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Greek Hairstyles: Grecian Hairstyle Ideas For Women


We hear the word “Greece” and such concepts as beauty and harmony come to our minds. This is hardly surprising, as both words have been characterizing the Greek art since ancient times. Statues of the Greek goddesses embody some kind of perfection that is typical not for all women on Earth. All of them are associated with femininity and extraordinary “airy” beauty. Aphrodite, the goddess of love, Artemis, the goddess of hunt, Hera, the goddess of family and home have been praised by poets and artists for many centuries. It was strong and, at the same time, feminine images that have been influenced the culture considerably. They’ve been influenced hair salons too. Let`s see how to do ancient Greek hairstyles for women.

Ancient Greek Hairstyles

Hairstyles of the Greek goddesses are amazing and well-known. There are many versions, and each of them is beautiful in its own way. It can be plain hairstyles and complicated images with pigtails, curls set to the top and light waves. Celebrities who prefer hairstyles in Greek style look unbelievable when walking along the red carpet. Such hairstyle combined with the classic Greek dress creates a bright and stylish look.

The Greek hairstyles are suitable for women having long or medium-length hair. You’ll be surprised with the fact that there’s always a hairstyle in Greek style suiting any occasion (watch pictures and videos).

Greek Goddess Hairstyles

In this case, you won’t have any difficulties. The simple hairstyle of Greek style looks perfect with the long hair as this implies that slight curls hide the collarbone. Fix several strands on the back of the head. You won’t believe how it’s comfortable.

The band for the Greek hairstyle is a universal thing. It looks like a bandage but it literally “sticks” to the head. It is also can be decorated with decorative elements (bows, flowers and sequins). You also can fix the curls with hairpins or claw clips. If you want to do the wedding hairstyle in Greek style, use a tiara or a pearl thread.

So, how to do Greek goddess hairstyles for the medium-length hair? Curl the hair if you weren’t got wavy hair by nature. Slightly comb the hair, scrape back your hair into a ponytail and fix it with a band. Put on a bandage. Straighten out the strands of the ponytail. The simple hairstyle is ready.

You can let the hair just fall (setting it to the top or scraping it back into a ponytail and using a bandage) or comb it on the back of the head. The latest version will look especially advantageous if you have prominent cheekbones. The Greek hairstyle with a bang will look better if you fasten the hair on a line of the hair growth. The bang can be straight or be combed to the one side but you should apply some gel or mousse.

Easy Greek Hairstyles with Braids

Braids and plaits can make any hairstyle really interesting. If you want to get a delicate and detailed image in Greek style, you can make two braids setting them to the sides. Fasten the braids with hairpins or a decorative hair clip looking like a flower. Let the rest of your hair down.

The other option is to make a tiara of braids. Just remember that such hairstyles require a really aristocratic bearing.

Greek Goddess Hairstyles with Headband

If you look at images of the Greek goddesses attentively, you’ll see that their curls are fastened with bands and decorated with flowers. A bandage is an inimitable accessory of the Greek beauties. So, if you want to try a real classic of the genre, you’ll have to use not only hairpins.

Well, how to do Greek goddess hairstyles with bandage? First, take into account that the bandage can be used as a decorative, as well as functional element, and a sequence of actions depends on this accessory. In the first case, you can do the hairstyle using one of the ways mentioned here and just put on a bandage or a headband. You can use the bandage of any width. Choose bright, clean and single-color accessories.

In the second case, many versions are possible. For example, you can do the Greek female hairstyles with a bandage framing the Grecian knot: scrape the hair into a tuft, fasten with hairpins (large wooden sticks are also suitable for the hairstyle) and, finally, place the fabrics closer to the forehead and across the knot. Fasten the hair with hairpins again.

The other version is more difficult but it’s worth spending your time on it. Braid a thin bandage around the head (sometimes a headband in used for the Greek hairstyle, but not in this case). Separate the strands and roll them on the bandage. If you don’t want your hair to get out, make the little braids and fasten a tiara that you’ve got with hairpins. There’s also a second option: you can use a headband instead of a bandage for the Greek hairstyle, as it’ll be more comfortable.

Greek Hairstyles for Short Hair

If you think that only those women who have long hair can have the Greek mythology hairstyles. It’s not true, and the ancient beauty is available for those who have medium-length hair. It is special because you’ll have to curl the hair and then set it near the temples to get the harmonious simple Greek hairstyle.

So, the first step is curling. You can use wavers, curlers or a curling iron (remember that after curling the hair you shouldn’t comb it but set with the fingers). Finally, apply gel or mousse on the hair.

The second step is setting. This stage depends on what image you want to have. If you want to create a romantic naive image, create the part on the side. Fix the hair on the back of the head with hairpins or little hair grips. If you’ve chosen the Greek hairstyle as the wedding hairstyle, you can make the head of hair larger wit a clignon. The easy Greek hairstyles for short hair is to comb the curls using gel from the neck to the top.

The second step is accessories. Women that have chosen a clignon should remember that fake waves should be looser than your own hair. So, if you’ve curled your hair with wavers, choose a clignon with light waves. Don’t forget that the bandage are suitable for middle-length and long hair but it’ll make the short haircut just more complicated. Replace a fabric with a braid, a thin band or fake flowers.

Greek Hairstyles for Long Hair

It’s really not difficult to do the Greek hairstyle for the long hair, as your fantasy is not really limited. The long hair lets to plait the hair in Greek style that, as we know, “stretches” from the temple and “frames” the other strands (you can scrape the hair back to the top or the side; by the way, Natalie Portman loves such hairstyle).

The advantage of the long hair is that you can make a fluffy and volume hair knot. If you do the backcombing in a correct way, such hairstyles will create an effect of very lush and volume hair. How to do the casual Greek hairstyle? Scrape the hair back. Fasten the side strands near the temples on the back of the head. Catch the side strands every 5 cm and fasten them with small hairpins.

As you see, it’s not difficult to do the Greek hairstyle yourself. Of course, it’s better to watch pictures and videos to learn the technique, but, all the same, now you understand that almost any fashionista can do the hair in this way. The most important fact is that even that woman who has never associated herself with Aphrodite due to the short hair can wear such hair.

Wedding Greek Hairstyles For Female

Greek braid hairstyles will be especially suitable for women with long and wavy hair. Greek curly hairstyles resulted by the nature or curlers and combed back is the base of such hairstyle. The bang or straight strands may frame the face. The Greek knot is also very relevant for the wedding. It looks very elegant but not mannered.

Greece Hairstyles: Video

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