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Makeup With Glasses: Tips and Ideas


For many modern women glasses are an essential attribute of the style. To look attractive, a woman must know how to choose the right frame matching the hairstyle and the face shape. Take into account that if you wear glasses on the top of the bridge of the nose, the nose will seem visually larger, but in order to reduce the nose visually you need makeup with glasses. The most important thing while creating makeup is to make the eye makeup match the frame and color of the glasses. The rest mostly depends on the type of defect of eyesight.

Makeup for Those Who Wear Glasses

If the rim of the glasses is of bright color, there’s no necessity in applying shadows to the eyes, so it is better to focus on the eyelashes. You can experiment with the color of mascara and paint the eyelashes, for example, with brown mascara instead of usual black one. The lashes will look more volume, if they are painted with thick mascara that should be applied from the roots to the tips.

If you wear glasses with a metal frame, you should carefully choose makeup and use only gentle and bright colors for it. If the rim is tortoise or horn, it is necessary to shape the eyebrows and paint them. You should do this as the face must be defined by eyebrows and eyes but not the rim.

Eye Makeup With Glasses

Do you still think that the glasses don’t make you beautiful? Maybe, the problem is in a technique of makeup? While doing this girls wearing glasses must follow the certain rules not to violate the integrity of the image.

Firstly, the colors of makeup should harmonize with the color of the rim and glasses. If the frame is catchy, forsake eye shadows as the face is already bright. Focus on the eyelashes. Use “two-in-one” mascara: it’ll lengthen the eyelashes. The eyes will seem more expressive.

If you like the glasses in the metal rim, such models are stylish and modern, but at the same time laconic. Therefore, the makeup must be appropriate: abandon bright colors, choose quiet shades.

How to Wear Makeup With Glasses

If you wear horn-rimmed glasses, be attentive to the shape and color of the eyebrows: they must be perfect, just like the contour of the lips, so draw them clearly. The horn rim is very noticeable and attracts attention. So, if you want your face to be defined not by the frame, pay attention to the eyebrows and the lips.

If you have chosen black-framed glasses, focus on the lips. You can try a bright lipstick or gloss. The black rim looks especially beautiful with a red, burgundy and crimson lipstick.

Silver and gold rims are the most common. They suit almost everyone and harmonize with clothes of different styles being appropriate in every situation. If you wear glasses in a silver frame, choose best eye makeup for glasses in cold tones: silver-blue, gray and purple shades. If you wear the gold frame, the color range of decorative elements must be warm. Such shades are brown, beige and terracotta.

Makeup Tips for Glasses

Secondly, all defects of the skin around the eyes. for instance, wrinkles, dark circles and bags, are more noticeable through the glasses. So you have to take care of this area. In addition to the basic care including cleaning, moisturizing and nutrition, make masks for the skin around the eyes regularly. To hide the defects, use concealer. The usual foundation is not suitable because it contains ingredients that dry the skin making wrinkles more noticeable.

Thirdly, the makeup for those who wear glasses depends on the eyesight. Glasses for girls having the long sight visually enlarge the eyes and, on the contrary, glasses for those suffering from myopia “reduce” the eyes. When choosing makeup you must take it into consideration. When you try different makeup technique searching for the perfect option for yourselves, take pictures. Defects and successful results are always noticeable in pictures.

Eye Makeup for Glasses

The glasses for people having a bad eyesight have one feature: they visually reduce the eyes, so the makeup should fix it. Use mascara, and the lashes will look longer and more volume.

Makeup for women with glasses suffer from myopia is based on some specific principles. Use more vivid colors, especially for the eye makeup. Your main task is to enlarge the eyes visually. For the upper lid use a lighter shade, but apply darker eye shadows under the eyes. You can use pearl, shiny and matte shades. Emphasize the outer corner with an eye pencil. Experiment with colors: classic black, brown, purple and even dark blue. Mascara is necessary. Paint the eyelashes several times. Many women are afraid of mixing myopia with makeup. Do not worry. Your cute makeup with glasses is only welcomed.

How to Wear Eye Makeup With Glasses

Bright shadows are applied on the upper eyelid, a darker tone – under the brow. Brown or black mascara is applied on the lashes. Rouge can be applied on the cheekbones, but only on the area from the place where the rim touches cheekbones to the eyebrows. The outer corner of the eye can be emphasized with a black or brown pencil.

Eyes are painted with a gray pencil, and the line of the eyeliner should be stumped in the corner of the eye. For the upper eyelid use light brown eye shadows. Paint a thin gray line of the eyeliner on the lower eyelid. The eyelashes and the eyebrows should be painted.

Makeup for Girls With Glasses

The glasses that are worn by women suffering from hyperopia make the eyes a bit “convex”. This should be considered when wearing makeup with glasses. The eye makeup should be as natural as possible, otherwise it will be stand out through the lenses. Bright and pearlescent eye shadows are inappropriate for such makeup, so it is better to choose calm and pastel colors.

It is also not necessary to emphasize the eyebrows and paint the lashes with thick mascara.

Makeup for those suffering from hyperopia should be discreet, as the eyes with the lenses always appear brighter than they actually are. Give preference to pastel shades and use a minimum of them. If you can not refuse to use an eyeliner or pencil, a line should be almost invisible and flat. Even the most modest line of the eyeliner will look thicker. Therefore, any error is unacceptable.

Abandon pearl and brilliant eye shadows. Through increased glasses they look a bit vulgar. Also take into account that such glasses create an effect of the close-set eyes. To “enlarge” the distance between them, the inner corners of the eyes can be emphasized by light shades (as we remember, not pearl and shiny!).

Makeup Ideas for Glasses

You can not use classic black and brown colors, as they look more natural. Do not paint the area over the lower lashes. The lower lashes can be underlined a bit. When I wore glasses, instead of mascara I used curlers.

Makeup for people with glasses: upper corner of the eye is covered with light shadows. Draw a thin line with a pencil over the upper and lower eyelids.

No matter you wear glasses or not. The main thing is that you are the most beautiful, charming and attractive. Even if you are dissatisfied with something in your appearance, this can always be adjusted. For example, a properly chosen form of glasses and techniques of makeup!

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