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Matte Nails 2024: Trendy Designs for Long or Short Nails


“Velvet” coating involves a lot of variations in 2024. Its combination with gloss, glitter with different prints and patterns with crystals are in vogue. All versions of French and moon manicure are very popular now. Gradient manicure with 2-3 colors like in the picture will be a great matte nail polish idea.

Matte Color Nail Polish

To do good velvet manicure your nails must have the classical oval shape and rich colors of nail polish.

Also, a combination of matte pastel nail polish and makeup in the nude style is in vogue.

Matte Nail Designs 2024

The year of the Fire Rooster has added brightness into velvet manicure. In 2024, in addition to classic black, various shades of purple, brown, blue, gray, green, beige, yellow, burgundy and blue will be in fashion. Lovers of glamor should pay attention to the strasses and sequins. Contrasting combinations of non-shining coating at gloss are at the peak of their popularity. The trend of the year is glitter matte nail polish with the use of geometric drawings. The hottest versions are presented in the pictures below.

Matte French Design for Short and Long Nails

Matte French design is a universal version of manicure for both short and long nails. By the way, gel looks more effective on the short nails if the design includes glossy inserts looking like triangles near the tip or a “moon” covering the edge of the nail. All the versions of french matte nails design can suit the long matte silver nail polish, from classical French to fan French. Look at the following pictures to choose design ideas.

Short Matte Nails

Owners of the short nails should pay attention to trendy velvet shellac. It visually narrows and extends the nail plate. The oval matte nails does not need special treatment. It is better to do manicure without additional decorative elements “weighing” the design. The exception in this case is the gradient nail design.

Extended Nail Designs

Long nails are created for the realization of nail masterpieces. They have a big advantage over the natural nails, and it is a relevance of any nail idea. On the non-shiny coatings glossy ornaments, which are recommended to be applied with a brush or a dotting tool, look perfect. Glossy lace patterns, hearts or flowers suit a romantic lady. Mirror gold or silver nail polish designs on the tips emphasize the style of the elegant lady. Extended brown matte nail polish are often met in combination with abstract prints and sequins. Pay attention to the pictures below.

Nail Designs with Sequins

The unusual matte white nail polish design with sequins looks strict and, at the same time, stylish, but only if sequins are only complementary and occupy no more than 20% of the nail plate. A good solution would be a small “moon” made of crystals of different sizes. Brilliant pebbles will also be a great addition to a floral, animal or velvet print. Look at examples of trendy nail art in the pictures below.

Combination of Gloss and Matte Coatings

Glossy inserts are the most effective design of the suede manicure. To avoid vulgarity it is desirable to use the same color of gel to create the design concept. The contrasting coatings with a predominance of matte coating should look moderate. For example, you can create an imitation of the French design, covering only the tips with gloss gel. If you add gloss to the nail “moon”, you will get the popular moon design. Glossy drops, long lines and arrows will look especially beautiful on the non-shiny background, just like in the picture. See fresher nail ideas in pictures.

How to Make Homemade Matte Nail Polish

Matte nail design has been in vogue for more than a year. The secret is that it is easy to apply and that it makes the nail plate look stylish and well-groomed. It is not so difficult to do homemade matte nail polish. It is enough to buy pink matte nail polish in a store specializing in nail accessories. Gel polish is better to choose without sequins.

An alternative variant is to buy a novelty, a matte base. It can tone a glossy base, regardless of the color of the base polish. Before applying the coating the nails must be carefully polished. Velvet design looks better on the oval nails than on the square nails, so it is better to choose an appropriate form.

There is a cheap way to create a beautiful image of the nails. You will need boil water in a pan. Then, apply the gloss in a single layer and dry it thoroughly. It should be noted that the non-shiny coating dries longer than the glossy one. Covering the nail plate with the second layer it is is necessary to keep the nails over boiling water for no more than a minute. Thus the nail polish will dry and will get natural matte base. The final result is shown in the following pictures.

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