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How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger With Makeup?


If Mother Nature didn`t give you big doll-like eyes, don’t despair. Using a standard set of decorative cosmetics and a special eye makeup technique, you’ll be able to compensate for this small “error” made by nature. So, we’ll tell about how to make the eyes look bigger with makeup.

Cosmetics for Making Your Eyes Appear Bigger with Makeup

To make small and deep-set eyes more open and impressive, you need the following tools and decorative products:

  • face tonic
  • primer
  • concealer
  • semi-transparent powder
  • wax for eyebrows
  • eye shadow
  • eye pencil or eyeliner
  • mascara
  • tweezers

Step-by-Step Makeup to Get Bigger Eyes

1. Before correcting the shape of the eyes with decorative cosmetics, treat the skin of the eyelids: degrease it with tonic and cover it with special primer. If you have such problem as bags under the eyes, give your preference to hydrating primers with a lifting effect.

2. To mask small wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes, cover the area below the lower eyelid with concealer. A yellow or peach correction pencil will hide purple bruises, a beige one – blue bruises, a pink one – green bruises and a green one – red bruises. If there’s no pigmentation under your eyes, use a neutral concealer but it must be half a tone lighter than a natural color of the skin and one or two tones lighter than a foundation cream. Apply concealer on the area from the outer edge of the eye to the inner edge. You should place the product with a brush and then stump it carefully with light tapping motions of the finger pads. If after using a masking pencil there’ll be unnatural shine under the eyes, cover the area with a layer of semi-transparent powder.

3. The eyebrows play a big role in eye makeup too. If your eyebrows are not groomed, treat them. Use tweezers and remove extra hairs that are situated outside the natural line of the hair growth. When you achieve an ideal shape of the eyebrows, cover them with eye shadow or colorful wax. The color of such products should be less than one tone darker than the natural shade. Remember that too deep-colored eyebrows can make the eyes smaller.

Tip: to make the eyes “more open”, choose that shape of the eyebrows that makes them higher.

4. Now it’s time to use a pencil or an eyeliner. To draw the contour of the eyes, use gray or brown cosmetic products. Black pencils or eyeliners are a prerogative of girls with big eyes. We’ll tell you about the technique of how to draw the eye contour.

  • thin eyes: draw the line is a way that it doesn’t come out the outer corners of the eyelids. The contour of the upper eyelid should be a bit higher than the eyelashes.
  • close- and deep-set eyes: the line on the upper eyelid should be come out the inner corner of the eye a little.
  • wide-set eyes: the contour must be accented on the inner corner of the eye.
  • outer corners of the eyes are a bit high: emphasize the inner corner of the upper eyelid and the outer corner of the lower eyelid with the contour.

After drawing the contour with a pencil or eyeliner, stump the line carefully.

Tip: if you like arrow makeup, draw arrows in retro style on the upper eyelids. This makeup elements can also make the eyes bigger.

5. Making the eyes visually bigger with eye shadow of the different intensity is a technique that is often used by makeup artists. If you decided to use eye shadow, select the basic color. Classic color combinations:

  • green eyes: beige, light yellow, yellow brown, light ochre, moss, copper, brick, purple, lilac, coral, orange, different shades of green.
  • blue eyes: ashy, dark blue, gray blue, pink, lilac, purple, ivory, different shades of gray.
  • gray eyes: all the shades except those of the same color of the iris and except deep pink.
  • brown eyes: olive, coffee, khaki, brown, light yellow, beige, dark green, emerald, brick, purple, ivory.

To make the eyes look bigger with makeup, use a special technique of applying eye shadow. The darkest one should cover the upper eyelid, to be exact, the crease, and the lightest one, on the contrary, should cover inner corners of the eye and the central part of the eyelid. It’s very important to stump shadows applied. Shimmering eye shadow with a pearl texture also solve the problem of small eyes.

6. To make the eyes bigger and more impressive, use mascara with a curling effect. When using mascara pay special attention to the tips. Too much mascara on the lower eyelashes will make the eyes thinner but no bigger. The best colors of mascara are black and brown.

Now when you know all nuances of eye makeup, you can make small eyes look bigger with makeup, putting the theory into practice.

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