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British Flag Nails Art and Designs


Girls do many different things to be at the center of attention! Fashionable haircuts, branded perfumes, stylish clothes, and this list is endless. And they spend so much money on manicure in beauty salons! We’ll tell you how to attract attention to your fingers without spending much time and money on it. Are you interested in this? And today we’ll tell you about british flag nail art.

British Flag Nail Design: What Do You Need?

Perhaps, you’ve already guessed that you’d have to paint the most part of the nail design with a thin brush. So, you will need the following tools:

  • file;
  • nail scissors or nippers;
  • cuticle stick;
  • base coating;
  • blue, red and white polishes;
  • brush for nail art;
  • finish coating.

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Step 1: Prepare the nails for manicure: treat the cuticle, remove hangnails and correct the nail shape. You can choose that technique of the hand treatment you like. No matter what design you’ll choose: classic, European or Brazil. The most important thing is neat and well groomed nails.

Step 2: Apply the base coating: it’ll not only protect the nail plate from yellowing, but also make the nail plate smoother. Due to this, the future picture will be level and the color of the polish will be deeper.

Step 3: Take the blue polish and cover the nails with it in two layers. Start painting the nails from the center and proceed to the sides. This way you won’t paint the cuticle. When the polish will dry, proceed to the next step.

Step 4: It’s the most interesting part as now you must paint the British flag. To do this, you need special brushes for nail art or polishes with a thin brush. Paint vertical and horizontal lines with white polish and you’ll get four blue squares.

Step 5: Now, paint diagonal lines in each of the squares. You’ll get a picture resembling a snowflake. All white lines should be of the same width. The manicure will look effective only if it’ll be neat.

Step 6: Paint thin red lines on the white lines. The key to success is confident and clear movements of your hand when you do the painting. The British flag will look better and better. So, don’t be upset if you don’t get a perfect picture from the first time. You’ll have to practise.

Step 7: Wait until the polish dries completely. Apply the finish coating. It’ll let the picture stay longer and give the nails some shine.

Useful Information

It’s very important to create the appropriate manicure. The British manicure is more suitable for the youth as the design is bright, outlandish and bold. It doesn’t suit the office style or the evening velvet dress.

You can paint the British flag on the each nail or decorate only the ring finger and the thumb with it. It looks very stylish and daring. To appraise the peculiarity of such manicure, look at the pictures.

You can create a beautiful “mix” on the nails if you paint not only British flag but also flags of the USA, Russia, Italy, Spain, France and other countries. What you may get is shown in the pictures. The girls who are not afraid of experimenting will definitely love such design.

The British design is perfectly combined with sequins. You can decorate several nails with them to give some shine and gloss. It’s important not to overdo it. Pay attention to the pictures and you’ll see how effective such decorative elements look!

Dear girls, try this design and you’ll be satisfied with it. It’s easy to do the British flag nail art at home. You definitely have polishes of the colors you need. This video showing all the nuances of the British design will help you consolidate the knowledge.

There are different ways of painting the British flag, and no matter which one you’re going to choose. If you want to do stylish manicure, all you need is self confidence and some practice. Be sure, you’ll handle it! Be beautiful and you’ll get a very interesting image due to this stylish and fashionable manicure.

British Flag Nail Art: Video Tutorial

The British flag has been often decorating clothes, accessories, interior and, of course, manicure in recent years. To use this stylish symbol in your look, it’s not necessary to love oatmeal and to read Sherlock Holmes! If you paint the British flag on the nails, you won’t be unnoticed. The bright design suits parties, as well as everyday life. The manicure looks very stylish and original, it is easy to do, and that’s why it’s very popular with young girls.

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