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How to Remove Gel Nails at Home?


Every girl knows how to apply gel on the nails. A lot of articles are written about it, so the procedure isn’t so difficult for anyone. But not the all of them knows how to remove gel nails polish? becouse it is more difficult. The procedure of removing gel nails takes very long time. So, before starting ensure that you have, at least, one free hour. In addition, it should be noted that the gel nail polish removal from really damages the nail plates. , Moreover, aggressive chemicals influence also the skin of the fingers and the hands. Many girls still do not know how to do it, so in this article we will know how the gel polish can be removed.

General Information About Removing Gel Nail Polish

Therefore, before applying the coating it is important to think over all “pros” and “cons”, to evaluate harm caused by this procedure and to compare it with.

In particular, women with deformed and chipping nails are not recommended to use gel polish. While you have the nails polished, oxygen doesn’t enter your own plates. Moreover, the nails will no longer produce their own protective layer. Later, when it’s time to remove the polish, you’ll expose them to extremely aggressive composition of the remove gel nails. Even for healthy nails such a procedure will be very stressful, as the weakened plates can break down, stop their growth and deform.

How to Remove Gel Acrylic Nails

But even if you have strong and healthy nails, after remove gel nail polish you should take a break and it’s better not to apply polish again. It should be the same time as the period you have the nails polished, or even less. During this period the plates require intensive care. Then this period will be enough for recovery and preparation for the next application.

Additionally, it is worth noting that the gel keeps on the nails for a different period. Some women think about how to wash off the gel polish in three or four weeks, and only because the nails and the cuticle have considerably grown. Others notice that the coating begins to swell with blisters and peel off in one or two weeks. This depends on the initial condition of the nails, the quality of the gel and the technique of application it.

How Do You Remove Gel Nail Polish at Home

This method of removing the gel polish is more traumatic than the one that uses the professional products. However, as a single application it will not cause much damage, but if you apply the gel on the nails regularly, so it is impossible and you can remove gel nail polish at home in this manner.

To clean the nails you need the following materials:

  1. A liquid containing nail polish remover;
  2. Cotton pads;
  3. Foil or cling film.

So, how to remove the gel nail polish at home in a way shown in the video? Lubricate the area around the nail with nutritious fat cream. This will help protect your skin from a harmful effect. Saturate cotton 10 pads with gel nail polish remover, so that they should be completely wet. Now wrap the tips of the fingers with pads.

Your next purpose is to restrict air flow to the nails. To do this, wrap the fingers in cotton pads with foil or cling film. Foil is easier to use as it keeps on the hands better, but cling film is better for preventing an access of oxygen to the nails. The time needed for the fingers wrapping in film may vary in according to the thickness of the gel layer, its manufacturer, nail condition and condition of the coating.

What to Use to Remove Gel Nails

This period may range from 10 minutes to an hour. Ten minutes later, remove the wrap from one finger and try to scrape off the coating from one finger. If you noticed that for some reason the gel polish is not easy to remove, return the compress in its place again and wait for 10 minutes. Your purpose is to minimize the time of this product applying on the nails.

As soon as the polish is being easily removed with an orange stick, start removing compresses from other nine fingers. The coating should be easily removed without separating in large and elastic layers. Scraping the nail and making an effort to remove the gel is not necessary, as this causes much damage for the nails.

After remove gel polish from acrylic nails, grease your hands with nourishing cream and apply emollient oil on the cuticles. Next week your plates will require very careful maintenance. Rub them with oil solution of vitamins A and E and do medical baths. This period is for abandoning the use of nail coatings.

Best Way to Remove Gel Nail Polish With Professional Cosmetics

If you want to learn how to remove gel nails without acetone, in this article you can see the method that is used in salons by stylists. It takes less time and is less traumatic for the nails. However, the cost of cosmetics for such withdrawal will be higher, but the convenience of the procedure will also increase. So to Remove gel nails you will need:

  1. Special remover gel;
  2. Sponges, e.g. covers which are placed on the fingers in a fixed manner;
  3. Nail polish remover with acetone in the composition;
  4. Orange sticks for scraping the coating.

Now the easy way to remove gel nails. Soak sponges with removing gel. Sponge pockets are applied typically on one side, and there is no sense in making them wet completely. Put covers on the fingers and fix them. Wait for 10 minutes.

How to Remove Gel Nails With Acetone

Sometimes this is enough, and the coating starts to peel off gently. In this case, you don’t need to think how to wash gel nail polish. However, if this does not occur, a little of nail polish remover with acetone should be poured in a container and applied on the fingertips. Wait for 5-10 minutes. Then check again to see whether the coating starts peeling, if not, add another 5 minutes to the time of exposure, but usually this is enough.

Remove gel nails using an orange stick in the same way as in the first method. Clean and lubricate the nails with the hand cream and the cuticle – with special emollient oil. Although this removal procedure is considered to be less traumatic, it does harm to the plates, so after the procedure they require careful care. You can lubricate the nails with iodine, lemon juice and use a bath with sea salt.

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