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Top 105+ Orange Hair Ideas: Different Shades of Orange Hair


Are you tired of blending in with the crowd? Embrace your inner fire and prepare to stand out with a vibrant burst of orange! From fiery red-orange to soft peachy hues, orange hair offers a kaleidoscope of possibilities.

This captivating exploration presents you with over 100 stunning orange hair ideas, showcasing the diverse shades and styles that can transform your look and ignite your self-expression. Get ready to make heads turn and unleash your fiery spirit with these captivating and unique hues of orange hair!

Orange Hair Color Ideas

Orange and Blonde

This hair color idea combines the warm, vibrant tones of orange with the lightness of blonde. It creates a captivating contrast between the two shades, adding depth and dimension to your hair. Whether you opt for a subtle blend or bold streaks of orange, the combination of orange and blonde can create a sun-kissed, summery look that exudes warmth and playfulness.

Orange and Black

This striking hair color idea juxtaposes the intensity of black with the vibrancy of orange. It creates a bold and dramatic look that demands attention. You can achieve this style through various techniques such as color blocking, ombre, or balayage, where sections of your hair are dyed in alternating shades of orange and black. This combination adds a unique edge to your hair and is perfect for those who want a statement-making, unconventional look.

Pink and Orange

Combining the energetic warmth of orange with the playful femininity of pink, this hair color idea creates a captivating and whimsical effect. Whether you choose a soft pastel combination or opt for vibrant, neon shades, pink and orange hair can give you a fun and eye-catching look. It’s a perfect choice for those who want to express their creativity and embrace a vibrant, youthful style.

Red to Orange

Transitioning from fiery red to vibrant orange, this hair color idea embodies the essence of a mesmerizing sunset. Starting with a rich red base and gradually blending it into vibrant orange tones, this gradient style adds a stunning visual effect to your hair. It represents a bold, passionate look that captures attention and showcases your adventurous side.

Orange and Blue

This hair color idea combines the warm energy of orange with the cool, calming vibes of blue. It creates a striking contrast and a visually captivating effect.

Whether you opt for a subtle blend of bold sections of orange and blue, this combination offers a unique and unconventional style. It’s a great choice for those who want to make a bold fashion statement and stand out.

Orange Hair with Highlights

Brown Hair with Orange Highlights

This style involves adding orange highlights to brown hair, creating a striking contrast between the warm orange tones and the deeper brown base.

Depending on personal preference, the combination can range from subtle and natural-looking highlights to bold, chunky streaks.

Orange Hair with Blonde Highlights

In this look, orange hair is enhanced with blonde highlights, creating a dynamic and eye-catching contrast. The warm orange and bright blonde tones can add depth and dimension to the hair, providing a vibrant and sunny appearance.

Blonde Hair with Orange Highlights

This style features blonde hair with the addition of orange highlights, which infuse a touch of warmth and vibrancy into the overall look.

The orange highlights can be delicately placed throughout the hair to create a subtle and sun-kissed effect or applied boldly for a bolder and more energetic look.

Dark Brown Hair with Orange Highlights

Dark brown hair with orange highlights offers a dramatic and striking contrast. The deep, rich brown base is a canvas for vibrant orange highlights, creating a visually captivating and unique combination. This style can be tailored to suit various skin tones and personal preferences, with subtle and bold highlight options.

Orange Hair with Red Highlights

This style combines orange hair with vibrant red highlights, creating a fiery and captivating look. The combination of warm orange and bold red hues creates a stunning visual impact, making it an excellent choice for those who want to make a statement. The placement and intensity of the red highlights can be customized to achieve the desired effect, ranging from subtle pops of color to more prominent and pronounced streaks.

Different Shades of Orange Hair

Light Orange

Light orange hair exudes a soft and delicate charm. This shade is reminiscent of a sun-kissed glow, offering a subtle warmth to your overall look. It’s a lighter variation of orange that leans towards a pale or pastel hue, creating a gentle and ethereal effect. This shade can be perfect for those seeking a whimsical and dreamy appearance.

Bright Orange

If you want to make a bold statement, bright orange hair is the way to go. This vibrant and eye-catching shade demands attention and radiates energy. It’s a vivid, intense orange that electrifies your look, instantly adding a pop of color and vivacity. This shade is for those unafraid to stand out and crave a head-turning, energetic style.

Brown Orange

Combining the warmth of brown with the vibrancy of orange, brown-orange hair strikes an intriguing balance between earthiness and brightness. This shade blends the richness of brown tones with a subtle infusion of orange, resulting in a warm, autumnal appearance. This shade offers a unique and sophisticated option for individuals seeking a harmonious blend of warmth and depth.

Orangish Brown

Orangish brown hair takes the fusion of orange and browns a step further, leaning more towards an orange-dominant hue. It features a strong orange base with underlying brown tones, creating a captivating combination that stands out while maintaining a natural appeal. Orangish brown hair offers a lively twist to traditional brunette shades, adding a touch of warmth and vibrancy.

Burgundy Orange

For those who crave a luxurious and sultry vibe, burgundy orange hair color is an exquisite choice. This shade combines deep, rich burgundy with hints of orange, creating a captivating blend of sophistication and vibrancy. The burgundy undertones add depth and intensity to the orange base, creating a multi-dimensional hair color that exudes mystery and allure.

Pale Orange

Pale orange hair embodies a delicate and whimsical charm. It features a soft, muted shade of orange that resembles a delicate sunset or a blush of dawn. This ethereal hue offers a dreamy and romantic look, adding a subtle warmth without overwhelming your overall appearance. This shade is enchanting for those seeking a subtle yet captivating transformation.

Fiery Orange

Fiery orange hair is the answer if you’re after a blazing and passionate look. This intense and vibrant shade embodies the spirit of flames, radiating fierce and captivating energy. This shade demands attention and makes a bold statement, reflecting an unapologetic and powerful personality. It’s a fiery transformation that will turn heads and ignite your self-expression.

Orange Underneath Hair

Orange underneath hair is a bold and vibrant hair trend that involves coloring the lower layers or sections of hair in a contrasting shade of orange while leaving the rest of the hair a different color. Such as black, brown, blonde, or even another shade of orange. This style creates a striking visual effect, as the hidden orange sections peek through when the hair moves or is styled in certain ways.

Black Hair with Orange Underneath

This dramatic combination pairs jet-black hair with vibrant orange underneath. The contrast between the dark base and the vivid orange creates a mesmerizing and eye-catching look. When the hair is worn down, the orange sections create a stunning pop of color that adds depth and dimension to the hairstyle.

Brown Hair with Orange Underneath

Adding orange underneath can inject a burst of warmth and playfulness for those with brown hair. The earthy tones of brown complement the vibrant orange, creating an intriguing contrast. The hidden orange sections add an element of surprise and excitement, making this style perfect for those who want a touch of creativity without going too bold.

Blonde Hair with Orange Underneath

Blonde hair is a fantastic canvas for experimenting with different colors, and adding orange underneath can take your hair to the next level. The combination of blonde and orange creates a striking visual contrast, with the bright orange peeking through the lighter strands. This style adds a sunny vibe to your look and can be especially eye-catching when the hair is styled in updos.

Blonde Hair with Orange Underneath

Orange Hair with Blonde Underneath

If you’re already rocking an all-over orange hair color, why not take it up a notch by adding blonde underneath? This combination offers a unique twist to the traditional hair look. The contrast between the vibrant orange on top and the softer, lighter blonde underneath creates an intriguing and dynamic hairstyle. The blonde sections add a touch of brightness and dimension, making your hair truly stand out.

Orange Hair Streaks

If you have naturally black hair or prefer a dark base, complementing it with orange streaks can create a striking and eye-catching look. The vividness of the orange against the black creates a high contrast that demands attention.

This combination is perfect for those who want to make a dramatic impact with their hair and showcase their unique style.

Black Hair with Streaks

For those with black hair, adding orange streaks can bring warmth and dimension to your look. The combination of brown and orange creates a harmonious blend, giving your hair a sun-kissed and vibrant appearance. The contrast is more intense than brown hair, but it still adds a touch of playfulness and personality to your overall style.

Brown Hair with Streaks

For those with brown hair, adding orange streaks can bring warmth and dimension to your look. The combination of brown and orange creates a harmonious blend, giving your hair a sun-kissed and vibrant appearance. The contrast is less intense than black hair, but it still adds a touch of playfulness and personality to your overall style.

Orange Hair with Blonde Streaks

If you already have orange hair, incorporating blonde streaks can create a stunning multi-dimensional effect. The blend of orange and blonde tones adds depth and texture to your hair, giving it a sunlit and ethereal quality. This combination is perfect for those who want to enhance their natural orange hair or experiment with a unique fusion of warm and cool tones.

Orange Peekaboo Hair

Orange peekaboo hair is a trendy and bold style that adds vibrant orange highlights underneath your top layers, creating a playful peekaboo effect. This technique allows you to embrace the vibrant orange shade while maintaining a more subtle appearance when your hair is down.

Ombre Orange Hair

Ombre orange hair is a stunning hair color technique that blends two shades of orange seamlessly from root to tip, creating a gradient effect. This style often starts with a darker shade at the roots, gradually transitioning to a lighter, brighter orange hue towards the ends.

Orange Hair with Blonde Bangs

Orange hair with blonde bangs is a unique and striking hairstyle that combines the vibrant and bold color of orange with the lightness and contrast of blonde. This style typically involves dyeing most of your hair a vibrant shade of orange while leaving the front section or bangs a beautiful blonde color. The contrast between the two colors creates a captivating and edgy look.

Orange Hair Color On Black Girl

Orange hair color on a black girl can be a stunning and vibrant choice. Combining the bold orange hue against darker skin tones creates a striking contrast that can truly make a statement.

Whether you opt for a bright and vivid orange shade or a deeper, more subdued tone, choosing a color that complements your skin undertones and personal style is important.

Orange Hair On Light Skin

Orange hair on light skin can create a captivating and eye-catching look. The warmth of the orange color can beautifully complement lighter skin tones, adding a touch of vibrancy and playfulness to your overall appearance. From fiery, bold oranges to soft, peachy tones, there are various shades to choose from, depending on your style.

Orange Hair with Black Roots

Orange hair with black roots is a stylish and edgy look that combines the vibrant and attention-grabbing orange color with the natural depth of black roots. This style often involves dyeing most of your hair a vibrant shade of orange while leaving the roots untouched or coloring them black. The contrast between the two colors creates a bold and dramatic effect, adding depth and dimension to your hairstyle.


Whether you have dark or light skin or black or blonde hair, orange hair can be customized to suit your individuality and personal style. Its color radiates warmth, creativity, and confidence, allowing you to make a bold statement and stand out from the crowd. So, if you’re ready to embrace a vibrant and daring hair color, the plethora of orange hair ideas showcased here can inspire you to embark on a transformative hair journey and unleash your inner fire. Also, don’t forget to visit our Pinterest profile for finding more great ideas.


What Hair Colors Go with Orange?

There are a few options to consider when it comes to hair colors that complement orange. Here are a few suggestions: warm tones, reddish tones, and brown tones. Personal preference and individual style play a significant role in choosing the right hair color to match your orange hair.

How Can I Make My Orange Hair Look Good?

To make your hair look its best, you can consider the following tips: choose the right shade; enhance with highlights; use color-enhancing products; experiment with different hairstyles and hair accessories. Also, keep your hair healthy by using nourishing hair products, and minimizing heat styling to prevent split ends.

What Can I Do with Orange Hair?

Having orange hair offers various styling possibilities using a few ideas. Embrace your natural color, experiment with hairstyles, use hair accessories, play with makeup, and coordinate with outfits. Experiment with different clothing colors and styles to find combinations that accentuate your hair and overall look.

What Skin Tone Looks Best with Orange Hair?

Orange hair can complement various skin tones, but some combinations tend to work particularly well. Here are a few suggestions: warm undertones and medium to dark skin tones. Olive, tan, or deeper skin tones can create a stunning contrast with orange hair, resulting in an eye-catching look.

What Hair Color Is Most Attractive?

Beauty and attractiveness are subjective, and preferences can vary widely. Different hair colors can be appealing depending on personal taste and individual features. However, it’s worth noting that studies have suggested that natural hair colors tend to be perceived as more attractive. Shades like brunette, blonde, and black are often considered classic and timeless.


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