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4th of July Nails: Cute Nail Art and Design with American Flag


The most unusual, eccentric and extravagant fashion trends always come from America. People there have creative thinking and approach to different situations. In any case, American people are looking for non-standard ideas for solutions. The nail design in the American style is always interesting and attractive. Most Americans are patriots of their country. Moreover, they try to emphasize their status in every possible way. One way is to decorate the nails with the flag of America. Both teenagers and respectable ladies love such design. This nail art was originally popular only on the territory of the country, but today its success has gone far beyond the borders of the United States. The “American flag” design is based on the popular Beverly Hills nail design, which is very similar to the French manicure, and differs only in the less clear line of the “smile. Let’s try to do such manicure yourself!

American Flag Nail Art: Step-by-Step Manicure

For work you will need:

  1. White polish as a base,
  2. Blue polish,
  3. Red polish,
  4. Transparent polish or fixer,
  5. Thin brush.

The process seems complicated only at first glance . In fact, this action will attract you quickly, and already at the initial stage you will understand that it’s not difficult to draw an American flag nail art.

First, you need bring your nails in order. Make them oval, get rid of burrs and cuticles, make the nails neat. After that, apply the nails base. It can be colorless or white polish. The base is necessary for leveling the color and surface of the nail plate.

Applying Background for American Flag Nail Designs

Use white lacquer as a background. If it has already been applied as one layer of the base, just cover the nail with it again. It is necessary to achieve a monotone effect. Many women will decide that the background is not so important, as, one way or another, it’ll be covered with another polish. But in the case of the american flag nail designs it is necessary to ensure that there are no dark spots under the varnish, no marks, etc. Otherwise, the manicure will look cheap and sloppy.

Beginning Drawing

The first thing to do is to apply blue polish. Depending on the chosen variant of the pattern, both the width and the location of the strip of blue color are adjusted. In the classic version, this color covers less than half of the nail. Therefore, it is better to apply a blue color in two layers. Allow it to dry completely.

The next step is to apply thin lines of red color. Draw them with a thin brush, so that the image will be neat and beautiful. Strips are applied to the remaining surface of the nail in the same direction as the blue color. That is, if the drawing goes diagonally, then the red lines are made diagonally. If you chose the horizontal option, then the red lines are drawn parallel to the base of the nail.

Attention! Red lines are applied in one layer. Therefore, try to grab a sufficient amount of polish immediately, so you do not need an additional application of the nail polish.

Easy Fourth of July Nails with Stars

As is known, the american flag on nails has white stars. Their number is equal to the number of states in America. But it’s impossible to draw so many stars on the nail – the picture will merge, it will not look stylish. It’s enough to draw 1 or 3 beautiful stars to complete the picture.

On a blue background start drawing white stars. You can do it with a thin brush, a needle or a toothpick. The stars are drawn simply: there are lines intersecting at one point, the number of 3 pieces (the asterisks will be six-pointed). If this problem seems difficult to you, then instead of stars put white dots.

Getting the Result With Our 4th of July Nail Art Ideas

To make manicure sparkle and not deteriorate quickly, you need to cover the nails with a fixer. You can also use products for rapid drying of the nails. In this case, your masterpiece will remain on the nails for at least a week in its original form.

Fourth of July Nails Art: Choice of Designs

The main principle of the manicure “easy american flag nails” is the development of creative thinking of the designer. Do not limit yourself. Here, the quality of the original drawing is important. We recommend you to watch the video on this simple fourth of July nails design. It shows not only the process of drawing a pattern on the nail plate, but also interesting nail ideas. You will probably come up with good combinations for your nails. Remember one thing: do not bother with the standards, create a unique drawing!

The pictures also offer versions for the “American flag”. Pay attention to the fact that by decorating the flag with only one nail, you’ll give the manicure somef charm. Well, if you apply a flag to each nail in different ways, you will end up with a bright, colorful and contrasting manicure. It will certainly attract attention!

One of the most important advantages of the “American flag” is that even a beginner in nail art can cope with the task. There are no complex elements, but, despite this, the manicure looks very stylish and original. All you need is an appropriate color of polish, a pair of brushes and some patience. So, let’s try this fashionable 4th of July nail art!

4th of July Nails Art and Designs: Video Tutorial

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