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Bubble Nail Art and Design: New Trend in 2024


Beautiful manicure is an integral part of the image of the modern girl following the trends. However, everyone has his own concept of accepted beauty. This often leads to appearance of such strange trends as bubble nail art. The homeland of this manicure is the USA, and even in 2024 there were many admirers of the bubble design. Its stumbling block, let’s say, has been a strange nail shape, which has caused the appearance of many opponents.

Unusual and Bold Nail Shape

The bubble manicure is done with acryl, and its name suggests how the resulted shape will look. The first that comes to mind is a ball. That’s right. The nail plate must be rounded and create an image of the ball-like nails.

At first glance, the picture can suggest that the girl on it has the inflammation of the nail plate. Or she just follows the same bold trends as famous Lady Gaga does. The initial idea was more aesthetic and attractive: different decorative elements, for example, beads, gems and sequins, were stuck to the nails.

Then, nail artists wanted to make it more unusual and extraordinary and decided that the nail plate must look just like a ball. The bubbles nail polish seems some savagery for the European fashionistas, but Americans prefer such design even in everyday life.

If describing it externally, such strange manicure resembles colorful chewing gum, and that is why it’s called like that. In simple words, the rounded nails can be called “humpback” nails.

Bubble Nail Art: Video Tutorial

For girls who want to stand out and always have some extraordinary item of clothing exactly the bubble manicure is the thing that catches the eye of the people around them. The opponents of such manicure don’t associate the design with gum and something outrageous, but for them it resembles some deformation of the nail plate because of the disease.

In the USA such manicure is at the peak of its popularity, but, unfortunately, or maybe luckily, it hasn’t won Europe yet. Perhaps, in several years European fashionistas will want to look extraordinary and in some saloon a new direction on the nail industry will appear. But right now we’re going to tell you how to do the bubble manicure at home.

How to Do Bubble Nails?

The bubble nail art is a type of 3D extension that looks quite volume. It is done only with acryl. Just like any type of extension, it damages the nail plate as it requires the strong filing and, of course, polishing.

The standard bubble design includes the short nails, but fashionistas that are ready to experiment can make the longer nails.

What do you need to do the bubble manicure with acryl?

  • powder acryl for the nail extension;
  • liquid for acryl (or monomer);
  • special brush;
  • primer;
  • nail file;
  • wooden stick;
  • tips or tippy cutter;
  • polishing stick.

TIP: The tools for the bubble manicure can be chosen one by one, or you can buy special sets for the nail extension.

Bubble Nail Art: Step-by-Step Tutorial

So, start creating the bubble nail design:

  1. Asepticize the hands and degrease the nails (the acrylic nail extensions is suitable only for the degreased nails). Treat the nails with sanitizer.
  2. To do the extension more carefully, remove the cuticles with a wooden stick.
  3. Treat the nail plate: file until the surface is rough. To do this, use a moderate abrasive stick. When you polish the nails, move in only one direction.
  4. Choose the shape of the tips, on which you’ll do the nail extension. The tips can be wider that the nail plate. After extending the nails, you can bring the nails to a selected shape (you can use any shape for the bubble manicure).
  5. Stick the tips to the nails and press them to avoid the foundation of “emptiness”.
  6. Then treat the tips with a stick (make the shape and length).
  7. Cover the nails with primer. Wait until the primer dries.
  8. Proceed to acrylic powder. Dip the brush into monomer and make some clumps from acrylic powder. Do the extension with gradual movements. Each movement must be pressing.
  9. Stretch acrylic clumps on the nail plate.
  10. Apply acryl until you get an ideal nail shape. Achieve a bubble effect.
  11. After drying under the UV lamp proceed to treating the nails (polishing the extended nails).
  12. Cover the ready nails of the strange shape with colorless polish to protect them from UV rays, as the extended nails can yellow after some time.
  13. Proceed to creating the design as the bubble manicure includes bright and colorful color range.

ATTENTION: It’s very difficult to do the bubble nail art yourself: even if you have all necessary tools and the UV lamp, you can only experiment with creating 3D manicure.

Bubble Acrylic Nails

Bubble nail art is a volume nail extension for getting the shape of a ball. It looks very unnatural and extravagant. But those who want to follow the trends can not try acryl until a bubble of gum occurs on the nail.

It’s enough to emphasize the rounded nail shape and create a bright decor using gems and sequins. This way, manicure will look attractive and fashionable and won’t cause negative feedbacks and repulsions of the people.

Shape of Bubble Nails Design

Choose any nail shape you prefer. It’s not limited. For instance, big semisphere on the nails will suit the rounded nails. If you prefer square and sharp nails, use fewer acryl and make the nails more rounded.

As the bubble nail art should be reacted and cause some emotions, you should choose the bright design. Choose only bright colors emphasizing all this beauty with gems, beads and sequins.

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