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Blue Dresses: Top 150+ Ideas How to Wear a Light Blue Dress


Welcome to our fashion guide dedicated to blue dresses for women! This article will provide a wealth of ideas and inspiration on wearing a light blue dress. Whether you’re attending a formal event, going out for a casual outing, or simply looking for new ways to style your favorite blue dress, we’ve got you covered.

Modern trendsetters have provided an opportunity for modern women not to limit themselves and to use a rich palette of colors and shades wearing their blue dresses. The blue color, or the sky blue color as it is often called now, looks the most advantageous in any composition. It gives the image freshness and elegance and expresses the romantic nature and freedom of expression. 

This guide will showcase over 150 ideas to help you create stunning outfits with your light blue dress. From trendy accessories and footwear options to complementary color combinations and versatile layering techniques, we will explore various ways to enhance your overall look.

What Colour Goes with Sky Blue Dress

Black and Blue Dresses

Black is a versatile and classic color that pairs beautifully with sky-blue dresses. The contrasting combination of black and blue creates a chic and sophisticated look. You can opt for a black blazer or cardigan to layer over your dress or accessorize with black heels, a black belt, or a black handbag. The black color adds depth and elegance to the overall outfit, making it suitable for formal and casual occasions.

White and Blue Dresses

White is a timeless and fresh color that complements sky-blue dresses perfectly. This combination exudes a light and airy feel, evoking a sense of summery vibes. You can pair your blue dress with a white denim jacket or a white cardigan or opt for white accessories such as white sandals, a white belt, or a white statement necklace. The white color accentuates the softness of the blue dress, creating a harmonious and clean look.

Gold and Blue Dresses

Blue and gold make for a stunning and luxurious color combination. Gold adds a touch of glamour and richness to a sky-blue dress. You can incorporate gold accessories such as gold statement earrings, belts, or heels to elevate your ensemble. Additionally, consider a gold clutch or handbag for a touch of luxury. The combination of gold and blue creates a striking contrast that will make a stylish statement.

Pink and Blue Dresses

Pink and blue form a delightful and feminine color combination. The softness of pink complements the lightness of a sky-blue dress, resulting in a charming and romantic look. You can pair your blue dress with a pink cardigan or heels or opt for pink accessories like a pink scarf, handbag, or statement jewelry. The pink color adds warmth and playfulness to the outfit, making it suitable for various occasions.

Blue and Yellow Dresses

Blue and yellow create a vibrant and eye-catching color combination. The pairing of a sky-blue dress with yellow accents adds a pop of cheerful energy to your outfit.

You can opt for a yellow cardigan or yellow sandals or incorporate yellow accessories such as a yellow belt or a yellow clutch. The combination of blue and yellow is perfect for summer and spring looks, exuding a joyful and fresh vibe.

Different Shades of Blue Dresses

Light Blue Color Dresses

Light blue dresses are characterized by their soft and delicate hue. This shade of blue often resembles the color of the sky on a sunny day. Light blue dresses exude a fresh and ethereal vibe, making them perfect for spring and summer occasions.

The lightness of the color lends itself well to various styles, from flowy sundresses to tailored cocktail dresses. Light blue dresses can be paired with neutral colors like white or beige for a clean and breezy look or with contrasting colors like navy or black for a more striking ensemble.

Baby Blue Dresses for Women

Baby blue dresses are reminiscent of the pale blue shade of newborn baby clothes. This pastel shade of blue is soft, gentle, and sweet. Baby blue dresses evoke a sense of innocence and femininity, making them popular for formal events like weddings or proms.

This shade’s light and delicate nature pairs well with other pastel colors like blush pink, lavender, or mint green. Accessorizing with silver or pearl jewelry can enhance a baby blue dress’s overall dainty and elegant aesthetic.

Aqua Blue Color Dresses

Aqua blue dresses feature a vibrant and refreshing shade of blue with a slight green undertone. This color often resembles the color of tropical ocean waters. Aqua blue dresses are perfect for beach weddings, summer parties, or vacation outfits.

The bright and lively nature of this shade allows for playful styling. Pairing an aqua blue dress with white accessories creates a crisp and summery look while combining it with gold or coral accents adds a touch of warmth and sophistication.

Powder Blue Color Dresses

Powder blue dresses are characterized by their soft and muted blue hue, reminiscent of the color of powdered pigments. This shade of blue is subtle, elegant, and versatile. Powder blue dresses can be dressed up or down, making them suitable for formal and casual occasions.

This delicate color pairs beautifully with neutral tones such as white, beige, or gray. Adding silver or pearl accessories can enhance a powder blue dress’s graceful and refined aesthetic.

Pastel Blue Dresses

Pastel blue dresses encompass a range of light and muted blue shades, including light blue, baby blue, and powder blue. These dresses are known for their softness and dreamy quality. They are often associated with romance and femininity.

Pastel blue dresses can be styled with complementary pastel colors for a cohesive and harmonious look. Alternatively, they can be paired with bolder colors like peach, lavender, or coral to create an eye-catching contrast.

Dark Blue Dresses

Dark blue dresses feature deep and rich shades of blue, often resembling the color of the night sky. This sophisticated and versatile color is suitable for both formal and semi-formal occasions. Dark blue dresses can be styled with metallic accents like gold or silver for an elegant touch.

Pairing them with white or cream accessories creates a classic and timeless ensemble. Dark blue dresses can also be combined with bold colors like red or emerald green for a striking and dramatic look.

Royal Blue Dresses

Royal blue dresses showcase a vibrant and regal shade of blue. This bold and eye-catching color is associated with elegance and confidence. Royal blue dresses make a statement independently and can be paired with neutral accessories like nude or black for a sophisticated look.

For a bolder approach, combining royal blue with gold accents adds a touch of luxury and glamour.

Pale Blue Dresses

Pale blue dresses feature a very light and subdued shade of blue. This delicate and serene color creates a soft and calming aesthetic. Pale blue dresses are often associated with ethereal and romantic styles.

Pairing a pale blue dress with white or ivory accessories enhances the overall lightness and elegance of the outfit. Adding subtle touches of silver or pastel pink can also complement the gentle nature of pale blue.

Cobalt Blue Dresses

Cobalt blue dresses showcase a bold and vibrant blue shade with a slight purple touch. This intense and eye-catching color exudes confidence and sophistication. Cobalt blue dresses can be styled with metallic accessories like silver or gold for a luxurious look. Pairing them with black or white accents creates a striking contrast that adds a modern and edgy element to the outfit.

How to Accessorize and What to Wear with a Blue Dress

What Jewelry to Wear with Blue Dress

When it comes to accessorizing a blue dress, the choice of jewelry can greatly enhance your overall look. Here are a few options to consider:

  • Silver Jewelry – Silver accessories, such as delicate silver earrings, a dainty necklace, or a stack of silver bracelets, can complement a blue dress beautifully. The cool tones of silver provide a chic and sophisticated touch without overpowering the dress.
  • Gold Jewelry – Gold jewelry can be an excellent choice if you prefer warmer tones. Pairing a blue dress with gold accessories, such as gold hoops, a statement necklace, or a gold bangle, adds a touch of elegance and richness to the ensemble.
  • Pearls – Classic and timeless, pearls can add a touch of sophistication to a blue dress. Whether you opt for a single pearl necklace, pearl earrings, or a pearl bracelet, these lustrous gems complement a blue dress’s feminine and elegant nature.
  • Gemstones – Consider adding a pop of color with gemstone jewelry. Depending on the shade of blue in your dress, you can choose complementary gemstones such as aquamarine, sapphire, or turquoise. For example, a blue dress with sapphire earrings or an aquamarine pendant can create a stunning and coordinated look.

Remember, the choice of jewelry ultimately depends on your style and the occasion. Consider the neckline and style of the dress when selecting jewelry pieces to ensure a harmonious and balanced overall look.

What Color Shoes to Wear with a Blue Dress

Choosing the right color of shoes with a blue dress can elevate your outfit and create a cohesive look. Here are some options to consider:

  • Nude or Beige Shoes – Nude or beige shoes are a versatile choice that can complement any shade of blue. They create an elongating effect, making your legs appear longer. This option is perfect when you want the focus to remain on the dress itself.
  • Metallic Shoes – Silver or gold metallic shoes can add a touch of glamour and sophistication to a blue dress. They provide a subtle pop and can be a great choice for evening events or special occasions.
  • Black Shoes – Black shoes create a classic and elegant look paired with a blue dress. They add contrast and work well for both formal and casual occasions. Opt for black pumps, sandals, or ankle boots, depending on the style and formality of the dress.
  • White Shoes – White shoes can create a fresh and summery look when paired with a blue dress, especially for light or pastel shades of blue. White sandals, pumps, or sneakers can add a playful and vibrant touch to your ensemble.
  • Metallic Accent Shoes – Consider shoes with metallic accents like silver or gold. These can add a subtle shimmer and a touch of visual interest to your outfit while still harmonizing with the blue dress.

Aqua Blue Dresses for Different Situations

Blue Dresses to Wear to a Wedding

Blue dresses can be a fabulous choice for various reasons when attending a wedding. A navy-blue gown with elegant detailing, such as lace or sequins, can create a sophisticated and glamorous look for a formal evening wedding.

A light blue or pastel blue dress in a flowy or A-line silhouette exudes a romantic and ethereal vibe for a daytime or outdoor wedding. Pair your blue dress with complementary accessories and shoes to complete your wedding guest ensemble, and ensure you adhere to any specific dress codes mentioned on the invitation.

As for wedding dresses, according to the traditions, white colors and the long length have always been popular. But trends have changed the usual image of the bride, and now the blue bridesmaid dresses can be of any color and length: long floor-length or short, white, red, or even black. However, the blue wedding dress is something new. 

Girls can wear it with elegant accessories and harmonically selected shoes. Photos show the happy faces of brides and their wedding fashionable dresses of the color of the sky. For the wedding, a little girl can put on a child pompous dress, and if wears it, she will look like a doll or a princess from fairy tales.

Blue Mother of the Bride Dresses

As the bride’s mother, choosing a blue dress for your daughter’s wedding can be tasteful and elegant. Consider the wedding theme and venue when selecting your dress. Navy blue or royal blue dresses in a classic and flattering silhouette, such as an A-line or sheath style, are popular.

Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Blue is a versatile and popular choice for bridesmaid dresses as it complements a range of wedding themes and color palettes. From light blue to navy blue, there are various shades.

Blue Cocktail Dresses

Blue cocktail dresses are perfect for semi-formal or formal events that call for a stylish and sophisticated look. Opt for a knee-length or above-the-knee blue dress that suits your skin tone and style.

Consider a navy blue dress with lace accents or a vibrant royal blue dress with a flattering silhouette. Pair your cocktail dress with elegant heels, statement jewelry, and a clutch to complete your chic ensemble. Whether attending a cocktail party, a fancy dinner, or a social gathering, a blue cocktail dress is a versatile choice that ensures you stand out with poise and confidence.

Casual Blue Dresses

For a laid-back and comfortable look, casual blue dresses are a go-to option. Choose a breezy and relaxed style, such as a sundress or a maxi dress in a light or medium shade of blue. Casual blue dresses can be worn for various occasions, including brunches, shopping trips, picnics, or casual outings with friends.

Pair your dress with sandals, sneakers, or flats, and accessorize with a straw hat or a denim jacket for a stylish and effortless look. Embrace the relaxed vibe of a casual blue dress and enjoy its versatility and comfort.

Blue Party Dresses

Blue party dresses offer various options for different party settings and themes. Whether it’s a birthday celebration, a holiday party, or a night out with friends, blue party dresses can make a statement.

Choose a blue dress with unique details like sequins, metallic accents, or a trendy cut. Consider the event’s formality and select a dress length and silhouette accordingly. Pair your party dress with stylish heels or ankle boots, and accessorize with bold jewelry and a clutch to complete your party-ready look.

Blue Party Dresses

Blue Dresses for Graduation Party

Graduation parties call for a celebratory and stylish look; blue dresses can be a great choice. Opt for a blue dress that reflects your style and complements your skin tone. A knee-length or midi dress in a vibrant shade of blue, such as cobalt or royal blue, can make a statement.

Pair it with neutral or metallic accessories and comfortable heels or flats. Celebrate your achievements in style with a blue dress that showcases your individuality and marks this important milestone.

As for the blue cocktail dresses, shoes and handbags of the same color will match the dress. White accessories will add romance and fabulousness, for example, it can be a boa or a white light jacket, and in this case, you should choose white shoes.

A bulky handbag will be discordant with the whole image so it will be more logical to choose a small clutch. This dress can also be used as the wedding one but the appropriate make-up is only required. Photos illustrate the elegance of evening dresses.

Blue Dresses for Graduation Party

Blue Homecoming Dresses

Homecoming is a special occasion that calls for a memorable and stylish dress. Blue homecoming dresses offer a range of options to suit different preferences and styles. Consider a short or knee-length blue dress with unique details like sequins, beadwork, or lace. Shades like navy blue, royal blue, or sapphire are popular choices.

Pair your dress with heels or strappy sandals and accessorize with statement jewelry and a clutch to complete your glamorous homecoming look. Make a fashionable entrance and enjoy the festivities in a stunning blue homecoming dress.

Blue Formal Dresses

Blue formal dresses can create a captivating and elegant look for formal events such as galas, black-tie weddings, or award ceremonies. Opt for floor-length gowns or tailored dresses in deep blue hues like navy, midnight blue, or cobalt. Consider dresses with intricate details like beading, embroidery, or a tasteful slit.

Pair your formal blue dress with classic heels, statement jewelry, and an evening clutch. Embrace the formal dress code and exude confidence and sophistication in a blue gown showcasing impeccable style.

How to Apply Simple Makeup for Blue Dress

When applying simple makeup to a blue dress, a natural and fresh look can complement the dress beautifully. Start with a clean and moisturized face. Opt for a light foundation or tinted moisturizer to improve your skin tone. Add a touch of blush in a soft pink or peach shade to add a natural flush to your cheeks.

For the sky blue color (no matter if the dress is short or floor-length) a girl can select any makeup technique. But she must be careful with a choice of shades. Blue is the color of coolness and freshness. And if you overdo this shade in makeup, your face will look painful.

If you decide to use this shade in your makeup, don’t apply it on the entire eyelid, as it’ll be enough just to emphasize the upper eyelid and add the beige shade. To get the most harmonious image, it is important to follow three main makeup rules:

  • this shade matches eye-shadow of golden, silver, or beige (sand) colors; the manicure must be in the same color;
  • rouge should be maximally natural;
  • don’t use lipstick of brown or purple shades, but the orange color will perfectly suit the whole image.

By following these simple makeup recommendations you will always win the hearts of people around you and look as admirable as ladies on the presented photos.

What Color Lipstick to Wear with Sky Blue Dress

The goal of wearing a sky blue dress is to complement the soft and delicate hue. Opt for lip colors that enhance natural beauty and create a harmonious look. Light pink or peachy nude shades can provide a subtle and feminine touch. If you prefer a bolder look, coral or peachy orange lipstick can add a pop of color while still coordinating with the light blue dress.

What Eyeshadow Goes with Blue Dress

When pairing eyeshadow with a blue dress, consider complementary colors that enhance your eye color and create a harmonious look. For blue eyes, earthy tones like bronze, copper, or warm brown can make your eyes pop.

If you have brown eyes, you can experiment with various colors, including shimmery gold, bronze, or purple tones. Green or hazel eyes can be enhanced with shades of taupe, plum, or warm neutrals.

What Nail Colors Go with Blue Dress

If you prefer contrast, consider a bold red or coral nail color to create a vibrant and eye-catching combination. Nude or neutral nail colors also work well, providing a subtle and elegant backdrop that allows the blue dress to stand out. Ultimately, choose a nail color that matches your style and complements the overall look you wish to achieve.

Plus Size Blue Dresses

Plus-size blue dresses offer a range of stylish options for various occasions. Opt for flattering silhouettes that accentuate your curves and make you feel confident. A-line or empire waist dresses can be a great choice as they provide a flattering fit. Consider bold shades like royal blue, cobalt, navy, or softer hues like baby blue or pastel blue.

Blue Maxi Dresses

Blue maxi dresses offer a versatile and effortless style for various occasions. Maxi dresses in shades of blue, such as navy, royal blue, or turquoise, can create a stunning and chic look. Opt for flowy fabrics and relaxed silhouettes for a bohemian vibe, or choose a fitted and structured style for a more polished appearance.

Short Blue Dresses

Short blue dresses offer a fun and flirty style for various occasions. Whether it’s a casual outing, a cocktail party, or a summer event, a short blue dress can make a fashionable statement. Choose a shade of blue that suits your skin tone and personal style, such as baby blue, sky blue, or cobalt.

Blue Long Sleeve Dresses

Blue long sleeve dresses offer a stylish and versatile option for various seasons and occasions. Opt for long sleeve dresses in shades of blue like navy, teal, or indigo for a sophisticated look. Choose a silhouette that flatters your body shape, such as a wrap dress, a shift dress, or a fitted sheath style.

Blue Summer Dresses

Blue summer dresses are perfect for embracing the breezy and vibrant spirit of the season. Opt for light and airy fabrics like cotton, linen, or chiffon in shades of blue such as pastel blue, aqua, or turquoise.

The summer blue dress is a great choice for the hot season for girls/women. By the way, the blue color expresses the harmony with the world. Perhaps, exactly these features and feelings that are associated with this color are the secret of its popularity. As for the style, there is a wide choice: a pencil dress, a blue velvet dress with open shoulders, a Tiffany blue dress, a cobalt blue dress, or a slim-waisted dress.

With what to wear the summer short or floor-length dress of this color? The aqua blue dress of the color of the sky can perfectly match any precious or semi-precious gems. Such as pearls, amethyst, aventurine, blue agate, etc. Do not forget to select shoes matching the chosen accessories, and, of course, bags. 

Some parts can be made with your own hands, for example, knitted or crocheted lace accessories for a romantic image. In any case, the summer makeup should be discreet and modest. Photos show how gentle and fabulous girls and women in these summer dresses look.

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In conclusion, blue dresses offer various options for every occasion and personal style. From light blue to dark blue, there are shades to suit everyone’s preferences. Whether you’re looking for a formal gown, a casual sundress, or a trendy party outfit, blue dresses can be effortlessly styled to create stunning looks.

To explore more ideas and inspiration, I encourage you to check out our other articles on blue dresses and visit our Pinterest account, where you’ll find a wealth of fashion inspiration and outfit ideas.


How Do You Compliment a Blue Dress?

Compliment a blue dress by choosing accessories or makeup in complementary colors like silver, white, or gold.

What Do You Wear Under a Navy Blue Dress?

Wear nude or seamless undergarments under a navy blue dress to avoid visible lines.

What Colors Match Light Blue Clothes?

Colors that match well with light blue clothes include white, beige, pink, or pastel shades.

What Matches Blue Clothes?

Blue clothes can be paired with neutral colors like white, black, or gray and complementary shades like yellow or orange.

What Is the Best Color to Wear with Blue?

The best color to wear with blue depends on the shade of blue. White or pastel colors work well for lighter blues, while darker blues can be paired with neutrals like black or navy or even bolder colors like red or yellow.


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