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Breaking Up with Someone You Love: 10 Signs He Wants to Break Up


With every relationship comes the risk of break up. Breaking up with someone you love can be devastating. Not every relationship is destined to last, as much as we would like it to… There is really no guide on “how to break up with someone love.” If this were the case, we would immediately know the warning signs. However, if you notice the following subtle hints you might be able to determine if your significant other is about to end things.

And how to break up with someone you live with considering all the history you have together? You can either beat him to the punch or try to resolve whatever issues might be putting a strain on the relationship. However, unless he is willing to work on things, or maybe even get couples therapy, chances are you are on the road to disaster. If you notice one or more of these signs, you should seriously evaluate your relationship. You don’t want to be stuck in an unhappy and unhealthy relationship.

10 Signs of Breaking Up with Someone You Love

He Stops Making Set Commitments or Plans With You

10 Signs of Breaking Up With Someone You Love

On the same token, if he is suddenly making less short term plans with you, this could be a warning sign. Say you always spend the holidays with his family, but this year he has made no mention of inviting you. Or suddenly anytime you try to make plans all you get in the way of a reply is “Maybe” or “we’ll see”, this could mean something is amiss. He obviously does not want to commit to anything that involves the two of you together.

He Suddenly Wants to Spend More Time Alone

10 Signs of Breaking Up With Someone You Love

You usually spend every Saturday together, but suddenly he needs more “me time.” While time alone or with friends is important in every relationship, you notice that he is starting to spend less and less time with you. This could mean that he is slowly trying to distance himself from you before the inevitable break up. This is a clear indication that he is no longer into the relationship and it is time to move on.

He Starts Giving Your Things Back and/or Asking for His Back in Return

10 Signs of Breaking Up With Someone You Love

You have his favorite hoodie and you wear it all the time because it smells like him, plus it’s comfy! However, he suddenly asks for it back. He is also starting to give you back things that you have given him. This is a huge warning sign that something is amiss.

His Friends and Family Are Starting to Act Differently Toward You

10 Signs of Breaking Up With Someone You Love

Guys talk to their friends about their relationship, just as much as girls do. If he is considering ending the relationship, chances are he has discussed it with his friends and/or family members. You might start to notice subtle changes in their attitude or the way they behave around you. They may hesitate to include you in plans or even discussions as they are already starting to distance themselves from you.

You Start to Notice Changes on His Social Media Accounts

10 Signs of Breaking Up With Someone You Love

For months, or even years, his Facebook profile picture has always been a photo of the two of you as a couple. Now he suddenly has a picture of him showing off his abs. Or he might be posting vague statuses on his profile. He might even have disabled, or even changed, his relationship status. Obviously, he is starting to put himself “out there” again.

He Stops Saying I Love You

10 Signs of Breaking Up With Someone You Love

You both used to say those three little words constantly, in every phone conversation, every text. Now the “I love you” have either drastically slowed down or completely stopped on his end. If he has fallen out of love and wants to end things, he will start to cut you off emotionally as well as physically.

There Are Significant Lulls in Communication

10 Signs of Breaking Up With Someone You Love

He used to text your first thing in the morning and last thing at night before falling asleep. You used to talk for hours on the phone. Or he’d send you cute little emails at work. Now suddenly communication is almost at a complete standstill. Worst of all, you barely even talk when you are together physically. Conversation feels forced or dry. He is slowly trying to distance himself from you by cutting off all forms of communication.

Your Sex Life Is Starting to Suffer

10 Signs of Breaking Up With Someone You Love

You suddenly go from having a very active and satisfying physical relationship to suddenly being celibate. He is starting to pull away physically as well. He may suddenly use the old adage of “I have a headache.” Or “Sorry, babe, I had a long day at work.” We all know how often men think about sex, so unless he has a serious illness, this may be a sign that your relationship is starting to deteriorate.

You Have a “Gut Feeling”

10 Signs of Breaking Up With Someone You Love

They don’t call it “woman’s intuition” for no reason. You are suddenly getting a bad vibe. Something feels “off.” If you are starting to feel anxious and worry that a breakup is inevitable it probably is. You should trust your gut instincts.

Again, it is your call as breaking up with someone you love is never easy, but if you notice any of these signs, take heed that it might be time to move on and find someone who loves you for the amazingly, beautiful woman you are rather than waste your time on someone who doesn’t appreciate the goddess you are!



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