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Is He Going to Propose? 10 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Going to Propose


When a man is getting ready to propose, he will start to act differently, in strange ways, and often subconsciously. He may seem distracted and completely out of character, but his behavior may be the result of a future proposal!

Read on to learn more about ten signs that might be signs he’s about to propose!

He Starts Talking About The Future

Talking about the future of your relationship implies that he is most definitely planning to have one. And, he wants that future to be with you!

If he’s talking more about the future, he probably wants to make sure that you’re on the same page based off of how you respond to it. Think of this topic as low key permission to ask for marriage. If you don’t seem to be as compliant with making future plans, then he will know that it’s not the right time to propose.

However, if you react in a way that signifies the excitement of a future with him, that will give him the okay to buy that engagement ring he’s been eyeing!

Secretive Behavior

It’s scary when your man suddenly starts getting secretive and covert. But, before you clutter your mind with the worst possible sceneries, acting covert with sneakiness may not actually be a bad thing.

Men who are about to propose tend to cover their paranoia of ruining a surprise with sneaky and secretive habits. It may seem like he’s hiding something, but that’s because he is!

For example, he may look like he’s covering his cell phone to hide something negative when in reality, he’s hiding that website of engagement rings he was browsing on

You may find yourself asking if he’s okay more than usual. Don’t worry, he’s fine! He’s just a bit nervous and wants his proposal to go perfectly the way he has planned!

Interested In Family Gatherings

Let’s face it, a guys idea of a good time is not hanging out with his girlfriend’s family. Unless, of course, he’s interested in building a stronger relationship with them and gaining their trust.

Nobody wants to get married and have to deal with in laws for the rest of their life; they’d rather be accepted and welcomed into your family by being a part of it. So, the next time you invite him to your grandmother’s Sunday night BBQ and he sounds like he’s interested in going instead of giving a monotone, unenthusiastic reply, he may be trying to get on yours family’s good side.

Saying “We” And “Us”

He may not even realize that he’s doing it, but referring to your relationship as a “we” or an “us” is a huge sign that he wants to spend the rest of his life with you.

If you hear him starting to say things like “yes, we would love that” or “it’s really important to us” is a sign that he has accepted you into his decisions and takes your feels into consideration. Including you in his responses by using words like “we” and “our” and “us” is a good indication that he is planning on keeping it that way, and possibly forever!

Asking About Your Favorite Things

It’s difficult to remember what kind of flowers you like or whether you prefer Italian food over Mexican. When your man is planning to propose, he will start asking you what kind of things you like.

There may be a period of time when he tries to figure out your favorite song, restaurant, or favorite type of food. It may seem odd when he casually asks you random questions that he never seemed to be interested in before, but that’s because he’s trying to plan the perfect proposal experience!

Disappearing Act

Trying to be sneaky for a positive surprise may require him to randomly disappear for hours. They will come home with an explanation that doesn’t quite make sense, and it may cause you to be suspicious of his whereabouts.

Don’t take it too much to heart; he may have needed to sneak off with your mom at a family party to discuss what kind of jewelry you like, or how your mom is going to help plan his proposal.

He’s Been Saving Money

Engagement rings are not cheap. Because of that, he may start to skip weekly boys nights and start cooking homemade food instead of grabbing takeout.

These small saving techniques add up big when it comes to marrying you; you are too important to spend another $100 at the vat with his friends!

Surprise Date Night

He refuses to tell you where you’re going, what to wear, or why he planned a date without asking where you want to go.

The only thing he tells you is what day you’re going and what time to be ready by. And why? Well, this could be the night that he finally proposes!

Extra Romantic

Especially if he’s not usually the type to be lovey-dovey and romantic, you’ll notice him wanting to cuddle more or compliment how beautiful you are on a daily basis.

Planning to propose is an intimate thing, even for men who don’t value affection. Don’t be surprised if his extra cuddle sessions lead to your engagement!

He’s Nervous

The closer it gets to the day he’s planning to propose, the more awkward and nervous he will probably be.

Whether it’s because he’s trying to avoid a spontaneous argument or because he wants to make sure that you remain happy, his sudden display of skitzy habits is merely because he wants you to say yes!

There you have it!

Any of the above are good signs he’s going to propose, especially if more than a few apply your situation. If you think your boyfriend is going to propose, just act natural. After all, he’s probably much more nervous than you are.


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