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What Is the Difference Between Gel and Shellac Nail Polish?


The difference between gel and shellac nail polish is an important issue that interests modern women. To understand the difference between shellac and gel polish you should understand the meanings of these words. Gel nail polish is special gel that dissolves rapidly under the influence of the UV lamp. Shellac is a tool specially designed by the CND company, the name of which is quite worldwide; shellac combines properties of both gel and polish. The manufacturer guarantees high quality and efficiency. Shellac differs from gel in the method of application: it is applied in a single layer, and gel – in two layers. The nails can be extended only by gel or acryl. This material can be used in the modeling. See interesting pictures of the nail art and choose one of them!

Shellac vs Gel Polish for Your Nails

Gel coating and shellac coating are similar to each other in a way that the fixing is done by means of the UV lamp; both of them are also kept on the nails for a long time and protect the nails from breakage and damage. The main difference is that the shellac coating dries the nails more stratifies them, as it is applied without some additional coating.

Gel differs from shellac in removal: it’ll take you more time to remove the gel as it’s necessary to remove the top layer before applying the product.

Another difference is the price: the gel coating is cheaper, so it’s in greater demand than shellac, but you should also pay attention to the quality of the product. Many women prefer firms CND shellac, although there are a variety of alternatives to shellac at the lowest cost in the market of the nail industry. This type of coating has recently appeared, but it’s becoming more and more popular. The range can be seen on videos and in pictures.

What’s Better and What Coating Keeps Longer?

The difference between shellac and gel nail polish can be described in several words.

  1. Firstly, the application.
  2. Secondly, efficiency. The shellac coating is more gentle, it’s not necessary to use a file before application. it is easier to apply due to the high concentration. You needn’t use the primer to remove the coating.
  3. Shellac is suitable for people who have thin and brittle nails.

Gel polish keeps longer as it has additional fixing layers, but feedbacks say that CND shellac can last up to 4 weeks. The correct application and care can be studied online on videos and in pictures. You should understand that the whole point is in the rules of care. There are a few rules of wearing shellac gel and coatings:

  • don’t cut up the nails and don’t make them thinner with filing;
  • don’t pick the coating yourself and don’t remove it with sharp items;
  • use liquid that doesn’t contain acetone;
  • after the procedures don’t contact with water too often for proper fastening.

Shellac vs Gel Nail Polish

Answers to the question “What’s the difference?” can be gained from your nail master or any beauty saloon. An experienced specialist will advise you a good product that will suit you and will tell you what’s the difference between shellac and gel polish.

Gel nail polish has many varieties. Bio-gel is very popular now, as it contains natural ingredients that strengthen the nail plate. Every girl should know that it’s necessary to treat the nails after the frequent use of the gel. It is better to visit the master having your own nail ideas: find nail trends on the Internet, choose beautiful design and save pictures. It will facilitate the work of the master and will emphasize your individuality. If you want to do manicure yourself, watch some videos and learn how to do it. Create interesting designs with videos and pictures.

What Is the Difference Between Shellac and Gel Polish: Feedbacks

Feedbacks on the Internet are different in sympathy for these products. Many women believe that the shellac coating is more gentle and safer, as removal and application procedures are similar to usual lacquer and require no additional impact on the nail plate. On the Internet you can find thousands of options of the shellac coating and choose pictures of the favorite design. But more women choose gel polish.

The difference between shellac and gel polish can be described taking into account three things: price, brand and time of wearing. Now one of the most popular brands of shellac is Blue Sky, as its properties and characteristics attract many women.

The CND Company is unique in a variety of colors and a large palette. To choose the design you can watch special videos and learn how to apply these products. Training-videos will help both beginners and experts complement skills and techniques of the ail art.

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