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Nail Designs for Short Nails 2024: 25 Cute Short Nail Designs Ideas


The cutest nail designs for short nails can be found here. Longer nails are always in style, but with more and more women in careers where long nails are not always practical or feasible, short nails are making a huge comeback.

Best Nail Designs Ideas for Short Nails

Following are some of our favorite DIY gel nail designs for short nails. If you don’t have the time, patience, or artistic ability to do these designs, you can simply show the pictures at your favorite nail salon and they can easily duplicate them.

However, if you are skilled and have a steady hand, you can easily do these designs on your own. And if you’re not that talented yet, you can always practice or ask your best friend for help. Nothing says girl’s night in like a movie night with wine and snacks, hair, makeup and nail art. We are sure that with some time and practice, you will soon be creating your own nail art!

Glittery Nail Art for Short Nails

This is a design that even an amateur can pull off easily. Glitter nail polish is always fun, especially for a party or fun night out on the town! There are many different options for glittery nails.

Golden Glitter

Paint all of your nails a dark matte color, like this sleek burgundy matte polish, and then paint your ring finger with a stunning gold glitter polish.

Glittery Short Nail Manicures

This gorgeous lilac French mani with glitter tips is simple, yet elegant!

Floral Cute Nail Designs For Short Nails

Flowers are pretty any time of year, but especially in the summer or spring. You can paint any flower design you wish from sunflowers to daisies to poinsettias for the holidays! If you want to accentuate your nails even more, you can even add some rhinestones or other jewels to your flowers to make them pop!


These pretty yellow sunflowers on a pastel base are fun and playful for the summer months.

Japanese Cherry Blossoms

This design, with its beautiful pink and black cherry blooms on a neutral base, is simpler than it looks.

Mix and Match

This look is really cute with its fun floral design on two fingernails. Paint two nails dark-blue and three fingers white. Use blue and dark-blue to paint a pretty flower on your white nails.

Beachy Short Nail Designs

These simple nail designs for short nails are perfect for those summer days on the beach!

Anchors Away

These navy-blue nails with white strips are summer cute on their own, but if you leave one finger painted white and paint on a navy-blue anchor, you will be ready for the summer fun!

Sunny Starfish

This bright orange starfish design on sunny yellow nails screams fun in the sun!

Tropical Paradise

This pretty ombre of tropical pink and violet is quite stunning, but the black palm tree on two nails and a pretty lady’s face on the ring finger really make this look stand out!

Marble Nail Art for Short Nails

Marble nail art is especially stunning on shorter nails. It is quite easy to do on your own and the possibilities are endless.

Pretty Purples

This deep purple and soft lilac marble look is just gorgeous!

Red and White

This look is totally romantic and ideal for any occasion from Christmas to Valentine’s Day!

Striped Nail Art for Short Nails

Striped nail art is becoming quite trendy and is actually much easier to pull off than you would expect. Thanks to the plethora of nail tools from nail tape to toothpicks, you can create a variety of striped designs!

Stars and Stripes

Show off your patriotism with this red and white and blue striped look. Paint your ring finger glittery blue and adorn it with cute tiny silver stars.


You can pull off this chevron effect with nail tape. Go for bold colors like green and black.

Striped Mani

Another look you can easily pull off with nail tape. This gorgeous mani with lavender, silver, and baby blue stripes is absolutely stunning!

Grid Nails

This look is fun with its emerald green base and golden grid pattern.

Black and White Nail Colors

Black and white are the best nail colors for short nails. Is sophisticated and stylish, and there are so many fun or classic options.

Music Notes

These black notes on a white base are quite whimsical.

Polka Dots

This alternating pattern of black and white polka dots on opposite nails is really chic.

Skull and Crossbones

If you want to embrace your inner goth girl, this skull and crossbones will show off your emo side!

Tribal Art

If you want to embrace your inner goth girl, this skull and crossbones will show off your emo side!

As you can see, these are just a few easy nail designs for short nails ideas! You can play around with colors and nail art to make each look your own. And we bet in no time, you’ll be creating your own nail art and getting compliments from all your friends!

Fruit Nails

Fruit nail designs are very popular in the summer. You can either paint them or simply use stickers. It is trendy to have fruits on each fingernail, but you can just accentuate several nails with your favorite fruits.


These juicy raspberries on a white matte base look so yummy! Add raspberries as accents on two fingernails.


This bright manicure is just ideal for the summer! Paint your nails orange and yellow and adorn your ring finger with a piece of ripe lemon on a white base.


Paint all your fingernails white and add kiwifruit as accents on several nails. This manicure is cute and so summery!

Minimalistic Short Nail Ideas

When you don’t have enough time for a manicure, you might be interested in some minimalistic designs. They are not only easy to do but also pretty to show off on any occasion.

Marble Accent

Marble is all the rage now! To do this simple nail art, you need only one thin brush to paint lines on your nail. Feel free to opt for a different color combination to find your perfect style.

Sparkly Crystals

Any nude mani can become better if you add just a few rhinestones. Play with forms and designs to find your style. It can be a half-moon design or pretty summer gems in pineapple shapes.

Simple Flowers

This style is so feminine! Make some flowers or leaves to achieve this design, and don’t forget to add some crystals to your accent fingers.

Nail Designs for Short Nails 2024: Video Ideas

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