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How to Be an Amazing Girl: 6 Steps (with Pictures)


We all want to be known as “that amazing girl,” right? The one that everyone admires and wants to be! You have it pretty much all together, but you aren’t quite sure how to be awesome, so awesome that you will turn heads everywhere you go with your unique style and amazing, sparkling personality.

Beautiful women whom everyone admires are not women who blend in with the crowd. These women stand out from the crowd. If you want to be that amazing girl that stands out from the crowd, you have to rise above the crowd. You have to go the extra mile to make sure that you get noticed. The following article will give you some hints on how to be awesome!

№1. Be Unique! And ALWAYS be Yourself!

Do you know how to be awesome? If you have a unique style than don’t be afraid to flaunt it. Also, no matter what you do, never put on phony airs. Always remain true to yourself and your beliefs and standards. Never change who you are to fit in! Embrace the qualities that make you a unique and wonderful woman!

№2. Always Keep Your Cool

If you want to be that amazing girl that everyone can’t stop talking about, you need to maintain a calm and cool composure in every situation. Don’t let things get to you. Remain aloof and positive at all times. If you hear that someone is speaking badly of you, do not flip out. Instead maintain a mature attitude and act as though it doesn’t faze you in the least. If you are having a bad day and everything is going wrong, don’t let anyone see that you are off your game. Smile and keep a cheery and pleasant demeanor. Don’t whine, bitch or complain. Keep your cool and let it roll off your back. If you remain positive and chipper, people will look up to you and admire you for your positive attitude and your ability to keep calm in every circumstance.

№3. Always Exude Confidence

Even if you are having a day where your self-esteem is at an all-time low, it is imperative that you remain confident at all times. Everyone admires a woman with a sense of self respect and confidence. This does not mean that you should be cocky or arrogant and constantly talk about yourself and boast about how great you are to everyone you meet. It means to simply know that you are an amazing girl who can do anything she puts her mind to, no matter how she really feels inside. If you act confident, you will feel confident. A little faith in yourself can move mountains.

№4. Always Look Your Best

While appearance isn’t everything, it is important. If you want people to notice that you are the “It Girl.” then you need to dress the part. Make sure that your hair and makeup are always on point. Dress in clothes that flatter your figure and show off your unique style and personality. Don’t be afraid to try new hairstyles and experiment with makeup. Buy those adorable shoes or that trendy handbag. Create your own style and others will follow. Accentuate your best features and flaunt those good looks. You will be sure to turn heads wherever you go.

You need to maintain your personal hygiene as well. Shower or bathe daily and always wear deodorant or perfume. Carry a toothbrush and toothpaste in your purse, or at least mouthwash and breath mints so your teeth are always sparkling white and your breath is always minty fresh.

And it can’t hurt to dress a little sexy at times, but don’t give too much away. Be respectable and leave a little mystery. Always keep them guessing and wanting more.

№5. Show Off Your Talents

If you have musical ability don’t be afraid to flaunt it. If you are a natural leader, then don’t hide your leadership skills, don’t overdo it and try to take control of everything, but don’t sit idly by during a situation. Show that you have an opinion and aren’t afraid to express it.

If you have a brain, then use it. Never dumb things down or hide your intelligence to try to fit in. Everyone admires a woman with a brain who can speak her mind with ease and confidence.

Whatever your talent whether it’s music, or the arts or sports… whatever may be, you should be proud of your ability and never be afraid to use it at the appropriate time. Of course if you can sing you don’t want to randomly burst into song during a business meeting, but if you are out with a group of friends at karaoke, do not hesitate to get up there and steal the stage! If you want to be the amazing girl that everyone loves, then don’t be ashamed of your natural talents, gifts or abilities. Let your light shine through!

№6. Be Gracious, but Don’t Allow Yourself to Be Used

You might have heard the old expression “Kill them with kindness.” Everyone likes a woman who is caring, loving, generous and kind. However, you need to be mindful not to let anyone take advantage of your kind heart and good nature. Always keep your guard up. It pays to be kind, but set boundaries, and stick to them. Never be a doormat.

Go the extra mile, be the girl that everyone turns to for advice or a kind, encouraging word. However, if you feel as though someone is taking advantage or invading your personal space. do not hesitate to tell them so. Your physical and mental health is important so while it’s important to be generous and giving, it’s also imperative that you take care of yourself as well. An amazing woman knows her limits!

There you have it, some helpful advice on how to be awesome! Just remember these tips and you will be the most amazing, awesome girl on earth and everyone will want to be you! What are you waiting for? Go out there and knock ‘em dead, girl!

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