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Short Hairstyles for Fine Hair: 21 Short Sassy Haircuts for Women


Short hairstyles are perfect for hot summer days. And they’re super cute and short sassy haircuts.

If you are looking for short haircuts for women with fine hair, you have come to the right spot. We have compiled a list of 21 most adorable pixies and bobs for fine hair. Yes, they may require a bit of upkeep.

However, these short styles and short haircuts will add a ton of depth and movement to your thinner tresses to make you look and feel years younger!

1. Disconnected Pixie

This adorable pixie with disconnected layers that are swooped over to one side will add a ton of volume to your fine tresses. Dark roots with silver or blonde over-tones will add more dimension for a playful, flirty vibe.

2. Short Stacked Bob

This hairstyle is flattering for those with fine hair as the highlights and stacked layers will add more depth and dimension.

3. Absolutely Asymmetrical Bob

This dramatic asymmetrical bob is daring. But if you opt for hot pink peekaboo streaks under the icy blonde tones, you’ll add a bit of seduction and playfulness to the overall edginess.

4. Buzzed Summer Cut

This look is perfect if you want to bring out your inner punk rock chick. The buzzed cut with long layers on the top to form long, side swept bangs is super cute and trendy. If you are feeling really brave, you can dye your hair a bold color.

5. Short to Medium Messy Layers

This look is great for those with round or square faces as it is really slimming. With its slightly shorter layers in the back and messy front layers, it’s fun and carefree cut that adds fullness to your locks.

6. Tapered Pixie Hairstyles for Short Thin Hair

This taped pixie is totally adorable with its tapered layers that add a ton of texture. Those with thicker tresses would not be able to pull off this cute look. So, embrace your fine locks and totally own this sassy short pixie!

7. Chopped Bob with Balayage Hues

Choppy layers really add a lot of volume to thinner tresses. And this chocolate brown to honey blonde balayage creates a stunning waterfall effect that adds even more texture and volume to this edgy cut.

8. Tousled Beach Bob

This short sassy bob hairstyle is really fun as it is totally effortless with its beachy waves. It will look especially stunning with platinum blonde streaks. Or add a bold color like neon pink or electric blue streaks to give it more of a punkish edge.

9. Chin Length Layers

This retro bob with chin grazing layers is celebrity inspired and totally adorable!

10. Peter Pan Pixie

This boy cut is totally adorable and chic. The taupe color is really trendy and the pixie cut is really sweet and sassy.

11. Short Haircuts for Thin Hair with Braided Fringe

This thick braid across your bangs will add some fullness to thinner hair. We think a Dutch or milkmaid braid will work best for a Boho chic and sexy look.

12. Carefree Pixie with Sideburns

These long sideburns are fashionable and help create the illusion of thicker tresses. The messy pixie is super cute!

13. Not-Quite-a-Pixie Cut

This look is really fun and edgy. With long and choppy angled layers that are slightly shorter in be back, it adds a ton of volume and movement. It also helps elongate your face and accentuate your facial features.

14. Urban Disheveled Cut

These choppy, modern layers are chic yet carefree. The disheveled layers add fullness. You will need some product to maintain the texture, but it’s well worth the effort!

15. Short Hairstyles for Thin Hair

This funky look with really short sides and back and longer combed forward layers is a bit daring. However, this swaggy cut is totally hip and adds height and volume to your thinner hair.

16. Punk Princess

This zig-zag shaved pixie with feathery layers is totally edgy. The faux-hawk will add a ton of puffed up layers on top for a totally rocker chic vibe. This look is one that screams for a bright and daring burst of color.

17. Short Pixie with Long Bangs

This traditional take on the 80s Mohawk is totally stylish with its longer side bangs and shorter layers. Dry shampoo will give it the added lift.

18. Undercut Pixie

This look is low maintenance but totally cute. Cut your back and sides really short and feather the top for a look that’s fab and full of volume.

19. Sleek Sophisticated Bob

This look is great for those with straighter locks. Have your hair cut into a defined shape and style to add volume to the crown. A few minutes with a flat iron and you’re good to go!

20. Classic Angled Cut

This angled bob will create a perfectly rounded silhouette to add volume to your thinner tresses. All you need to do is blow it dry with a round brush to add fullness to this cute haircut. This is one of the most popular sassy short hairstyles for fine hair.

21. Two-Toned Short Haircuts for Straight Fine Hair

This cut is cute for those who want a straight blunt cut. The subtle layers add more body, but the darker roots are what really will add fullness to this adorable and trendy style.

Feeling bold enough to try one of these cute short hairstyles for thin hair? We think you’re ready! And we know that no matter which cut you choose, you’re going to be totally sexy and stylish!

Short Hairstyles for Fine Hair: Video Ideas

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