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Best Moissanite Jewelry: From Earrings to Engagement Rings


Moissanite jewelry has a fascinating history beginning with its meteoric discovery. The natural mineral moissanite was first found in 1893 by Nobel Prize winner Henri Moissan in the Canyon Diablo meteorite. It was named in Moissan’s honor by G. Kunz in 1905. 

While over 150 polytypes of silicon carbide exist, called moissanite, only two can currently be manufactured in bulk – 4H and 6H alpha-SiC. Both form hexagonal near-colorless crystals. The near-colorless synthetic moissanite used in jewelry is the 6H polytype. With a hardness of 9.25 on the Mohs scale, moissanite has exceptional durability. The brilliance and fire of faceted moissanite rivals fine diamonds.

Cree Research and C3 Inc. pioneered the development of near-colorless synthetic moissanite for gemstones. This scientific engineering allows moissanite to be created in a lab rather than a mine, offering an ethical and sustainable alternative to diamonds. The brilliance comes from moissanite’s unique origins and atomic structure.

Popular Moissanite Cuts 

When it comes to moissanite jewelry, the cut determines the charm. Strategic faceting unlocks maximum sparkle and fire from this brilliant gemstone. Round remains the classic cut, with its perfect symmetry dancing with light. Yet moissanite also elevates more unconventional shapes like Princess, Cushion, Asscher, and Radiant cuts with its kaleidoscopic play of color. 

moissanite jewelry

For romance, oval, pear, and marquise cuts dazzle in their elongated elegance. Moissanite’s affinity for precision cutting expands the possibilities for glamorous earrings, necklaces, rings, and more. Its refractive qualities empower jewelry designers to sculpt visually stunning pieces that capture light, outshining expectations. Discover how strategic faceting unlocks dazzling beauty.

Best Moissanite Jewelry to Buy

Moissanite is a stunning gemstone that’s become increasingly popular as a more ethical and affordable alternative to diamonds. It sparkles brilliantly, boasts incredible fire, and comes in a variety of cuts and colors. Choosing the best moissanite jewelry can be overwhelming, so here’s a curated list to inspire you:

Engagement Rings

When searching for the best moissanite jewelry for engagements, elegant solitaires to vintage-inspired halos showcase this brilliant stone. As a durable, ethically sourced alternative to diamonds, moissanite makes engagement rings with stunning sparkles accessible to all.

Classic Solitaire

A timeless 1.25-carat round moissanite solitaire engagement ring highlights the stone’s brilliance in an elegant 14k white gold setting. This best moissanite jewelry option lets the center stone take the spotlight.

Vintage Halo

For added romance, a vintage-inspired halo with elongated cushion moissanite on a rose gold band amplifies sparkle. This best moissanite jewelry ring combines glamour and uniqueness.

Three-Stone Ring

A meaningful three-stone ring featuring graduating radiant-cut moissanites on a platinum setting symbolizes one’s past, present, and future together. This sophisticated best moissanite jewelry style makes a thoughtful statement.


When exploring the best moissanite jewelry for necklaces, versatile everyday styles to glamorous statement pieces take advantage of moissanite’s exceptional brilliance. The delicate beauty of this alternative gemstone shines in settings from dainty pendants to bold tennis necklaces.

Pendant Necklace

A simple yet sophisticated pear-shaped moissanite pendant suspended from a fine chain makes an easy everyday best moissanite jewelry piece.

Tennis Necklace

For timeless elegance, a sterling silver tennis necklace with a continuous line of moissanite becomes the best moissanite jewelry classic.

Station Necklace

A modern take on the tennis necklace, this 14k gold station necklace with evenly spaced round moissanites provides subtle sparkle. It’s the best moissanite jewelry style with lightweight, everyday-wearable appeal.


Moissanite earrings exemplify the brilliance of this alternative gemstone. From everyday studs to dazzling drops, moissanite offers lightweight sparkle and sophistication as the best moissanite jewelry option for ears.


Versatile round moissanite stud earrings in 14k white gold work for both casual and dressed-up best moissanite jewelry. Their classic style highlights the stone.

Dangle Earrings

For drama, Art Deco-inspired dangle earrings with pear moissanite and diamond accents become a stylish, sophisticated best moissanite jewelry choice.


Elevate any outfit with the addition of 18k rose gold hoops pave-set with moissanites. These best moissanite jewelry hoops lend glamour to day or night looks.


As a brilliant alternative gemstone, moissanite uplifts bracelets from classic tennis styles to bold cuffs. Discover the versatility of moissanite bracelets to complement both mood and occasion.

The Classic Tennis

The fiery brilliance of moissanite enhances the traditional tennis bracelet whether set with round, princess-cut cut, or emerald-cut stones. This best moissanite jewelry versatility allows an effortless transition from daylight elegance to eye-catching nighttime glamour.

The Bold Cuban

Cuban links of glossy round or baguette moissanites radiate statement-making bold sparkle. Stack multiple moissanite Cuban bracelets for unmatched glitz or wear one solo for powerful minimalism. This best moissanite jewelry captivates.

The Delicate Station

Evenly-spaced pear, marquise, or heart-shaped moissanites offer a graceful take on the classic tennis bracelet. Mix metals and gemstones by layering several delicate station best moissanite jewelry bracelets for personalized charm.

Remember, the best moissanite jewelry is the one that speaks to your style and preferences. Consider the occasion, your budget, and the type of setting that flatters you most. With its endless possibilities, moissanite jewelry is sure to make a statement and bring you joy for years to come.

Top Sites for the Best Moissanite Jewelry

ICE Cartel

Distinguished among moissanite purveyors, ICE Cartel produces brilliant gems with exceptional clarity and reflectivity. Their handcrafted settings in 14k gold and sterling silver create lightweight, comfortable jewelry. While many brands offer classic engagement ring styles, ICE Cartel focuses on fashion-forward designs suited for all identities. Their inclusive, customizable aesthetic makes them a beloved brand, especially among younger demographics. For those seeking moissanite’s dazzle in contemporary, progressive collections, ICE Cartel undoubtedly delivers.

With a flair for originality, ICE Cartel expands moissanite’s relevance through modern craftsmanship. Their innovative light performance matched with trend-setting yet timeless settings cements their authority among the best moissanite brands. So, what are you waiting for? Start Shopping Now!

Price range: $138 to $25,000+

Custom options: Limited

Virtual advisors: Yes

At-home try-on: No

Return policy and warranty: Free shipping and 30-day returns 


A leader among the best moissanite brands since 2005, MoissaniteCo exclusively offers budget-friendly moissanite engagement rings. Their expansive SHE·SAID·YES collection and unique designer brand feature over 400 stunning styles. With innovative universal designs to customize shapes, bands, and prongs, they provide beautiful engagement rings. Their offerings also include green moissanite sapphire and diamond accents. Their educational resources help buyers navigate ring size, stone dimensions, and general moissanite questions. For those seeking excellent value for money, MoissaniteCo’s array of dazzling moissanite rings delight bridal couples with brilliance and accessibility.

With extensive style options, customization services, and knowledgeable support, MoissaniteCo makes finding the perfect ethical engagement ring easy and enjoyable. Their affordably priced selection cements their status among the premier moissanite brands.

Price range: $200 – $15,000+ 

Custom options: Choose metal, stone size/cut/color, and design elements

Virtual advisors: Yes At-home try-on: Limited selection, fee applies.

Return policy and warranty: 30 days, full refund minus try-on fee.

Forever Moissanite

Among the best moissanite brands, Forever Moissanite shines for engagement rings with their passion for moissanite’s dazzling allure as a center stone. With rave reviews and a robust selection of cuts like round, princess, cushion, and more, Forever Moissanite empowers couples to find their perfect ring. Beyond solitaires, they offer bridal sets and bands so all wedding jewelry can be sourced ethically under one roof. Their custom design services facilitate personalized pieces as well.

With free shipping, 30-day returns, and a lifetime warranty, Forever Moissanite provides a stellar experience from a sparkling start to a happily ever after. For those seeking the best moissanite brands for engagements, Forever Moissanite cherishes moissanite’s brilliance and their customers’ joy.

Price range: $100 – $6,000+

Custom options: Limited customization, focus on pre-designed pieces

Virtual advisors: Yes At-home try-on: Free at-home try-on for engagement rings

Return policy and warranty: 30-day returns, lifetime warranty on stones & craftsmanship


As we’ve discovered, moissanite sparkles as a brilliant, ethical alternative gemstone that rivals diamonds in fire and brilliance. First found in a meteor crater, moissanite’s distinct origins and composition enable exceptional hardness and affordability. This opens dazzling new frontiers for fine best moissanite jewelry.

We covered the most popular cuts, from classic round to glamorous pear shapes, that make moissanite shine its brightest. The best moissanite jewelry spans classic engagement rings to bold bracelet stacks, with vintage to modern styles suiting every personality. Leading sites like MoissaniteCo, Charles & Colvard, and Forever One provide exceptional moissanite sourcing.

In the world of fine jewelry, moissanite represents a revolutionary discovery. Its unparalleled luminosity empowers beautifully crafted best moissanite jewelry that was once unattainable for many. As consumers discover this brilliant and ethical alternative gemstone, moissanite’s star will only continue rising.


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