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Daily Makeup For Women: Tutorial Step-by-Step


Each girl must know how to make a classic daily makeup. Makeup artists recommend to use nude palette of eye colors, but now, in 2016, not every makeup can be with arrows and even with bright red lipstick, so it is important to maintain balance between colors (red lips require pastel shades, and if you have chosen arrows, lips must be in natural or beige color).

How to Do Daily Makeup at Home (for Beginners)

Beautiful nude MakeUp is “a makeup without makeup”, but one who knows its secret can easily call himself a novice makeup artist as its technique requires the true mastery. It’s necessary to learn how to work with natural brown shades highlighting the advantages and hiding disadvantages.

What is the difference between the daily makeup routine and the evening one? The evening makeup is rich colors and bright accents, and the daily one is natural colors and simple textures. The most important thing is that for brunettes and blondes the color range is absolutely the same (brown nude palette).

Proper Professional Daily Makeup In Nude Style

For gray, green gray, blue gray, green, brown and blue eyes the rules are the same:

  1. Makeup removal (removal of lash mascara, tinting cream, etc.).
  2. Moisturizer (especially for ladies with dry skin).
  3. A little powder for the face.
  4. Easy correction with dry textures (make shiny the back of the nose, a tick above the upper lip, a part under the brow, the inner corner of the eyes and the protruding part of the cheekbones with a highlighter. Then darken sides of the nose, the face perimeter, a part under the chin and under the cheekbones with a concealer).
  5. Apply rouge of natural pink color on “apples” of the cheeks.
  6. Paint the eyebrows a bit.
  7. Apply light beige eye-shadow on the whole movable eyelids and light brown shadow – on the outer corner of the eyes and the outer part of the lower eyelid (then stump it).
  8. Black or dark brown arrow between eyelashes that slightly extends beyond the edge of the eye.
  9. Dark brown or black lash mascara.
  10. Lipstick of natural pink color.

Step-by-step quick and simple everyday makeup

The perfect makeup is a makeup that is not noticeable.

Step 1: Start with a chocolate brown eye-liner. Paint your eyes on the line of upper lashes. Paint eyes with a white pencil on the lower draught line.

Step 2: Apply matte, dark brown eyeshadow on one-third of the eyelid.

Step 3: Then apply matte light brown eyeshadow across all the eyelid.

Step 4: Take a small tapered brush and apply dark brown shadow on the lower lash line.

Step 5: Apply shimmery eye shadow of the champagne shade on the inner corner of the eye.

Step 6: Apply shiny golden shade on the inner corner and stump it in the middle of the eyelid.

Step 7: Complete the makeup applying mascara and araw the inner part of the lower eyelid along eyelashes with a white pencil.

If you want a festive makeup, Smokey Eyes has always been an ideal variant (by the way, it is considered to be universal for small, almond-shaped, deep-set eyes and for round, oval, square and triangular face).

How to Apply Daily Makeup: Step-by-step Video Tutorial

On YouTube you can and must learn advantages of the right makeup for free. You’ll find answers to all questions and learn how the fashionable makeup should look.

Delicate Daily Makeup for Brown Eyes

It is an ideal variant for brown-eyed ladies. The technique of applying it is simple makeup for daily use and universal, so you should remember it.

So, makeup for brown eyes, step-by-step (photo) video tutorial. It’ll suit teens and older women.

Of course, cosmetics must be high-quality as eye shadow must be easily stumped, the concealer mustn’t go to stains and mascara must not flow. Woman after 30 are particularly sensitive to the cheap production.

Attention! Pearlescent shadow for drooping upper lids are contraindicated. Use only matte textures that does not emphasize wrinkles and folds.

Daily Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes

The main distinctive feature of the daily eye makeup is simple textures. At the same time, in 2016 bright accents are trendy (for example, the lady with red lips will look amazing in the office).

Use Foundation And Daily Makeup Brush Cleaner

To make eyeshadows for daily makeup essentials look really impressive not roll off during the day, use the foundation. Always. It must be your rule like brushing your teeth in the morning.

The foundation will not only make the color brighter, but also keep your makeup fresh and you do not have to run to the restroom ten times a day to rouge the eyes. In addition, the foundation protects the skin of the eyes from dehydration.

Use Concealer and Choose Right Colors

For the eyes looking amazing it is very important to learn how to work with a concealer. Thus, the daily eye makeup will not be ideal if you have signs of fatigue and dark circles under the eyes. And in the morning, especially on weekdays, looking at yourself in the mirror you often see your tired reflection that wants to go back to bed and not to go to work or school.

The proper use of the concealer will help you make the eyes rested and refreshed for a few minutes, as if you have just returned from the resort where you had had a rest, at least, for two weeks. To hide circles under the eyes correctly, apply the concealer on the applied foundation with a thin brush. It’s better to use an ivory or light beige product not only to hide some defects completely but also to make the eyes shine.

If there are not bruises under the eyes and signs of fatigue, you can proceed directly to the makeup of eyes. For the daily option choose eyeshadow of natural colors. For brown eyes choose shadow of brown and khaki colors. For blue and gray eyes can choose beige, golden and peach colors. And ladies with green eyes should pay their attention to brown and copper shades.

LEARN Stumping

The skill of stumping the eyeshadows correctly is a key to successful makeup, regardless of its purpose. However, in the daily makeup look stumping plays a role not only of an evaluator of its quality but also of the foundation.

The fact is that in the daily eye makeup for small eyes transitions from light to darker shades shouldn’t be noticeable. The border must be stumped well, as if the color becomes darker. And on the upper eyelid the color must “come to ought” and connect with the skin.

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