Smokey Eye Makeup: Tutorial and How to Do It


It is not possible to list everything the equipment of a makeup even the most ardent fans of this amazing art. But today we suggest to stop on Smokey eye makeup great.

We will tell, what is it, we will teach you to do surprising images for different color of eyes: brown, gray, green or blue. Let’s prompt as by means of this unique equipment it is possible to hide the age and we will open other secrets, we will support to smokey eye tutorial with a photo (we will provide step-by-step instructions) and video lessons (also the instruction step by step).

Makeup for Smokey Eyes Great – What is It?

The classical equipment of a makeup smoky eyes means brightly traced and accurately painted eyes with soft transition to softer shades which are (slightly shaded). In translation into Russian it means “smoky eyes” (from English), i.e. eyes are brightly expressed in color, but the image which visually recreates a languishing mysterious look is created. For every color of eyes it is possible to pick up the option of shades and flowers separately: for blue, green or brown (experts use a special palette).

Let’s note that it isn’t a season novelty as its history begins in far times of the USSR, but it doesn’t lose popularity and relevance and today. It with pleasure is used by various celebrities. From superstars we will mark out Bobbi Brown (while he is a man), Angelina Jolie and so forth.

Makeup for beginners: what to begin with?

At the heart of this makeup, with effect of a haze, the pencil equipment lies. But experts of a makeup can apply great shadows to Smokie. To beginners we recommend to select also a pencil (fat cosmetic approaches better). For example, Maybelline smokie of a great shadow as it is the main tools. Also brushes for shading of shadows, various diameters will be required: thin – for a portrayal of accurate sides, thick for the drawing in the center and average – for shading of shadows on the upper edges.

Step-by-step easy smokey eye tutorial

Many women of fashion are interested: how to do the perfect smokey eye makeup ice? We will slightly open a veil of mystery and we will in detail open Smokey’s secrets the technician’s eyes with step-by-step photos (the instruction step by step from a vizajist):

  1. The first what it is necessary to begin creation with is an eyeliner. It is carried out by a pencil or shadows. It is impossible to use a liquid eyeliner as it recreates accurate contours which aren’t acceptable here. The main principle — the arrow has to emphasize eye shape.
  2. Trace a contour from an internal corner to external and slightly raise him to temples, along with it the line has to become is a little thicker, than in an external contour. Along a lower eyelid the line is drawn thin.
  3. Slightly line contours on centuries (lower and top) .
  4. To impose more dark shade of shadows from an external corner a century and to accurately outline an eye hollow. Put them with a plentiful layer.
  5. Light shadows apply on folds of a century and direct the movements to eyebrows. Between flowers there has to be a smooth transition for this purpose contours of connections of flowers carefully rastushevyvayut.
  6. The final stage – ink. It should be applied with a plentiful layer on the upper and lower eyelid. It is better to use ink with the extender. Don’t forget to emphasize lips (hulks and lipsticks from Max Factor, L’Oréal, Yves Roche, Dior, Mary Kay, Oriflame, Avon, Faberlique, Chanel, Bourgeois and so forth).

How it is correct to make Smokey’s makeup ice?

It is important to decide on the choice of color. He depends on an ultimate goal: all shades of gray perfectly are suitable for a daily makeup and at light eyes (green or blue, for example). It is possible to use an arrow on an upper eyelid, but it is possible to do also without it. For dark eyes (brown smokey eye) it is better to pick up beige, black or darkly brown shades. Bright colors perfectly will be suitable for a festive makeup, it is possible with spangles. Important – in this equipment several shades at the same time – from more dark till soft color (at least there have to be two shades) and, the main thing, relatives on color are used.

Dark smokey eye for brown eyes

Let’s begin digression in secret with the answer to a question: how to make Smokey eyes for brown eyes (for brunettes or brown-haired women). To create a harmonious image it is necessary to pay attention not only to color of eyes, but also to skin color. We suggest to see natural looking Smokey eyes for brown eyes step-by-step photo.

  • will be suitable for owners of light skin violet, blue (or brightly blue) or cornflower-blue shades;
  • for suntanned or swarthy girls and women – brown (it is possible with an olive shade) or claret tone.

Smokey eyes for green and blue eyes

For happy owners of light eyes (green, blue or gray) also not to superfluous will pay attention to recommendations about skin color:

  • bright colors are suitable for skin light: violet, turquoise, blue or green;
  • for golden (perhaps suntanned or just swarthy) select more gentle tone: sand, brown, chocolate or bronze shades.

On the offered photos step by step show how to make silver smokey eye for blue eyes. We pay attention — for big (large forms) an eye isn’t applied an arrow, in for Asian, it is on the contrary obligatory.

Blue Smokey eyes for gray eyes for every day

Or gray-green eyes in an evening makeup perfectly will be suitable for the representatives of a fine half having blue or gray-blue all gray shades, including silvery and nacreous. At a day makeup perfectly look blue, bronze or beige tone. In Smokey eyes it is possible to apply purple smokey eye, beige or golden tsveta.

Beautiful Smokey eyes for the hung century

This equipment helps to change an image and to hide minor defects, for example, the hung eyelid or deeply put eyes.

The detailed instruction on steps and technology of drawing doesn’t differ from standard option. But has a number of the nuances concerning concealment of a problem:

  • before drawing shadows use a basis which won’t allow them “to be dissolved” in a fold of a century;
  • avoid accurate contours, including pronounced arrows, do makeup softer;
  • focus attention of people around not during a century, and on accurate eyebrows (it is possible to make a permanent makeup), long eyelashes and a hairstyle (hairdressing).

In more detail about ways of the hiding makeup it is possible to see online on YouTube a video tutorial from Elena Krygina (the scheme and the picture of performance as it is correct to make up or draw graceful cat’s eyes and/or to level a face form). Thanks to her councils each representative of a fine half can learn to hide (to reduce or absolutely to nullify) the shortcomings and to concentrate attention on beauty, for example, visually to increase eyes, such feature will allow to distract from the bothered problem. Responses of users speak for themselves.

Kinds of a makeup of Smokey great

During a time of emergence of this equipment use in it black or darkly brown colors was considered obligatory. Today this makeup changed: in it various colors and shades which use depending on color of eyes, skin and a specific situation including clothes and other accessories are implemented.

Smokey makeup for everyday

Rules of a day makeup order use of light, unostentatious tones. Use of gray, brown, beige, brown or classical black colors is admissible. The color smokey eye shadow (for example, black smokey eye) perfectly suits blondes. For red it is possible to apply brighter color shade: bronze, blue and so forth.

Perfectly eyes on a wedding is suitable for the bride, on final in a garden (for little girls). And other festive actions as her main advantage — universality of the technician simple smokey eye makeup. The main thing to pick up option and a color palette which will approach under the chosen dress and at the same time will emphasize your advantages, will hide a shortcoming, will create effect of mystery and will make a gentle female image languid and expressive. This equipment helps to create an irresistible image for work in photographic studios for models, to create original wedding photos. For example, on the line boat or just outdoors, etc.

How to do smokey eyes step by step video

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Smokey Eye Makeup: Tutorial and How to Do It
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