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How to Make 3D Nail Art: 3D Nail Designs with Best Tutorial


Nowadays, 3D nail art is trendy again. If you are bored with nail designs with simple patterns, 3D manicure can suit. Exactly this type of manicure is an effective and volume accessory that can be created by any girl. Now every woman tries to show and distinguish themselves, so 3D manicure is quite an extraordinary decorative element.

How to Do 3D Acrylic Nail Art for Short Nails?

Your fantastic 3D acrylic nail art can be performed from very different materials. These are sequins, stickers, feathers, etc. Beads and strasses are often used for such designs. This manicure is called “caviar”. To create 3D acrylic nail designs, you don’t need to visit the beauty salon, as you can do this at home.

purple 3d nail designs

It is not so difficult, as you expect: buy special fine beads in salons or on websites, powder only the nail covered with polish with them and press them slightly to the nail (also, don’t forget to remove extra beads with a brush).

Volume flowers are also can be an integral part of 3D gel nail art. It is often called “wedding” manicure. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to do it yourself, as such flowers can be created only by a professional nail artist. The artist can make any flowers you want.

black 3d nail art

Cute 3D nail designs with fruits is also beautiful art. As for materials, they are polymer fruits, for instance, oranges, watermelons and others. This is a bright and youth design and looks amazing in summer.

3d nails pictures

There is another nail design, which is called “kid: design. It doesn’t mean that kids have such manicure done. It is called like this just because it implies the use of pictures of cartoon and fairytale characters and sweets. Such design suits younger girls who still daydream, as it looks really sweet and cute.

Images of 3D Nails: Ideas in Our Gallery

Of course, it is better to have 3d gel nail designs done only for one day, as they can hardly be kept for more than a day. However, you will draw attention for the whole evening! But don’t overdo with it! Sometimes women and girls’ imagination and desires are beyond the boundaries, and 3D acrylic nails looks frightening and terrible but not beautiful.

cute 3d nails

Such unusual nails with 3d design can be done only for festive events and only for one day. Its “service life” is quite short. It can be ruined due to any clumsy movement.

how to make 3d nail art

But if you are a beginner in creating your own designs, start with stickers and transfer printing for the nails. Simple 3D nail designs is looks beautiful. It is easy to create such design: cover the nail with a base coating, stick a sticker to the nail and cover it with a transparent coating. But if you have some special skills and experience, try an aquarium design. Finally, the last and the simplest option: use polishes with metal pieces and a special magnet. Cover the nail with this polish and place the magnet opposite to the nail plate for ten seconds without waiting for the polish drying. Your design is ready!

3d toe nail designs

You have so many options, so you can boldly create interesting 3D designs!

How to Do 3D Nail Art at Home?

To make 3D nail designs with beads you need the following things:

  • transparent base polish
  • nail polishes of different colors
  • tiny decorative beads. Sets of such decorative elements are sold in specialized beauty stores.

The technique:

To make beautiful 3D nail design with beads, you need to follow this instruction.

  1. Cut, file, polish your nails and remove cuticles. This stage of 3D art on nails doesn’t differ any other design.
  2. Cover the nails with transparent polish and let them dry completely.
  3. If the base is dry, cover the nails with decorative polish of colors you’ve chosen.
  4. Don’t let the decorative coating dry completely and powder it with colorful tiny beads.
  5. Press the beads into the coating slightly with fingers or a cloth.
  6. Fix the layer with a top layer after 10-20 minutes.

pink 3d nail designs

As shown above, it is easy to create pretty 3D design. The trick is to follow the steps.

3D Nail Designs: Best Ideas for Decorations

Any easy 3D nail art is performed according to the instruction presented above. But it doesn’t mean that the result will be the same. Beads let create different patterns and pictures on the nails bringing even the most incredible ideas into reality. You should understand that if you are a beginner, it will be difficult for you to create a complex design. As your skills are developing, you can try to create more interesting compositions using beads of different colors.

how to apply 3d nail art

  • First, beads of the same color are enough. The simplest option is to cover the whole nail or even several nails with them. Then you can try to create a rainbow on the nails covering different nails with beads of different colors.
  • Try to cover only the edges of the nails with beads imitating the technique of the French manicure.
  • The next effective and quite simple option is to decorate the nails with beads of several colors mixing them in a separate container in advance.
  • Learning these techniques, you can succeed in drawing patterns. This stage allows to release any ideas. Draw stars, hearts, stripes, peas, trees, crosses, bows – anything you want!

3D Nail Designs with Bows

3d acrylic nail bows acrylic nails with 3d bows how to make 3d nail art bows nail art with 3d bows nail designs with 3d bows nails with 3d bows 3d bow nail designs 3d bow nail art

3D Flower Nail Art

how to make 3d flowers on nails 3d gold nail art how to make 3d nail art flowers 3d acrylic flowers nail art nails with 3d flowers 3d flower nail designs 3d flowers on nails 3d flower nails blue 3d nails

3D Rose Nail Art

3d roses nail art red 3d nail art 3d nail art rhinestones

3D Christmas Nail Designs

3d christmas nails 3d christmas nail art

3D Wedding Nail Art

The volume manicure with beads can be used as a separate technique and combined with other nail techniques.

This interesting bead design is suitable for festive events and romantic dates!

3D Nail Art: Video Tutorial

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