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Newspaper Nail Art: Original Nail Design


In the last few years, the surprisingly simple and stylish nail technique, the newspaper nail art, is becoming more and more popular. The well-known legend says that the creative and ambitious French artists came up with this idea. She made manicure with prints of positive feedbacks on her work published in the local newspaper for several clients. This way she wanted to make the article about her more popular. It is not known whether the story is true or not but the one thing is undeniable. This version of nail art creates a very bright image that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Newspaper Print Nail Art: Tools

In comparison with other nail designs, you don’t need buy neither stencils, nor varnish paint – so, no special tools – to do the newspaper nail art. Let’s say, you can create the design using improvised materials.

So, what do you need to make the newspaper design?

  • newspaper
  • one-color light polish for base coating
  • transparent polish or fixing polish
  • alcohol-containing liquid

It’s no matter what the color you choose for the main coating. The classic variant is white, but you can use beige or peachy. If you prefer brighter shades, try to use yellow. The important fact is that the polish must be light enough: black letters will be seen in the background.

Instead transparent polish you can use the fixing polish: the manicure will stay long and won’t be damaged, for instance, when you wash up.

Not to damage the manicure, you can use the nail polish remover, lab alcohol, cologne or cleaning cosmetics containing alcohol (for example, isopropil that is used for cleaning tools).

Letters printing with alcohol on the nails will be light. The polish remover will make the picture brighter but can damage the look of the design: due to acetone, pieces of pepper are stuck to the nails, and the polish coating is not even.

Newspaper Nail Design: Techniques

The First Technique

Step 1. Cut 10 small pieces out of the newspaper. They mustn’t only cover the whole nail plate – they must be bigger than the nail plate. This way it will be easier to remove them (but don’t make them too big, otherwise they won’t let you work with the other nails). The paper must be thick enough, otherwise it will be wet and will stick to the coating. It’s important to remember that not a magazine but only newspaper with printing paint is suitable for such manicure: the print won’t be printed on the nails from the gloss. To define if the paint is suitable for printing on the nails, rub the newspaper with a piece of white paper. If there are black spots, you can use the newspaper.

Step 2. Treat the nails. One of the advantages of the newspaper nail art is that it looks amazing on the nails of any shape. So you don’t need extend the nails. The important thing is that the tips of the nails must be perfectly even. Remove the cuticles, otherwise the manicure will be careless. You can polish the surface of the nails for the polish covering the nails evenly.

Step 3. Cover the nails with the polish in two layers. Apply the first layer, let it dry and then apply the second layer. Let the coatings dry completely. Some nail artist recommend to proceed with the next stages in a day after applying the basic coating as the polish can be really dried and you will minimize damage. But it’s not necessary to do this.

Step 4. Pour alcohol (remover, etc.) into the container and dip the finger in it for 5-10 seconds. Then apply a piece of newspaper to the nail plate. If you think that the paper is too dry, drop a little of alcohol on the top. Wait until the paper is dry. It can take you from 20 seconds to 2 minutes, so everything depends on the thickness of paper. Be attentive: apply all pieces of the newspaper in the way that the text must have the same direction. If some title is printed in the opposite way, such trifle can be noticed from the closer distance, but as the hands always catch the eye, it won’t look very attractive.

Step 5. Remove the paper. Be careful: don’t tear it.

Step 6. Coat the nails with the transparent polish or a special fixer, otherwise the printing paint will be rubbed off. You can apply several layers to get a long-term result.

The Second Technique

There is another variant of doing the nail art with newspaper. It can be called an “express” technique as it will take you less time. The main difference between this technique and the previous one is letters are printed on the nails covered with the polish that haven’t dried yet.

Step 1. Treat the nails carefully and cut the newspaper into pieces as described in the previous way.

Step 2. Apply the main polish and let it dry a bit.

Step 3. Dip a piece of newspaper with polish remover or alcohol, stick it to the nail and press. If the piece lies on the nail unevenly, slightly “iron” it with the finger or a cotton pad. Do it as fast and careful as possible, otherwise the print will become blurred.

Step 4. Separate paper from the nail (don’t let the pieces stick to the nails).

Step 5. Apply several layers of the transparent polish or the fixing polish.

Newspaper Nail Art: Possible Nail Design

First two techniques of the newspaper nail art are main ways to create such design. But if you want to make your nails more original, you can diversify this basic options.

  • The combination of nail art with newspaper print and French manicure will look very feminine. To do this, cut pieces out of newspaper with even and straight edges. Press them to the nail area that is covered with pink polish, but don’t touch the white line on the tip
  • Create new different combinations of patterns: for instance, the combination of numbers and notes.
  • You don’t need print letters on the nail. You can prepare neat pieces of newspaper of the shape of the nail, cover the nail with the basic coating. When the coating dries, press wet newspaper to the nail. When paper is dry, fix it with several layers of the colorless polish.
  • Despite the fact, that almost any woman is able to do such manicure, you can’t get a perfect result from the first time. The reason for this can be the wrong choice of paper or blurred letters. Don’t be sad, as the next try will definitely be successful!

No matter which technique of the newspaper nail art you’ve chosen. You’ll get a spectacular result! So don’t get rid of old newspapers as you can use them sometimes to complement your attractive look!

How to Do Nail Art with Newspaper: Video Tutorial

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