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Work From Home For Women: The Top 5 Best Jobs


We pass to the overview of women work from home. Should women work or stay at home? Perhaps, for someone they will seem banal, but at the same time they have one indisputable benefit — all of them precisely work and are tested in practice by thousands of women.

№1 Production and sale of handmade things

Remember yourself in the childhood. For certain you made something, did “love story” at school, helped to arrange wall newspapers at institute or liked to grant the gifts made by your own hands.

All these skills can be turned into quite a good business.

Here only some business ideas for women from the “handmade” category:

  • embroidery and beadwork;
  • floristics, production of bouquets from candies and soft toys;
  • creation of collages, cards, posters;
  • bags, purses, caskets;

All these things will be bought willingly by your friends and girlfriends, and, above all that you won’t be spent for gifts, made with own hands to be appreciated above, and material cost for production of one handmade article usually doesn’t exceed 15 — 150 USD.

Having carried out simple calculation, it turns out if you spend on average 100 USD for one unit made with own hands, then it will be already possible to sell it at least for 300 USD, and even is more expensive. This thing will have the status exclusive, made in the single copy!

And more money which you can earn, being able to do something it is good, for example the same hand-made articles the hands.

Not smaller, and maybe you will be able to gain big income selling the knowledge.

№2 Creative studio for children

If you are a mother or planning to born a child in future, then why not to earn on the capabilities by nature concerning children.

Now many parents are so busy that at most can’t take the child to kindergarten or school in the morning and to take him back in the evening.

But such educational and educational institutions strangely enough are practically not engaged in development of creative potential of the child.

Creation of own creative studio will be the fine decision here.

You can organize it directly at home and train children in any applied art forms and creativity which you own.

For example, a molding from plasticine or clay, an embroidery, cookery or math for children.

Quite so one of heroines of our business magazine Anna Belan opened the creative studio.

It is possible to begin with the fact that you offer the services to friends, acquaintances or neighbors and if case well goes, then you will just be registered as the individual entrepreneur, and you will develop the activities more on a substantial scale.

№3 Rates of female “cunnings”

This business idea for women is logical continuation previous.

Rates of “female cunnings” is some kind of a club where you are an expert in any female subject. Such subjects can be a little, everything depends on your level of training and experience.

For example, there are many women who would sign up for culinary courses, rates of cutting and to be sewed or education of children.

There are even girls ready to sign up for courses of “the female pickup truck”.

If you in the course of the work secured the status of the good specialist, then in total with managerials ability and burning desire, will be able quite to organize the business, having created club of “female cunnings”.

Dear girls, the main thing is to decide for what to open the work from home. Following them, you learn how it is possible to earn money, without opening the case.

№4 Women’s clothing shop and underwear

You like to put on beautifully and you are a good judge of fashion? Open a women’s clothing and underwear shop will be possible the best decision for you.

By the way, if to glance a little in the future, it is possible to open the shop for women where the assortment won’t be limited only by clothes, for example, female accessories and cosmetics can be on sale here.

Yes, the shop requires investments of money, time and certain experience of maintaining a business activity.

If you want your business project to become successful, we advise to analyse already working shops of this sphere. Bypass a little from them, study their assortment, under the guise of the buyer learn what goods are in the greatest demand and why.

So your shop will have more chances of success.

Dear women working at home, categorically we don’t recommend to you to take the credit for opening your business, especially, if you don’t have an experience. Begin better with the project which doesn’t require investments, purchase necessary skills, and then undertake more difficult business projects.

Short steps for opening a female goods shop:

  • Demand analysis (we choose a niche and it determines what we will sell);
  • Matching of the room (we lease or we adapt the room for trade if that is available);
  • Purchase of goods of the equipment;
  • Official registration of firm;
  • Holding an advertizing campaign.

№5 Provision of service in the field of beauty and health

Now on social networks it is possible to meet a great number of groups and questionnaires of the women offering rendering services in the sphere of beauty and health.

If you have the expressed thirst for beauty, lead a healthy lifestyle, that is time to earn on provision of such services for women and to open the small women’s business.

As an alternative, there are plenty of makeup artist jobs you can find on Jooble.

Perhaps, you ended some special rates on beauty and health or this direction is just interesting to you.

Summing up the intermediate result

Irrespective of the fact which you will choose the direction for opening your own business, we want to give you simple, but checked technology for successful start of the project.

Technology of successful start in business for the woman:

  1. Be determined that you are able to do. Constitute the list from 30 points of what you like to do. You don’t hurry, spnet certain time for this purpose if it is required. Remain alone with yourself and take care that nobody distracted you.
  2. Compare your favourite affairs with what you are able to do well. Consider that your favourite case SHALL be demanded by the market!
  3. Find clients and earn the first money. It can be done, having notified the friends, acquaintances, relatives and neighbors, and also having posted online announcements.

Further, if you executed all these steps correctly, do these actions regularly — deliver them on a flow, and then involve assistants, expanding the team.

So you will be able to scale the business and to increase its profit in the future — it is quite real.

The list from 30 business ideas for work from home for women in different spheres

Dear readers, are published the most widespread business ideas for work out plans for women at home. I hope that they will help you to be determined quicker with the direction in which you plan to begin the business.

The business ideas in the sphere of beauty and health:

  • hairdressing salon;
  • yoga-club;
  • massage office;
  • spa-salon;
  • beauty shop;
  • image studio.

The business ideas in the sphere of cookery:

  • production of cakes on order;
  • shop of confectionery;
  • shop of healthy food.

The business ideas in the sphere of psychology and pedagogics:

  • private psychologist;
  • kindergarten at home;
  • creative studio for children;
  • training courses on female subjects;
  • teaching a foreign language on Skype;
  • the organization of private consultations for women;
  • organization of parties of acquaintances “speed dating”.

The business ideas for work from home in the sphere of tourism:

  • the private guide on local sights;
  • mini-hotel at home;
  • organization of excursions and campaigns (including foreign).

The business ideas for women work at home in the sphere of creativity and needlework:

  • shop of goods for creativity;
  • training in needlework (dressmaking, beadwork, design of gifts);
  • aero design — registration by balloons of shops, weddings, celebrations;
  • organization of own photographic studio.

The business ideas for women work from home in the sphere of fashion:

  • consultant for shopping;
  • shop of the known brand of a women’s clothing;
  • shop of a kidswear and goods.

Work from home for women in the sphere of Internet technologies:

  • website about culinary recipes;
  • Online store of creative gifts;
  • creation of computer designs (interiors, design for the website’s, design of polygraphy);
  • blogging on a female subject.

Good luck to you. Also you remember that if you try to work from home, you will have chances to be successful and if you don’t – it will not possible.

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