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Makeup for Red Dress: Best Ideas for Eye Makeup with Red Gown


Successful makeup for red dress for a blonde, a fair woman and a brunette are very different. Evening makeup and casual makeup are different too! Pictures in this article show the peculiarities of the application of lipstick and eyeshadow. Therefore, it is important to be aware of some important nuances and secrets to create advantages and spectacular makeup, that will emphasize the beauty of the scarlet color.

Makeup for Red Dress: What Is It Important to Know

Choosing a dress, you simultaneously allocate great responsibility for your makeup for a red dress. The success of the entire image depends on competent makeup, that will not be lost on the background of the bright dress (or, on the contrary, will not ruin its accent).

Below we’ll consider several versions of makeup for fashionistas with different colortypes and answer a number of pressing questions. For example, what lipstick can match the red dress?

Regardless of your colortype, the main point in makeup is high demands for the beauty of the skin. Such bright article of clothing as a red gown is very picky about the smooth tone and texture of the face. Any redness, defects of the appearance or color transitions will visually become even brighter when you put on this dress.

To avoid this, you must use foundation. Remember that you shouldn’t make your skin too pale, as it can spoil the whole image. And you must also abandon the bronze tone!

Makeup Ideas For Red Gown

Before applying decorative cosmetics you should be sure that makeup will throughout the holiday and won’t be blurry. So, first, moisten the face with day cream, and then apply a special primer on the skin . It will allow foundation to be distributed evenly over the surface of the skin and stay on it all night long.

You may also use some foundation for eyeshade if you do not want it to slowly disappear from the eyelids. Are you going to apply cream or matte rich scarlet lipstick? You can’t so it without primer!

Evening Makeup With Red Dress

If you want to make the evening red dress makeup looks, start with the lips. First, outline them, apply a lipstick and then decide how to emphasize the eyes.

  • First, apply a primer or a special moisturizer on the lips. Remember that the red lipstick emphasizes all defects of the skin, such as flaking and wrinkles! Moisten the skin and smooth its texture.
  • Take an appropriate resistant lip liner of the same color as the lipstick or of a darker tone. Do not use a pencil that is not very dark or very light. Lines should not be noticeable under the lipstick.
  • Draw a contour of the lips gently and slowly, and then stump it with a special brush from the corners inward and from the outer edge to the center of the lips.
  • After that, apply the lipstick. Matte lipsticks are more durable, but they often dry the skin. It is better to apply the lipstick with a brush for beautiful and professional makeup.

In the evening makeup for red dress brown eyes the lips are traditionally emphasized, and the eyes are only slightly emphasized with natural or nude makeup. It is important to know that your eyebrows in an evening image will play an equally important role! Give them a perfect shape and underline them with a pencil or special shade. You also can fix the result with a gel fixer.

When using makeup for red dress blue eyes in the Eastern style the dress should match makeup. For example, it can be embroidered with stones, beads, sequins or other decorative elements. The plain or strict dress won’t match such makeup.

Lipstick for Red Dress Brown Skin Tone

It is necessary to immediately decide whether you will emphasize your lips. If the lips are not very big, the lipstick should be chosen in the same shade as the dress. It will make the image amazing, incredibly sexy and, most importantly, harmonious!

In those cases when you are the owner of the plump lips, you should abandon the red lipstick, as it would ruin the accent of the dress. Choose the beige or even body-colored lipstick. It will put the focus of your best makeup with red dress from the lips to the eyes.

Also, this method allows to get trendy makeup in the “rock nude” style: the skin and the lips look naked and unpainted, merge with each other, but the eyes are heavily outlined. But don’t stump eyeshadow and do not stretch it too much. Otherwise, it will spoil the whole effect.

Eye Makeup For Red Dress

What eye best makeup for a red dress to use for the red dress? You can choose between two versions: classic arrows or so-called smoky eyes. Both versions are universal.

The only difference is that smoky eyes are preferably used in those cases when the eyes are emphasized and they visually look bigger. Arrows are a kind of complements, when the red lipstick is applied on the lips.

Also, small arrows can be used in those cases when you do makeup to wear with red dress. They protect the image from too much black color which would occur after using the classic technique of dark smoky eyes. By the way, if you combine black arrows, the red lipstick chic curls and a zigzag part or a fringe styling to one side, you can get the look in retro style or the style of pin-up!

Shadow for Red Dress Makeup

Usually, eyeshade are chosen in dark colors. It is possible to add silver and golden shades. But you must abandon bright and multicolored eyeshadow! Do not choose any shades of blue, yellow, purple and green: any bright colors in eye makeup are prohibited.

For a more gentle look eye makeup for dark red dress in the nude style is suitable. In this version, the lid is covered with beige shade that is lighter than the skin tone. Then draw a fold on the upper eyelid with shadow of darker, brown or pastel colors.

After that, gently use concealer under the lower eyelid to correct and conceal dark circles under the eyes and smooth the skin tone. Finally, use mascara for the upper lashes.

Makeup for Red Dress for Dark Hair

Makeup matching the red dress for brunettes is notable for a special emphasis on the eyes. So, in this case you should use the lipstick of beige or body color for the lips and smokey eyes or large arrows for the eyelids. If you’re a brunette and you want to use the red lipstick, choose rich dark shades of this color.


The burgundy and cherry lipstick looks wonderful on the lips of the young dark-haired lady. Dark shades of red add some chic and glamour to the image and eliminate vulgarity. The darker your skin and hair are, the richer and muted the lipstick should be.

Eyeshadow for Red Dress

Brunettes for makeup can use not only the classic shades of smokey eyes such as black, gray and graphite, but also a brown and beige range. For example, these shades are even more preferable for a warm colortype. Just apply the shade in the same manner, replacing the darkest black or gray color by brown.

But you should avoid bright shadow! They can not be combined with the red dress. Even if you belong to a warm colortype and have brown eyes and caramel skin, shades of green and blue, that you like, are inappropriate here.

Makeup for Red Dress Blonde Hair

Makeup for red dress and brown eyes for blondes is a bit more complicated, because the excessive emphasis on the eyes make them incredibly heavy and even a little creepy on the background of the light skin. The best solution is the use of small arrows. Smoky eyes in this case are strictly contraindicated. For the lips choose a lipstick in the color that is the same as the dress.

For women of a warm colorype, as well as for women with big lips, this rule does not work, so they use the lipstick of beige and natural shades. If you have warm blonde hair, the scarlet lipstick will look terrible on a background of the red dress!

In this case, it’s better to do makeup in natural shades. Highlight the beauty of your skin with the help of special cosmetics, apply peach rouge, outline the eyes with a brown pencil on the upper eyelid and use a little bit of mascara.

Makeup for Red Dress for Fair-Haired Women

Makeup for the red dress for fair-haired women should be completely in cold tones. Girls with fair hair should pay special attention to the makeup in the style of Smoky eyes and use gray eyeshadow.

The color of the ipstick should be the same color as the dress; as you remember, the color is rich red.

Fair hair combined with the pale skin and the light eyes often look very mediocre and pale, so here you can use bright shades of the lipstick. This makeup is particularly successful, puts a single accent in the look and balances the tone of the dress. But avoid black tones in eye makeup and too noticeable smoky eyes! It is better to outline the upper eyelid with neutral gray shadow, add a bit of eyeliner of the graphite color and use taupe mascara.

It is not recommended to do makeup completely in neutral pastel shades, as it may look too boring and simple. An exception is a case when you are aiming at this for some purpose and put the emphasis on the nude image.

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