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Happy, Healthy Marriage: Intimacy Tips for Middle Aged Couples


It’s no secret that marriage is a lot of work. Even the most successful marriages out there go through high and low points, as this is just part of the deal. One of the best things couples can do is recognize the fact that a marriage is a work, and then look for ways to ensure their union remains happy and healthy through the years.

One of the most common complaints for middle-aged couples is that intimacy can start to wane and fade over the years. Again, this is normal in a marriage, but it doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. Here’s a look at some tips that will ensure that middle-aged couples are indeed doing all they can to keep their marriage happy and healthy.

4 Best Intimacy Tips for Middle Aged Couples

#1. Keep the Lines of Communication Open

This tip can be used for married couples of all ages, as communication is one of the keys to a successful marriage. Once a couple has been together a significant amount of time, this area can suffer a bit. The couple can get a bit “lazy” when it comes to talking about their feelings, or unfairly assume that their partner must know them well enough to know how they are feeling.

One of the things you can talk about is how your wants may have changed in terms of the bedroom. It’s normal that as you age and your body changes, your sexual desires and fantasies can also change. Being open with one another can help you both to feel more satisfied in the bedroom.

#2. Don’t Skip the Foreplay

Another thing that may be lacking in terms of intimacy is your foreplay. Again it can be chalked up to couples feeling comfortable with one another and feeling like they don’t need to make that extra effort. Here’s the thing, foreplay is what can help create a stronger connection and spark more intense feelings. Even taking the time to kiss and cuddle can do wonders for a couples’ sex life.

#3. Add a Little Spiciness to the Bedroom

When someone says the words “add a little spice to the bedroom” it isn’t always thought of when speaking about middle-aged couples but feeling sexy in the bedroom doesn’t have age limits. You can feel just as sexy with your partner 15 years into marriage as you did that initial first couple of years. Sometimes it can just take a little reminding and effort on your part, and that’s where the “spicy” factor comes into play.

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#4. Make Alone Time for the Two of You

Finally, it’s very important that you make a conscious effort to make alone time for the two of you. Whether you want to call it a date night or just couple time, this is an important part of keeping intimacy alive and healthy in a marriage. Kids, work, and other stresses can take up a lot of your energy and focus, which can often lead to your relationship being last on the list. Tell yourself it’s okay to prioritize your relationship, and that it’s just as important as everything else.

A Healthy and Happy Marriage Takes Work

Keeping that intimacy alive isn’t usually something that just happens naturally for middle-aged couples that have been together a significant amount of time. Instead, it’s about making the effort to communicate with one another, show appreciation and love for one another, and make your relationship a priority at all times.


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