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Hooded Eyes Makeup: Tips and Tricks For Droopy Eyelids


Specificity of the woman’s perception of her own appearance is that many so-called “defects” are invented by her. For example, one of these “flaws” of the face can be hooded eyes that disappoint most of girls. In fact, “heavy” eyelids are not a problem (except the cases when it is a result of age-related changes in the facial features), but a feature of the structure of the eye, that can become a highlight of the woman’s appearance if makeup is chosen correctly.

In this article, we are going to try to convince our readers that hooded eyes are not an impending judgment, but only a possibility to learn how to do makeup. Considering peculiarities of makeup for hooded eyes, we we practice one of the most suitable techniques, Smoky Eyes.

How to Apply Eye Makeup for Sagging Eyelids


Of course, every girl knows the major existing makeup rule: a significant focus on one part of the face attracts maximum attention and deflects it from other parts. It is exactly that method that is used by makeup artists who try to hide visually defects of the face, such as: the large nose, the heavy chin, round cheeks, etc.

The correction of the shape of eyebrows is the first step, and you should start doing makeup for small hooded eyes with it. Expressive lines of brows deflect attention from upper eyelids and effectively frame the eyes. In this case, the ideal form is high and long. Due to it eyelids will visually raise, and the eyes will become more open.

The optimal thing in makeup for round hooded eyes is considered to be the average density of eyebrows. Sometimes the self-correction of the brows is a bit difficult for girls. So, you can trust professionals and then just keep a beautiful shape. As for special products, for makeup you need a makeup pencil, eye shadow and gel. With the pencil you can correct the irregular shape of brows and paint their missing part. Pencils that are made of wax are more durable. Shadows are suitable for those girls who do not have problems with the shape of eyebrows but have gaps in their line. Dense texture of shadows will fill these “gaps” and, at the same time, will make your eyebrows look more natural. The main purpose of the gel is to emphasize the ideal shape of the eyebrows.

Makeup for Hooded Eyelids

Before we talk about the rules of how to apply shades and do make up for hooded eyes, we should pay attention to the fact that it’s better to use them combined with a special base. Due to its properties we can not solve such a common problem of eye make up for hooded eyelids as the fast rolling and spreading of eye shadow. Additionally, it essentially simplifies the application and stumping of the colorant. For excellent resistant shadows it’s enough to cover eyelids from the line of lashes to the area under the eyebrow, with a thin layer of the base. To do this you can use a brush or your finger.

Makeup for Droopy Eyelids

There is another important nuance relating to makeup for hooded brown eyes that should be taken into account: perl eye shadow creates volume that, in this case, is absolutely unacceptable. For this reason, only matte textures are considered to be acceptable. If you wish to refresh the eye makeup for droopy eyelids, you can paint thin pearl line under the brow. To draw folds and outer corners of the eyes it’s recommended to use dark shadows. Internal corners of the eyes should be decorated in bright colors. When stumping dark shadows they can go beyond the border of the eye, and this way the overhanging fold can be hidden. To make the look light and elegant for upper eyelids bright shades, such as white, beige or cream, are used. Dark and rich colors are more advantageous because they visually enlarge the eyes and give them depth and expressiveness.

Face Contour

Another taboo in makeup for older hooded eyes is sharp and clear lines. Now smooth transitions and soft blurred lines are trendy. So you must abandon the use of eyeliner. To emphasize the upper ciliary line it’s better to use a soft pencil or hard shadows that must be carefully stumped after application. Painting the contour with the pencil it’s necessary to draw the line from the middle of the eyelid to the outer corner of the eye above the lash line. This technique aims at creating the effect of raised corners of the eye. The resistance of textures used plays very important role in makeup for mature hooded eyes. Not to let a pencil line print on the eyelid or under the brow, it is recommended to prefer high-quality decorative products.

Arrows are worth being mentioned here. By and large, their geometry does not play in favor of the proportionality of hooded eyes. However, there are some techniques that make the arrows look quite harmonious. In particular, you should make them larger and add some smoky background stumping shadows on the fixed part of the eyelid.


Luxury voluminous lashes are considered to be very advantageous in makeup for deep set hooded eyes. You can use thick mascara for the upper lashes, but for the lower lashes don’t use any mascara, except for the corners. If the natural length and thickness of eyelashes are not enough, you can confidently use the false eyelashes. The most important thing is that they must look maximally natural and not discomfort the eyes.

How to Do Eye Makeup for Hooded Eyes

Classical technique Smokey Eyes is makeup ideas for hooded eyes. And it does not necessarily mean very dark shades that are typical for evening makeup. For its daily version less deep colors will suit. Try to do makeup in style of Smokey eye makeup for hooded eyes yourself.

Eye Makeup Techniques for Hooded Eyelids

1. Before applying the contour and shadows, cover the surface of the upper eyelid with a primer. It serves as a base that prevents shedding shadows and facilitates the stumping. Instead of a primer, you can use ordinary tinting cream that needs to be a little powdered after applying.

2. Start with drawing the eyes with a soft pencil. Choose its tone according to the color palette of shadows. Draw a neat line along the border of eyelashes and stump it to the middle of the eyelid with an applicator brush. Pay particular attention to careful drawing of the space between eyelashes.

3. Correct the sculpture of the eyelid, to be exact, partly or completely hidden upper fold, with eyeshadow. To do this, take matte shadow of the darkest shade and apply it on the outer corner of the eye stumping it. The final figure should be broad enough to occupy most of the eyelid.

4. Using the same shade paint the lower eyelid along the lash line. So, you’ve almost succeed in the correction of best makeup for hooded eyes. Now add fresh notes in makeup.

Makeup for Droopy Eyes – Tutorial

5. Take again matte shade but they should be lighter (choose the color yourself). Put them on the border of dark shadows on the upper eyelid and the outer corner of the eye. For careful stumping the color use a brush with soft bristles. The expressiveness of the eyes will depend on how carefully you’ve painted the outer corner. Gently use a brush for the lower eyelid.

6. Now you need the lightest eye shadows or, as an alternative to them, a highlighter. Lighten the inner corner of the eye and the area under the eyebrow with one of these products. Then use the brush for the line of upper lashes: stump light shade with hammering movements. Due to highlighted areas the eyelid acquire the missing volume and beautiful texture.

7. The last step is the mascara. Long and thick eyelashes are considered to be an integral part of makeup in style of Smokey Eyes. Before applying the mascara circle and powder them a bit, and lashes will seem to be longer and fluffier. Start applying mascara on the tips. After doing this use the brush for the entire eyelashes.

Use our recommendations and practice the makeup tutorial for hooded eyes. Perhaps, the desired result will not please you from the first time.

But believe me, after practice your hooded eyes will be no longer be a reason for grief, and your own reflection in the mirror will enjoy you every day.

Makeup for Hooded Eyes – Video

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