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Short Evening Dresses: Women’s Short Evening Gowns


The times when for every festive event the woman needed on only a new short evening dresses but a dress of a certain design and pattern are over. For example, the yard of the French King the Sun: practically all balls at Ludovic 14’s yard were devoted to some particular case: staging of a new play, antique gods, eminent guests. And sometimes during the one evening meal because of dances beauties had to change 4-6 thematic attires.

Evening Dresses with Short and Long Sleeves

Now everything is much easier: a small short black evening dresses can become a universal option for any event. And a wide choice of cocktail dresses will allow you to shine not only at any party but also at some business meetings if you have some special accessories. Universality is fine, but nevertheless there are certain criteria on which you should focus in the boundless sea of fashion and trends.

Short black evening dresses

The most favourite pastime of representatives of half of the mankind is to study a photo with innovations of fashionable clothes. The tendency begins from the choice of the beautiful short evening dresses for graduation ball. Then almost for each festive event. The etiquette doesn’t recommend to put the same dress twice.

For solemn occasions in this season designers offer all shades of blue color. Embroidery from silver thread, the bared back, light cuts on hips, elements of transparent fabric on shoulders or sides are in fashion. Pink color is on the second place in popularity: from gentle pink to rich and saturated one, from cherry to karminny. Certainly, such color combinations will hardly suit women at the peak of beauty and perfection. But they will suit young girls. Light and airy dresses, a simple but refined style have come into vogue as fashion of pretentiousness and jewelry has remained far in the past. Today the most trendy accent is stylishness and elegance.

Collections of different couturiers fight each other with the right to a rank of “the legislator of style”. However, the most interesting offer is “the return to a podium and to life” of short dresses with lush skirts. Such dresses have already become “trends” of cocktail parties, having almost completely forced out the short and assessing dresses.

There is the following modern superstition: purchase of a new dress attracts the pleasant pastime, new meetings and interesting invitations to different event like a magnet. So, waiting for the brilliant future already today you can study a photo on which all beauties wear evening short dresses. Pay attention to any photos: photos of masterpieces from Yudashkin as well as pictures about AliExpress. The main thing is that the dress must fit the figure.

Short evening gowns for guests of wedding

There is no single dress-code for wedding clothes, except, perhaps, suits of groom and bride. So guests can put on those items that they have in their wardrobes. But if the range of personal shelves seems poor, it can be always filled up. It is quite convenient to select clothes by means of Lamoda. Short white evening dresses and sets for the bridesmaid and the witness can be also found in wedding salons or mini-salons.

You shouldn’t put on all the brightest and brilliant clothes as celebrities do. It is better to emphasize solemnity of an event with pertinent festive clothes. You shouldn’t select evening gowns with short sleeves. And it is not necessary to put on cardigans as it won’t be definitely cold in a registry office or a banqueting room. It is better to choose an average skirt (at least, a skirt of the reasonable length). But the sizes of cuts and depth of a decollete shall be normal and relevant to let men dream.

Gloves are the smart accessory but it matches not all dresses. The bright skirt or a blouse with basque, a flower print, original trapezoidal dresses or short sleeve evening dresses with graceful finishing or patterns with sequins can decorate a silhouette, create a certain image and help to look in a way that you will reap maximum “crop” of compliments.

Beautiful plus-size short evening dresses

Tendency of this year is the natural female figure and natural beauty. But nevertheless it is better to emphasize advantages. For instance, the long and extended short evening dresses with sleeves will be suitable for plump women. Also dresses in the Greek style will make them look amazing, especially their shoulders and arms. Try to select as classical short evening cocktail dresses or pay attention to designers who sew clothes of larger sizes. You can also select something from collections for “plus models”. Or even sew something on patterns with your own hands if you have a skill of needlework.

Each new fashionable season dictates its own trends which can vary depending on a geographical location. For example, red color will be popular in the fall. But it fits not all slim beauties. The winter promises a variety in fabrics and decor. And here women can present themselves in all beauty. It will be fashionable to wear short evening gowns with sleeves with a loop, satin, velvet, soft tones and straight lines. In the summer beauties in light attires from flax. And in transforming dresses will be a style standard in any event. Such models will look admirable especially with decorative elements and smart footwear, modest, but expensive.

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