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Wedding Car Rental: Why Is It Popular and What To Consider


A wedding is a very important day for a couple who wants to build a family because it is the beginning of their family life. That is why everything must be perfect on the wedding day, from the hairstyle, the dress, the restaurant, to the vehicle. What to do if you do not have a car for a wedding, or one car will not accommodate all the guests, or it is not suitable for such a celebration, or is under repair?

There is always a solution! And this solution is pretty simple. You can rent a car for your celebration. And even if you want a luxurious wedding in the Emirates, it is still possible thanks to the rental company

You can easily rent a car Sharjah or contact sports car rental Dubai. Nowadays, all you need to do is to go to a rental agency that provides such services and choose any car that you like. A well-chosen rental car will fully match your preferences, mood, nature of the event and the weather outside. You can choose an exotic car rental that matches the colour of your dress or the colour that will be the main decoration of your celebration.

When choosing a means of transport for wedding purposes, it is necessary that it meets such requirements as:

  • Beautiful appearance (people usually rent a luxury car for a wedding);
  • Comfort;
  • Spacious and luxurious interior;
  • Courteous driver.

Why Is Wedding Car Rental So Popular?

wedding car rental

Actually, there are several reasons:

  • Beauty. Wedding processions often consist of similar or identical cars that move through the streets one after another, attracting attention;
  • Exclusivity. A company that provides a car for hire for a wedding will make sure that you get a truly unique option;
  • Availability. Many believe that such a service as car rental for a wedding is very expensive. In fact, everyone can use it, choosing the option of the category you need;
  • Solemnity. When creating a special atmosphere at the holiday, one of the important points is car decoration;
  • Comfort. This applies to guests and newlyweds, as everyone wants to relax at the wedding, taking a ride to the place of celebration in an expensive rental car.

With or Without a Driver?

You can rent a car with or without a driver, but you need to immediately decide who will drive. But since we are talking about renting a car for a wedding, it is most advantageous to have a driver.

Advantages Of Such A Service

  • A professional driver is much better at navigating;
  • Passengers may not worry about drinking alcohol on such a holiday;
  • This is the most correct solution for those who do not have a driving licence;
  • Do not worry about technical control over the state of transport.

What Are The Disadvantages?

But renting a car with a driver for a wedding has both advantages and some disadvantages. And the main disadvantage is the cost. It will be higher. The higher the class of the car, the more expensive the cost of renting such a vehicle.

The disadvantage can also be considered the moment that one seat in the cabin will be occupied by a driver. This especially plays a role when the wedding procession goes to a photo shoot. If only one vehicle is rented, there will be no big problem. But when the driver’s seat is occupied in each car, not all friends of the newlyweds will be able to go on a trip. It will be possible to solve this issue if you rent another car. And this will certainly lead to additional cash costs.

What Should Be Considered Before Renting A Car?

wedding car rental

Terms And Time Of Order

Remember to contact the car rental company as early as possible. The optimal period that is recommended is 1-1.5 months, especially if you have a wedding in the summer. Otherwise, you run the risk of missing out on the best cars, the best prices, or even not finding the car you want at all.

Itinerary Coordination

Be sure to think over the route of the wedding walk and talk it over with the company that provides you with a car for rent. Think about what places you want to visit, and it is better to do it together with your wedding photographer. Who knows better than him where to get beautiful memorable photographs?


When ordering cars for rent, you need to take into account the season and weather. If air conditioning is provided in the cabin in the heat, and heated seats in winter, the trip will be much more comfortable.

Wedding Decor

Car decorations can also be rented, as they are unlikely to come in handy someday, and renting will cost much less than buying.

Larger Options

You can rent several cars that match your car. But it’s quite expensive. Therefore, you can order a minibus, which after the holiday will take everyone home. Be sure to evaluate the appearance of transport and the convenience of the cabin. Keep in mind the general style of the wedding.


Thus, to hire a car for your holiday or not depends on your personal preferences, and budget. The same goes for renting a driver. In any case, such a service is considered beneficial and will allow you to fully concentrate on an important event for you and not worry about the vehicle for you and your guests.


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