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Why Does Nail Polish Bubble and How to Avoid This


When you create some gel nail design, you can experience some unpleasant things. For example, gel becomes bubbling and the nails is going to look inaesthetic. So, why does nail polish bubble up? It can happen not only if beginners or amateurs but also professionals in nail art do gel manicure.

What Makes Nail Polish Bubble After Applying? Reasons

One of the most obvious reasons for bubbling on the nail coating is violation of the technique of some design.

Some nail artists shake a tube with gel polish before doing manicure.

They think that they must do that to stir “stagnant” gel. But when you shake the tube, air bubbles in nail polish start forming in it, and when you apply gel polish on the nails, you apply these bubbles too. The only way out is not to shake the tube. Just hold it in the hands, and it’ll become warm.

Why Does Nail Polish Bubble When it Dries

Sometimes gel polish bubbles after drying because the nails is too oily. When you treat the nails, don’t forget of deoiling them with alcohol or nail polish remover, otherwise you will get an unpleasant result.

You will get ideal manicure, if you apply two or three layers of polish of one color. Some people think that the color is not bright enough and apply more polish to make it more saturated. You mustn’t do this, and there are two reasons why. Firstly, when you do the coating, the gel layer may bubble. Secondly, such manicure won’t stay long, as you will have to apply the fourth layer as fast as you can.

Be attentive when you use water near open tubes with polishes, as exactly water may become a reason for nail polish bubble on nails.

Why Does My Nail Polish Bubble?

Gel polish may bubble if you use gel from different companies. The reason is obvious: don’t mix polishes from different producers. No one knows if the coating becomes worse after combining gels from different firms or not, so there’s always some risk.

Old bubbles also can create a bubbling effect, as they are dense and are dried for a longer time. If you have an old coating o the nails, you will get not only bubbles but also stains.

Gel polish may bubble after drying not because of using gels from different producers but because of the lamp. Sometimes the nails are dried not in a proper way or not long enough. If the lamp dries badly, there is only one way out – change the lamp. Sometimes nail artists keep gels in rooms with high temperature. Don’t do this as it also can become a reason for bubbling.

When you apply a base coating and colorful coatings, follow the technique. You must coat the nails not with two thick colorful layers but four thin layers as only then the coating will be even. Don’t be in a hurry when you’re doing this, as each layer must be thoroughly dried under the lamp.

Gel also may bubble on the nails because of its sell-by date. Always check the sell-by date specified on the tube. Old gel polish becomes thicker.

What Causes Nail Polish to Bubble?

When you use a base coating, there is no 100 % guarantee that the coating won’t bubble. Many fashionistas don’t think too much of the base coating, and it’s not right. The base coating is a “shield” for the nails protecting them from harmful components and containing healing components that improve the state of the nail plate.

The best way to avoid bubbling is to use basic and colorful coating from the same producer. Be attentive when you dry each layer. Apply the basic coating on the nails only when the nails are dried off after deoiling them. Apply the finishing layer only when the previous layers are dried off. Alcohol and deoiler dry the nail plate, so you can not use it. It’s enough to wash the hands with soap and dry the thoroughly. Not everybody knows that there’s a fast method that dries the nails. This is an excellent way to save time and avoid negative results.

Attention! Each gel has its own features when applied, and you must take them into account when you create some nail design.

When you bought a polish with which you haven’t worked with, experiment with it first. Then you will be sure that it won’t bubble. Spend some time on experimenting and you’ll get excellent manicure.

Why Does My Fingernail Polish Bubble: Other Advices

If you neglect the rules mentioned above and now have bubbles on the nails, you can hide them with special decorative stickers not to redo the manicure. The nails with have an interesting design that will hide defects for some time. But they won’t stay long.

Cheap gel polishes also can be a reason for bubbling. So, it’s better to buy one good and expensive gel than to buy several cheap and bad polishes that will only damage the nails. Also,, don’t wash a brush with water and don’t do manicure after having a bath or shower.

Follow the rules of coating, read instructions, follow the technique, and only in this case you will get attractive, inimitable and spectacular manicure.

Why Does Gel Nail Polish Bubble and How to Fix This

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