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Leg Tattoos for Women: Top 110+ Designs Ideas


Are you looking for leg tattoos for women? If yes, you are in the right place. From simple ankle designs to detailed leg sleeves, you can find various ways to approach leg tattoo ideas for women.

Leg tattoos for women are continuously becoming the most famous and flexible tattoo ideas as you can ink in the front, back, lower leg, and thigh, do a sleeve leg, and more. These tattoo ideas for women’s legs are very appealing because they can be easily shown or covered up.

Your leg’s space is large enough to accommodate large and very detailed tattoos. But small and subtle tattoo designs also look good.

You can choose women’s feminine leg tattoos with designs covering your entire large that can reflect your feelings and thoughts or make a statement. Also, you can go for more discreet women’s leg tattoo designs as you wish.

Additionally, tattoos on the legs for ladies are on the low to the moderate pain scale. You can find plenty of women’s leg tattoo designs that look incredibly sexy and head-turner. Having ladies’ leg tattoos can be your way to highlight your muscle tone and show off your legs.

If you are ready to get your first leg tattoo, keep reading to discover something inspirational and help your creativity.

Most Popular Leg Tattoo Placement Ideas for Women

The tattoo size and complexity help determine which part of your leg you can put on the tattoo. But here are the most popular tattoo placement ideas for women’s legs alongside the pain level, from most to least painful:

  • Sole – 10 out 10 on the pain scale

Because of nerve abundance and lack of flesh, the sole of the foot is considered the most sensitive area to have a tattoo on. Since it is difficult to reach, it is not recommended for first-timers.

  • Heel – 9 out of 10 on the pain scale

The lack of flesh and nerve abundance are the reasons why the heel is the foot’s most painful area. Again, it isn’t easy to reach. So, getting your first tattoo in this area is not recommended.

  • Toes – 8 out of 10 on the pain scale

The foot is another most painful area to get ink due to its lack of fat and skin thinness. It is easy to miss a spot, making it a challenging area to tattoo.

  • Foot – 7 out of 10 on the pain scale

The foot lacks fat and has thin skin, making it one of the most painful areas to get a tattoo. Also, missing a spot is very common, making this area tricky to tattoo.

  • Shin – 6 out of 10 on the pain scale

The shin has plenty of bones with thin skin. This makes the area sensitive to getting a tattoo. Furthermore, it is a common spit to get shin splints. If you are considering leg tattoo ideas for females in this area, be extra careful if you are prone to having that condition.

  • Ankle – 5 out of 10 on the pain scale

The ankle can be very painful to get a tattoo design because it has many bones and thin skin. The most common tattoo placements for females are the side lower leg tattoos.

  • Thigh – 4 out of 10 on the pain scale

The thigh’s pain level varies depending on how fleshy this area is. In most cases, the front leg is where you can feel less hurt because it has more muscle.

  • Calf – 3 out of 10 on the pain scale

The calf is a popular area for women to get tattoos. The lower leg tattoos pain level is usually moderate. However, if the tattoo is close to the bone, it can be more painful.

110+ Best Leg Tattoo Ideas for Women

As mentioned earlier, the leg has a large area to work with, providing you with many best tattoo ideas for women to choose from.

While there are endless possibilities regarding women’s leg tattoo designs, below are some of the best and most popular options.

Front Leg Tattoos

The front leg is a narrow yet spacious area, making it perfect for narrow designs to ink. Front leg tattoos can look flattering, fierce, and sexy. They can also be easy to cover up when necessary. You can try a feminine approach with butterflies, clocks, or roses. You can also explore edgy designs like a phoenix, skull, or predatory animals.

leg tattoos for women
leg tattoos for women
leg tattoos for women
leg tattoos for women

Back Of Leg Tattoos

The back of leg tattoos is an ideal choice if you want to draw attention to your natural curves. The most popular designs include quotes, symbols, butterflies, flowers, geometric patterns, bows, and other meaningful feminine artwork. Also, you can get a large and detailed design covering the entire back of your leg.

leg tattoos for women
leg tattoos for women
leg tattoos for women

Full Leg Tattoos

Do you want to go all out? Then, you can have your entire leg tattooed. This tattoo idea lets you show off the creative design when wearing shorts. While this tattoo design for women’s legs is cool and eye-catching, it is best recommended for those ready for a lifelong commitment. Stick to a particular style or theme to make the artwork look more blended.

leg tattoos for women
leg tattoos for women
leg tattoos for women

Butterfly Leg Tattoos

For meaningful leg tattoos for women, opt for butterfly designs. Butterflies symbolize transformation. They are also associated with growth. You can get this design inked to mark a change in your life, a period of transition, or remind yourself you can accomplish something you desire or that you are free. Butterflies can be designed in many ways, allowing you to find one that best suits your style.

Colorful Leg Tattoos

You can get your tattoo as colorful as you want. Using color in the women’s unique tattoos delivers a definite appeal. You can use different colors to make bold and bright designs. Please note that colorful leg tattoos take longer to heal and are often more expensive. Also, skin tone should be considered, whereas lighter skin makes the color more visible.

Dragon Leg Tattoos

A dragon symbolizes power. It is also associated with good luck, protection, and knowledge. This design is excellent for lower leg tattoos for women. When deciding on the dragon design tattoo, consider a large and colorful dragon wrapping around your whole leg or keep the design small and minimalistic. To alter the meaning, you can also add other images, like flowers, jungle, pirate, or angel.

Elephant Leg Tattoos

Do you want to celebrate your female energy? Then, an elephant tattoo design is a perfect option. Every herd has a matriarch, and having this tattoo design is a great way to honor a strong woman in your life. An elephant also symbolizes wisdom, prosperity, and power. If you prefer a small piece, you can ink an elephant onto your calf, while a large, detailed one looks incredible on the thigh.

Leg Tattoos With Flowers

Flowers are not only pretty; they are also symbolic. They are often linked to love, beauty, life, and growth. But the meaning of flowers varies somewhat. For example, a peony symbolizes honor and good fortune, while the gladiolus flower is associated with family. You can go for a line art if you want a feminine and delicate piece or opt for a traditional American, Japanese, or watercolor style for a colorful and bold work.

Geometric Leg Tattoos

For women who wish for a modern and expressive leg tattoo design, geometric patterns are a way to go. Geometric leg tattoos focus on shapes and lines. This creates an image that evokes symmetry and calmness. If you want a brilliant pattern, go for a more abstract inking. But this leg tattoo design is usually created in black ink regardless of the size.

Half Leg Sleeve Tattoos

Rather than inking your whole limb, a half-leg sleeve tattoo focuses only on half of it. This can be the bottom or top half. It is an excellent option if you want a large and detailed leg tattoo design. While time-consuming and expensive, it takes less commitment than full-leg tattoos. Plus, it helps highlight your natural curves and muscle tone.

Leg Tattoos Using Henna

Do you love the idea of a leg tattoo but do not want a long-term commitment? Then, why not have a henna leg tattoo? This leg tattoo idea for women is created with a plant-based dye. It can be made using different shades, like red, orange, brown, and blue-black. It is a pain-free option, and the dye fades naturally over time.

Japanese Leg Tattoos

You can’t go wrong with the Japanese leg tattoo style for a distinct look. This design is often referred to as “irezumi.” It uses bold and bright hues, and the subject matter is based on folklore or tradition. Popular images include koi fish, cherry blossoms, peonies, dragons, and phoenixes. You can focus on one image or combine several images.

Lion Leg Tattoos

A lion is often associated with loyalty, strength, power, and bravery. It also symbolizes courage, commitment, family, and royalty. If you like bright and bold artwork, you can opt for the traditional American tattoo style. To give the design a modern feel, add geometric elements. But if you want to achieve a striking appearance, consider the lion’s photorealistic portrayal.

Mandala Leg Tattoos

In the mandala, leg tattoos, symbols, and shapes are used. This leg tattoo design for females is often created in a circular pattern. It offers a beautiful, detailed look and is often associated with calmness, balance, and harmony. Also, it can take on various forms, such as an outline of something or floral artwork.

Minimalist Leg Tattoos

Even the most basic designs will look fantastic in leg tattoos for women. Minimalistic leg tattoos are preferred by women who like simpler body art or symbolic pieces without being too bright or bold. These leg tattoos usually have little to no shading or color and focus on line work. Most-loved choices include floral artwork, a heart, and a sun and moon tattoo.

Leg Tattoos With Names

Leg name tattoos for women are suitable for those who want to show love and commitment. If you have someone you love and care about, it is a great idea to get their name inked onto your legs. The leg tattoo with a name can also be a piece to honor a loved one who has passed away.

Owl Leg Tattoos

If you want a leg tattoo design associated with mystery, magic, and wisdom, the owl is a perfect choice. It is sometimes linked to good luck or the afterlife. There are several ways to design an owl, like adding a dreamcatcher or skull. You can opt for a bold, bright design or a realistic appearance.

Phoenix Leg Tattoos

A phoenix is a symbol of rebirth and rebirth. It is a mystical bird believed to rise from its predecessor’s ashes. If you wish to contemplate your mortality, you can ink a phoenix in your leg. A phoenix leg tattoo is also a creative way to show that you have emerged stronger or overcome a challenging scenario in your life.

Portrait Tattoos On Leg

A portrait leg tattoo mimics a portrait painting. You can get this leg tattoo design of anyone in your love, including a loved one who has passed away, your romantic partner, your favorite celebrity, or even a fictional character. The thigh is recommended for this design because it has more space to allow details and is low on the pain scale.

Roses Tattoos On Leg

A rose leg tattoo looks great in different colors. The flower can be the main design or as a filler. A red rose tattoo represents love and passion, while a black rose design is associated with grief and death. Rose tattoos are also linked to balance in life – they can be both beautiful and dangerous.

Simple Leg Tattoos

For those who prefer simplicity, simple leg tattoos are for you. The beauty of this leg tattoo design is that it is usually faster to complete. It is also less expensive and does not hurt as much due to the lack of shading or color. Moreover, it can give you a feminine and delicate look.

Small Leg Tattoos

Versatility is the highlight of small leg tattoos. This leg tattoo design for women looks more fashionable, distinctive, and attractive. Consider options like a flower, moon, sun, butterfly, or even a short quote. Besides being cheaper and requiring less time to complete, it is easy to cover up and looks feminine and delicate.

Skull Thigh Tattoos

Skull thigh tattoos are famous for their thought-provoking and striking appearance. Since the skull is often linked to death, tattooing it onto your leg can instill fear and be intimidating. You can design a skull in different ways, like adding other imagery to change the meaning and achieve a more feminine look. You can consider butterflies, florals, and geometric elements.

Leg Sleeve Tattoos

Leg sleeve tattoos involve a design covering all sides of the leg, from the ankle to the upper leg or knee. If you are interested in this tattoo design for a female leg, be ready because it will take time to complete. You can go for a design that features flowers, a parrot, a jungle, and more. You can be as creative as you want.

Sun And Moon Tattoos

A sun and moon tattoo is a creative way to combine two powerful symbols of life. Sun and moon have positive symbolism, like a great energy source, light, and truth. Also, if you combine these two symbols, you can have a leg tattoo reflecting balance. The tattoo design can remind you how resilient and strong a woman you are.

American Traditional Leg Sleeve Tattoos

Do you want a bold and expressive leg sleeve tattoo for women? Then, opt for the American traditional tattoo technique. It uses minimal shading, bold lines, and a bright color palette with limited colors. It usually involves a specific theme, like images of animals, nature, and nautical artwork.

Tree Thigh Tattoos

A tree thigh tattoo is very symbolic and versatile. You can keep the tree design simple with a minimalistic approach focusing on the basic form, or it can be detailed and extensive that cover your leg’s large part. This tattoo design can represent strength, wisdom, knowledge, life, and growth.

Tribal Thigh Tattoos

A tribal thigh tattoo design is used by many different cultures and symbolizes marital status, achievements, social standing, and more. It can be detailed, abstract, simplistic, or take the form of a flower, turtle, or other recognizable pieces. Tattooing your leg with a tribal design can make you close to your ancestors or let you honor your heritage.

Vine Tattoos On Leg

A vine is an incredible leg tattoo design for females; it wraps around your leg. You can focus on a small section to create a piece that resembles a bangle or have the item work around your entire leg. Also, a vine is associated with strength, endurance, and survival. You can include tiny birds, butterflies, and flowers in the design.

Wolf Leg Tattoos

The wolf is another beautiful and symbolic leg tattoo idea. This animal is associated with loyalty, love, and family. Its strength and survival instinct can represent how you feel about your loved ones and how you are more successful and stronger with them. You can add geometric elements and other images or include realistic portrayals.

Polynesian Leg Tattoos

Do you wish to emphasize your unique identity or make self-expression? A Polynesian leg tattoo is what you should go for. This tattoo design is an essential part of the Polynesian culture signifying the culture and spirits of the Polynesian islands. You can choose from designs like a Polynesian turtle, Enata, tiki, or ocean tattoo.

Side Leg Tattoos

Are you unsure which side leg tattoo design for females you should go with? Quotes are among the best options. If you like a quote from your favorite movie or book, ink it on the side leg. Side leg tattoos with quotes are an excellent and creative way to express your values or ideas to the world.

Cover-Up Leg Tattoos

Some leg tattoos do not hold up as time passes, where colors fade or small tattoos blur after a decade. And this is where cover-up leg tattoos for women come into play. These tattoos are also suitable if a specific design no longer represents your values, ideas, or personality. Cover-up tattoos are usually bigger than the old ones to cover the color and lines underneath them fully.

Hawaiian Leg Tattoos

A Hawaiian leg tattoo comes with a nature-inspired design that is dainty yet expansive. The leg tattoo design is perfect for displaying your personality and identity. In ancient times, Hawaiian people had tattoos on their bodies that represented their status and rank in society. The design consisted of a geometric pattern and used black hues to make an individual’s religion, martyrdom, heritage, and the like.

Leg Band Tattoos

A leg band tattoo is simple, bold, and epic. The design can be traced back to the black armband worn to represent mourning when a loved one has passed away. Some women get a leg band tattoo to express mourning for their departed loved ones, while others want to represent a new chapter in their lives.

Blackout Leg Tattoos

As the name suggests, blackout leg tattoos are a tattooing style where large areas of the leg are completely covered with black ink. Today, this leg tattoo design for women has gotten more creative by using the negative spacing technique or packing white ink over the blackout. Popular design ideas include:

  • Dot work mandala half-sleeve blackout
  • Peony blackout
  • Negative space mandala blackout
  • Abstract blackout full-leg sleeve tattoo

Disney Leg Tattoos

Are you a Disney fan? Do you want body art related to Disney characters? Then, Disney leg tattoos are suitable for you. You can consider Princess Disney leg tattoos, unique and meaningful Disney leg tattoos, or Disney leg sleeve tattoos. Popular Disney leg tattoo ideas include matching Minnie and Mickey, Having Courage and Be Kind Cinderella quote, Emily from Corpse Bride, and Neverland map.

Bottom Leg Tattoos

A bottom leg tattoo starts below the knee and includes ink has done on the upper ankle, shin, or calf. Vertical designs are preferable to match the bottom leg’s shape. This leg tattoo design can make your leg appear more delicate and longer. Popular design options include:

  • sunflower
  • tiger with the moon
  • red rose
  • knife within a flower
  • rainbow heart

Classy Leg Tattoos

At their best, classy leg tattoos are symbolic, sophisticated, and understated. Your favorite design might be elaborate or simple, but no matter what, leg tattoos with classy designs are definitely unique. Most-loved classy leg tattoo designs include a black and white rose, a colorful compass with jewels, two small flowers, vines wrapped around a sword, a colorful snake, and leopard spots.

Sexy Leg Tattoos

Leg tattoos for women can make you feel sexy whenever you wear miniskirts or short pants or enjoy a sunbath on the beaches in bikinis. Speaking of sexy leg tattoos for women, adding a Bohemian design to the design is a great idea. Besides the sexiness, they offer a sophisticated and lovely appearance. Whether you want them outside of your ankle or on the bottom of your foot, boho motifs are absolutely aesthetic.


When looking for an excellent location for body art, you cannot go wrong with your legs. The appeal of leg tattoos for women is their versatility, allowing you to show them off or cover-up. With the large area in your legs, you have enough space to think of a detailed or intricate design. Whether you want to go all out, prefer to be minimalistic, or wish to express something, there is a perfect leg tattoo design for you.

Do you want to learn more about tattoo designs? Check out our other articles. And don’t forget to visit our Pinterest account.


Can I Walk After a Leg Tattoo for Women?

Yes. After getting a leg tattoo, walking is fine. While some vigorous physical exercises like weightlifting or running must be avoided, some gentle and soft activities like walking are excellent ways to keep the body active while the tattoo heals.

Will Leg Tattoos for Females Change Due to Considerable Weight Change?

When it comes to weight loss, the leg tattoo’s size and location can slightly change. But this is not usually drastic. For instance, the tattoo’s positioning on the side of the leg might not be the same if you suddenly lose 10 to 15 kg.

Does Scratching Tattoos On the Legs of Ladies Make them Fade?

To achieve the best results possible, allow new leg tattoos enough time to heal. So, scratching or rubbing them must be avoided because it can result in smudging or fading. While you can wash them as normal, ensure to be super gentle.

How Long Does a Tattoo for Women’s Legs Take to Heal?

Typically, leg tattoos take about two weeks to heal. But the full recovery can take up to four weeks. Some implications can prolong the ink’s healing process.

What Is the Best Placement for Leg Tattoos?

The upper leg or thigh offers the most space but is secluded. The knee has an interesting shape but only offers a little space. The calf provides a lot of space with little pain. The best placement for your leg tattoo depends on the size and design you want to achieve, as well as your pain tolerance.


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