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Makeup For Black Dress: Ideas For Eye Makeup


Do you like the elegant black color? And what makeup should i wear with a black dress? Learn how to do makeup for black dress. The elegant black dress can decorate every woman and can make your image delicate and mysterious. By the way, the black dress is one of the most fashionable and practical items of women’s clothing.

Eye Makeup For Black Dress

Skin: The skin should be thoroughly prepared before applying perfect makeup for black dress. Cleaning the face some tonic, apply moisturizer. Then you need smooth the tone of the face, regardless of the type of makeup you’ve chosen. The cream should have light texture, and its color should be as close as possible to the natural tone of your skin. Applying a thin even layer of foundation cream, do not forget about a light layer of powder.

Instead of light powder you can use bronzer matching the color of your skin and hair, as not only white, but also tanned skin can suit the red dress. All defects that are visible on the face skin should be hidden with concealer. While the foundation must match the color of the skin, the concealer can be one tone lighter.

Makeup Tips For Black Dress

Eyes: To do fast and simple but effective eye makeup, it is enough to use an eyeliner and mascara. They must be black, as brown mascara is too pale, and blue one will make the too colorful and frivolous. As for casual makeup, it is not necessary to draw “arrows”, because the image should be restrained, and makeup – imperceptible. Eyelashes can be emphasized with black mascara applied in two layers.

The elegant black dress will match strict eye makeup in brown shades. With brown shades you can significantly refresh the face by making it brighter, and makeup at the same time will be natural and modest.

Party Makeup With Black Dress

Lips: In this case, for lip makeup you should choose matte bright shades of red. Women with the light sking can choose cooler shades, for example, plum. If you have the tanned skin, it is better to use warm colors. Apply the lipstick with a special brush to distribute it evenly and without lumps.

Before applying the lipstick, the lips should be covered with foundation cream, and then you should draw the outline with a pencil. After applying the lipstick blot the lips with a cloth and lightly powder them. Too bright lipstick for makeup with black dress, in some cases, is not recommended. If you have a big mouth or too plump lips, it’s better to apply the lipstick of the body or pale pink color. This rule should be followed when you create natural makeup for black dress.

Cheekbones: As in party makeup for black dress the emphasis is on the lips or the eyes, the cheekbones are should be emphasized with soft tones. In this case, light pink or peach rouge will suit: they will give the skin some additional radiance and transparence. If you need to emphasize the cheekbones, choose more discreet eye and lip makeup.

Evening Black Dress Makeup

No matter, if you choose natural evening or bright makeup for long black dress, in any case, you shouldn’t spare paints, as here minimalism is superfluous. With barely noticeable makeup you can just get lost in the background of the black dress. It should be noted that the color may be evening or festive only if it includes luxurious, eye-catching gold accessories, jewelry and true evening makeup.

Doing evening smokey eye makeup for black dress you can use different colors and shades. If you have a dress with bare shoulders, you should find the best deals on beauty products. Across the upper eyelid you should distribute light eyeshade, the outer corner of the eye should be emphasized with darker shades, the inner corner – with the lightest shades.

Makeup Ideas For Black Dress

If you want to create an image of a fatal seductive woman, outline the eye contour with a soft pencil of dark gray or black colors, and then stump the applied line with a sponge or a cotton swab. Apply smoky eyeshadow on the upper eyelids.

What color lipstick should you wear with a black dress? We recommend to choose a lipstick of deep rich color that will give the lips plumpness and volume. The black dress often matches dark red or bright red lipstick, and this combination is a classic image of a vamp .

As for more natural makeup looks for black dress, you can use light or even pale shades of the lipstick that are ideally suitable for women with dark smooth skin. Eyeshadow, in this case, should be natural and matte. Do not forget that the lipstick must be matte too. Do not replace it by a lip gloss with glitter or pearl .

When creating evening makeup for little black dress the cheekbones can be emphasized with a bronzer instead of powder or rouge.

Best Makeup For Black Dress

With time for full eye makeup you must use eyeshadow. For casual makeup for black dress light beige or white shade is an excellent choice. Stump it along the entire upper eyelid. Then, using a sharp pencil or an eyeliner outline the lash line on the upper eyelid and a faint line on the lower lashes.


It is also possible to use the colors of precious metals. Try to apply eyeshadow for black dress of platinum color under the brow and cover the eyelid with a golden tone. The lower eyelid can be shaded by a soft pencil of chocolate brown colors. It also can be used for highlighting the line of the upper eyelid crease. Stump the dark tone to the edge.

Use a black pencil to draw arrows, but remember that for such an image not a traditional thin arrow but a clear and distinct one is perfect. Eyeshadow white matte gold should be applied under the arrow, and then use mascara to give the lashes some volume.

Makeup Look For Black Dress

A perfect accessory for the makeup looks for a black dress is a silk belt decorated with embroidery, sequins or beads. The little black dress suits elegant shoes with bows, bright prints or embroidery.

A big-sized accessory can also be a good complement for the little black dress. You do not have to wear jewelry, in this case, even elegant bijouterie can suit.

A classic accessory for the little black dress is a brooch. Do not forget that when you’ve chosen brooch, you must abandon all other accessories. Leave only modest small earrings of the same color as the brooch.

Makeup for Black Dress: Video Tutorial

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