tattoos of nontraditional patterns on the leaves can make it more outstanding. If you want to show your feminine and chic personality, go for Rose Hand Tattoos. It is attractive to the eyes.

Star Hand Tattoos

Star is beautiful wherever you place it. Hand Tattoo with stars is a simple but symbolic design. You can put it close to the tip of your finger to make it shine. Star Hand Tattoo also represents that you’re a star of your life. With a star hand tattoo, you can stand out confidently when in the crowd. The star hand tattoo has a creative, simple, but meaningful design.

Sunflower Hand Tattoos

Sunflower Hand Tattoos are among the top choices of tattoos for women. The sunflower symbolizes a long, happy life and good luck. You can get a sunflower hand tattoo if you wish to have a good luck charm. The tattoo also signifies eternal movement towards light since it’s a sun symbol. It is associated with joy, happiness, and devotion. If you want to portray love and hope, sunflower hand tattoos can be a great way.

Moon Hand Tattoos

If you want a unique but meaningful tattoo, moon hand tattoos can be for you. It can remind you of the moon, which shines even when alone. The moon hand tattoo also represents exploring new things in your life. A moon hand tattoo is the perfect option if you’re a minimalist. The design is clean and straightforward but elegant. There are several options of moon hand tattoos you can choose from.

Creepy-Cool Tattoo Designs For Women Hand

Cross Hand Tattoos

The cross hand tattoo is believed to be a symbol of Christianity. It also signifies faith and hope. The design has a catchy and cool appeal. The best placement for the cross tattoo can be on your finger or wrist. If you want to emphasize your religious conviction or spirituality, you should get your cross-hand tattoo. It also means sacrifice and unconditional love.

Skull Hand Tattoos

If you want to show your badass side as a woman, Skull Hand Tattoo is ideal for you. It signifies immortality, mortality, and the dramatic interplay between death and life. The design also shows victory against adversity or death, rebellion against the rules of life, and duality. It is a resemblance of beauty, darkness, life, and death.

Skeleton Hand Tattoos

If you have a strong personality, Skeleton Hand Tattoos can be excellent. It can create a powerful statement due it its fascinating, scary look. A skeleton is related to death, but some designs can also mean renewal, fearlessness, and impermanence. You should choose a unique design for your tattoo art style. You can also prefer an X-ray-inspired hand tattoo.

More Pretty Women’s Hand Tattoo Designs

Girly Hand Tattoos

Girly hand tattoos are for you if you want a chic, elegant, and feminine representation of yourself. These tattoos will help you stand out in the crowd and inspire other women. It also shows beauty, love, and purity. Girly Hand Tattoos are an excellent choice if you’re a minimalist but want to look like a star. There are lots of options to choose from.

Tribal Hand Tattoos

Tribal Hand Tattoos for women symbolize different indigenous groups worldwide. It can tell more about you, including your social hierarchy. It is also believed to protect the wearer. If you wish to honor your heritage and ancestors, tribal hand tattoos are best. There are many cool designs of tribal hand tattoos to show your personality and culture.

Dragon Hand Tattoos

If you want to show your strong personality, Dragon Hand Tattoos is the solution. Dragon hand tattoo signifies grace, strength, and intelligence. In history, dragons have been legendary creatures in several civilizations. It also means wisdom, power, protection, and good luck. It is a good what to show that you’re a fearless and passionate individual. You can show your badass vibe with the tattoo.

Mandala Hand Tattoos

Mandala Hand Tattoos are gorgeous tattoo designs for women’s hands. If you like ornamental designs, this tattoo is perfect for you. The beautiful patterns can be a head-turner if you are in public. There are many options to feature a mandala tattoo on your hands. You can place it in the center of your palm. It can also be a matching mandala tattoo on your two hands. You can get a large pattern from your fingers to your wrist.

Queen Hand Tattoos

Queen Hand Tattoos are among the coolest hand tattoo ideas for women. It is a trendy way to express your personality. A queen hand tattoo can depict you as the queen of your life or your loved ones. If you’re unmarried with a strong character, the queen hand tattoo declares your independence. A queen tattoo is also an expression of self-importance uniquely. It also means a person living a life with high standards.

Henna Hand Tattoos

Henna Hand Tattoos are done using natural dye from the henna tree. Usually, the henna hand tattoo can last for about two weeks before it fades. If you wish to get a bold tattoo, you can experiment with temporary Henna Hand Tattoos. There are many options of designs to choose a Henna Hand Tattoo. If you don’t want a tattoo for the rest of your life, a henna hand tattoo is a safe choice.

Black Hand Tattoos

Black Hand Tattoos for females are also a representation of being a badass. If you have a strong personality, it can be a good design for you. It is also a symbol of the mafia. For example, a black hand tattoo signifies the Mexican mafia. So, if you want to feel like a mafia or gang, black hand tattoos for a female are the best choices.

Unique Hand Tattoos

Unique hand tattoos for women represent your style and personality. These have several meanings: independence, strength, creativity, femininity, love, and determination. The stunning tattoo designs can be a powerful statement of your personality. It represents good luck and purity. Many designs will perfectly suit your style. If you want to stand out in the crowd, a unique hand tattoo is ideal for you.

Simple Hand Tattoos

Simple Hand Tattoos can help to transform your look. You can get simple hand tattoos if you want a minimalist but elegant design. Simple designs are gorgeous; some simple hand tattoo ideas include a Leaves hand tattoo, a Blue leaves finger tattoo, a Small botanical hand tattoo, and a Floral bracelet tattoo. Creative tattoos don’t need to be intricate. Remember that simplicity is the essence of good taste.

Lion Hand Tattoos


To sum it up, there are many hand tattoo ideas for women, from simple hand tattoos for females to girly pretty hand tattoos. These hand tattoos can help you make a great statement about yourself.

Are you interested in exploring more ideas for creative hand tattoos for women? You can check out our other articles about women’s tattoos. I suggest you visit our Pinterest account for more ideas about the best and most unique women’s tattoos that can transform your appearance.


Can I Remove My Hand Tattoo If I Don’t Like It Anymore?

Yes, it is possible to remove your hand tattoo, but it is painful and costly. So, you should be ready for the consequences. However, you can also prefer an alternative by covering it with a new tattoo. A professional dermatologist can remove the hand tattoo with a laser.

Can I Cover Up My Hand Scar With a Tattoo?

Generally, the answer is yes. However, it can be determined according to the nature and age of your scar. It is better to seek medical advice first before you decide to get a hand tattoo to cover up your scar. Always prioritize safety.

Is It Advisable to Put an Anesthetic Cream On My Hand Before I Get Tattooed?

Putting anesthetic cream on your skin before the tattooing process is not advisable. It can affect the firmness of your skin. It can affect how pigments penetrate your skin. Remember that anesthetic creams can be used only by a medical specialist.

Can the Colors of My Hand Tattoo Last Longer?

Colors may be fade-resistant, but proper hydration, skin pigmentation, brightness, and contrast can change them.

Can I Get a Hand Tattoo Even When I’m 18 Years Old?

Yes, the legal age for getting a hand tattoo is 18. However, if parents’ consent is given, 17 years old can also get theirs.


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