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10 Best Tips to Officially Get Over a Breakup


Going through the breakup of a relationship can be one of the hardest things you will have to go through. When you are in a relationship with someone, they become an important part of your daily life, so it can be devastating when the relationship comes to an end. Even if you and your ex-partner have split up amicably or if it was your idea for things to end, it can still feel like your life is over.

Breakups are tough, there is no denying it. But remember that you WILL get over this. You may also find yourself wondering in a few months’ time what you were so upset about. In the meantime, here are 10 tips on how to officially get over a breakup.

10 Best Tips to Get Over a Breakup

#1. Delete Your Ex Off Social Media

Once your relationship has ended, it is natural for you to want to find out information about your ex and know what they are doing. An easy way to do this is to stalk their social media accounts. But this can turn into you obsessively looking at what pictures they have been tagged in and looking at how long ago they were last online.

Do yourself a favor and delete your ex from your social media. Your social media account is a place where you can interact with your friends, but your ex-partner is not your friend, so delete them and give yourself the space you need in order to move on.

#2. Have Some Me Time

When you are in a relationship, you find yourself dedicating a lot of free time to your partner and neglecting the things you would be doing if you were single. This may include not going to your dance class once a week or not watching your favorite show because your partner found it boring. So, make sure you go back to doing all the things you love. Take up a new hobby or binge-watch that show you have been meaning to watch.

#3. Reach Out to Friends

Anyone who has been through a breakup will know how hard they can be, so reach out to your friends and family, as they will be able to support you through this difficult time. You may have even neglected your other relationships while you were with your ex, so take this time to show your friends how much they mean to you.

#4. Have a Clear Out

It can be very difficult to get over a breakup if there are reminders of your ex all around you. So, have a clear out of your home and put away photos of your ex. You don’t have to throw them away, just put them in a box out of sight until later when you feel stronger and able to deal with them.

Throughout your relationship, you may have acquired gifts from your ex, such as jewelry. But keeping them will just be a constant reminder that the relationship that meant so much to you is now over. For example, if you wear a ring that was given to you by your ex-partner then you could get rid of the ring and use the money to buy yourself something nice.

#5. Delete His Number

It is natural for you to want to contact your ex as you are so used to speaking to them regularly, but continuing communication can just make you feel worse. Once the relationship is over, there is no use in continuing to speak to each other.

Instead, you will just be rubbing salt into the already painful wound. How can you possibly start to move on and get over your ex if you keep talking to them?

#6. Let Yourself Cry

Many people compare the breakup of a relationship to the death of a loved one, as you can experience an overwhelming feeling of loss. Just like you would allow yourself to cry if you were grieving for someone you love, you should also let yourself cry over the relationship you have lost.

You may have had dreams and plans for your relationship in the future, so let it all out and have a good cry. Then you can start to move forward and make plans for yourself.

#7. Do Some Exercise

When you are going through a breakup, you may feel like all you want to do is curl up into a ball and eat ice cream from under your duvet. But getting yourself moving can be a great way to make you feel better about yourself as well as improving your health. When we exercise, we release endorphins, which makes us feel happier.

So, whether you go for a speed walk around your local park or you join a dance class where you can meet new friends, exercise can be a great way to spend your free time.

#8. Don’t Rush into Another Relationship

When going through a break up you may start to feel lonely and start to miss the companionship and affection your ex-partner provided. However, it is important that you don’t rush into a relationship with someone else just to try and fill this gap in your life.

#9. Don’t Plot Revenge

If you feel wronged by your ex-partner, then it can be very tempting to try to get back at them. But don’t waste your new valuable free time trying to seek revenge against someone who is no longer a part of your life. Instead, spend your time focusing on the new most important person in your life- YOU!

#10. Stop Reminiscing About the Past

During your breakup, you can start to look back at your relationship with rose-tinted glasses. You may start to tell yourself that the relationship wasn’t that bad and maybe breaking up was the wrong thing to do.

But make sure that you remember all the reasons why this relationship is over, whether it was your choice to end things or not.


Breakups are tough and can be totally heartbreaking, but be kind to yourself and accept help from others and you will soon be over your past relationship and ready to look towards the future.


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