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How to Clean Makeup Brushes: Best Way to Wash at Home


High-quality makeup depends not only on the brand, but also on the tools, with which you apply cosmetic products. To be exact, on brushes that can be dusty and dirty and that accumulate layers of cosmetics due to the constant application. Consequently, you need to clean makeup brushes.

Should You Cleaning Makeup Brushes?

Cosmetics takes care of us and we take care of it as a gratitude. As the use of foods that are past their expiration date is unacceptable, so we mustn’t use dirty makeup tools. Bacteria that are accumulated on bristles of brushes get to the facial skin and cause acne and inflammations. Because of this, eyes can suffer from conjunctivitis or other infections. More than that, if you often use dirty tools, makeup products also can be put at risk. Another argument for clean brushes is that after washing they’re still soft and fuzzy and remains of cosmetic products don’t scratch the face, which is very unpleasant for sensitive skin.

We’ve talked about washing brushes for hygienic purposes. As for aesthetic purposes, you should take into account the fact that you use only one brush to apply eye shadows of different shades, rouge, lipstick, etc., and your makeup is turned into parody. Here comes an easy conclusion: you SHOULDN’T wash your makeup brushes but you MUST do it not to endanger your health and beauty.

How Often Brushes Should Be Washed

The regularity of washing brushes depends on the purposes and frequency of use. For example, a brush for rouge, powder and foundation cream must be washed every week. If you use brushes for eye shadow every day, you should wash them every three days. Applicators for liquid eyeliner should be cleaned after every application, as it’ll protect the mucous membranes of the eyes from infections. Following the simplest rules you can remove the remains of old cosmetics, fat, dirt, bacteria and dead skin cells. There are different ways of cleaning makeup tools and different products for this.

Best Way to Clean Makeup Brushes

Of course, the ideal option is to buy professional solution for washing brushes. It contains of disinfectants that kill bacteria. There’s a wide range of such products, and it’s easy to clean makeup brushes with them. You should just soak brushes, wait a bit and wash them. Such solutions give bristles some shine and act as some conditioner. Unfortunately, not all people have an opportunity to buy this expensive product. So we offer to use time-proven traditional products.

It’s better to carry out this procedure for the night to let them dry after the application. To save money, you can rely on the following cheap methods.

  1. Fast and reliable option: use plain soap. Wet a brush, lather and rinse it. A blast of water mustn’t be strong. Not to destroy bristles it’s recommended to protect the handle and its metal part from wetting. Otherwise rust will form and lead to the bristle loss.
  2. Alternative: plain dishwashing liquid or children shampoo. Apply foam to the wet brush with a sponge with a slight circular motions. Rinse it until it’ll washed completely. Slightly press the brush.
  3. You can “save” even too dirty makeup tools using almond or olive oil. Slightly wet a napkin or a paper towel and wipe dry bristles that’ll become soft, because of which remains of cosmetic products will be removed. Then wash the brush as mentioned above and dry it. The main thing is that you mustn’t overuse oil to avoid oily bristles.
  4. The use of acetic solutions takes more time, but it’s also more effective. Dilute vinegar in water in proportions of 1:2, put bristles in the container with water. When water is dirty, pour clean water and, finally, rinse brushes with running water.

Types of brushes play a big role too. If they’re made of synthetic material that doesn’t require too much care, it’s enough to use soap solution. Bristles made of natural materials, on the contrary, are washed with warm water. You can clean surfaces of makeup tools every day. Wipe the tool with hygienic or antibacterial products until the cosmetic remains disappear.

How to Clean Makeup Brushes at Home?

Brushes are clean, so you need dry them keeping their initial shape. First of all, when you press the last two drops, press bristles with fingers not to let them “fluff”. Soak every tool with a towel, place them horizontally or at some angle and don’t let bristles touch the top. The handle should be lifted a bit, so water won’t enter the metal part and won’t destroy glued bristles.

Dry your brushes in a warm place. You mustn’t keep them near artificial power sources as too much warmth can make bristles hard and brittle. So it’s recommended to let brushes lie on some surface for the night not to accelerate the natural process of drying that requires about ten hours. Keep clean and dry tools in a vertical position. For this, there’s a wide range of special makeup bags and cases.

So, now you’ve learned how to wash your makeup brushes, so you can prolong the lives of your cosmetic tools and, at the same time, reduce the risk of skin infections.

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