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Homecoming Makeup: 50 Best Homecoming Eye Makeup Ideas


Pick one of these natural homecoming makeup ideas, and you’ll be a showstopper! This night is going to be fabulous, believe us. We have collected 51 photos of chic makeup looks that will make all guys fall for you.

Smokey Eye Homecoming Makeup Ideas

Add major drama to your makeup for homecoming. There are different types of glamour, and old Hollywood type is one of the chicest. Try it out and see for yourself!

Glitter Makeup for Homecoming

Do you consider glittery or matte eye makeup ideas for homecoming? You should look perfect, so it is better to think through all the details beforehand.

Simple Homecoming Makeup with Nude Lipstick

When your lips are nude, even the slightest flaw can be visible! So, before applying lipstick, scrub the lips. They should be smooth and plump. You can use a soft toothbrush to do it.

Easy Homecoming Makeup with Eyeliner

A dance is a really great time for any experiments related to your makeup. If you wish your look to be soft and girly, pick pinkish eyeshadow and black eyeliner. Such makeup is trendy.

Homecoming Makeup with Bright Lipstick

Apply the lipstick of your choice but make sure that it looks winning against your skin tone and suits your overall image. Matte red and vivid crimson look fantastic!

Stunning Makeup Ideas for Homecoming

Apply black eyeliner. After drawing the line, you should blend it a little. The line should not look sharp. Use false lashes, and you will look fabulous. Don’t forget to read the instructions!

Cute Homecoming Makeup Ideas

Let us make those cute lips of yours pop! If you don’t want to go all-wild and have injections made, there is a way out. The lipstick in the middle should be 1 tone lighter for a fuller effect.

Adorable Day Night Homecoming Makeup Looks

Usually, you use a white color to highlight the inner corners of your eyes. This night is special, so you can add some more color. Now, who is the most glamorous girl tonight?

Look at these gorgeous ladies and think what they have in common. Yes, a tan. Today it is in, tomorrow it is out, but a tan will always bring some healthy glow to your pretty face.

Homecoming Eye Makeup: Video Ideas

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